10 great options for landscaping your yard – a selection of creative solutions

Succulents in a round pot

Another strategy is to choose similar shapes, but different in size and tone. Like echeveria, for example – it's perfect for this arrangement. Plus, it would look good in a round garden planters, Because that way they'll be the same. (Houzz)

Cluster of succulents on a stand

Organizing and arranging strategies

Next, we'll show you some attractive organizational techniques that will add interest and style. For example, you can add and combine seashells, mix them. Succulents often have the look of "sea animals," so this would be especially appropriate. You can also think of other sea-related options to complete the scheme. (Glenna Partridge Garden Design)

Succulents in the backyard

Level greenery would be just as great an option. That's right: diversify the area with a cascading view. From floor to ceiling…or vice versa, such plants will be an interesting addition. (Urban Nature)

Potted cascading plants on the property

Unique methods of organization

Now let's turn our attention to some non-traditional methods, perfect for gardeners who want to become true originals! Take a look at the photo below for an example. The result is such an extraordinary bouquet, incomparable. (Our Aesthetic)

Succulent composition on the wall

After all, you can make a big accent in your patio! There can be lots of flowers. An excellent option would be a wall like hedge. Like the last picture. Bright concrete pots are a wonderful addition to a variety of plants. Read about it here! (Zack Benson Photography)

The original pyramid of rectangular pots
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