Creating a Spanish-Mediterranean garden

Tiling the fountain

2. Patio. Paved areas for outdoor recreation are usually made of tile, stone or brick. In this example, the herringbone pattern in the floor décor and wrought iron lattice trim on the oven windows create a calm and serene atmosphere.

Sun loungers on the terrace

4. Plastering the walls. Low fences and antique gates give this mansion incredible charm and aesthetic appeal. Mustard and gold are characteristic of the Mediterranean architectural style.

Landscaping at home

5. Fireplace. This garden was designed to create a seamless transition between different parts of the mansion. The outdoor oven and kitchen are a great place to relax.

Terrace Dining Area

6. Terrace in the center of the house with a fountain. It is an area that is completely shielded from prying eyes and yet allows family members to enjoy the sun and fresh air in a comfortable environment.

Terrace stone flooring

7. Hand-painted tiles. Colorful Spanish or Mexican pottery is a favorite piece of Mediterranean garden décor. Geometric ornaments and bright colors create a cheerful mood.

Fireplace with patterned tile trim

8. Garden Gardens. Ornamental ceramic or terracotta potted plants enhance the decoration of any garden. They not only add aesthetic appeal to the facade of the building, but also fill the space with natural charm.

Constructed in Moorish style, benches provide additional seating in this cozy and serene nook.

Stone Fountain on the Terrace

This space is furnished as a seating area. It features a stove, comfortable chairs, dazzling lighting, decorative plants, and even original floor tiles that stylize a rug. In this environment, all family members and guests can feel comfortable.

Chairs by the fireplace

We've introduced you to delightful options for designing a Spanish-Mediterranean style front patio that fills the atmosphere with incredible charm and warmth. Did you like these landscape design ideas from talented decorators?

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