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Dennis Lynch is Head of Investing at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. He was a high-cap portfolio manager in 2017, and his funds have dominated for many years. In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, he revealed four tips that every investor striving for success should follow..

“To be the best, learn from the best”

This is the mantra that Dennis Lynch followed during his ascent to the top of the stock market. She made him the lead manager of several foundations that have been among the best on Wall Street for many years..

Lynch leads the investment in Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Here he manages 6 funds and directly controls $ 27 billion. His success is due to several things: a unique management style, personal research opportunities and insight.

There are several methods for personal development, which, according to Lynch, are necessary for young, aspiring managers to build an equally successful career. Here are four of them.

Learn and read how Warren Buffett, billionaire and head of Berkshire Hathaway works

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“Of course, Buffett is one of the greatest investors of all time, if not the best at all. Reading and carefully studying what he is doing is interesting and very useful. Anyone, regardless of their field of activity, could learn a lot from Buffett. He is an example man, learning from which it is impossible to do something wrong ”

“What he does is just one way to be a successful investor. Buffett has a core business, finds unique companies and buys large stakes from them when the time comes, and then holds them for many years. Of course, this resonates in our minds. ”

Study and read the work of Mark Andrissen, the legend of the technological field

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Marc Andrissen co-authored the first widely used browser, the NCSA Mosaic. Now he is the owner of the venture firm Andreessen Horowitz.

“It’s great when you have someone like Mark Andrissen – a person who can learn things that change the world. He is an excellent member of the company at the earliest stages, which is devastating for most classic investors. Andrissen has a special form of investment – to make more small bets in order to get big wins. Such a strategy is very effective for creating wealth, if you can use it. “

“I don’t think you need to be the second Warren Buffett or Mark Andrissen. I just say that both approaches work. You can look at the world from both points of view, take the advice of investors and write your own success story ”

Always stay open for new ideas.

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“When you think that you have already studied everything in your business, obviously the moment has come when you lose sight of something”

“This is a strange position in the sense that you should develop confidence and confidence through analysis and research through differentiated thinking, but you must remain open to new thinking and ideas.”

“I strive to spend most of my time trying to establish a connection between finding things that can radically change the world and keeping an open and free view of other things.”

Although a business school helps, this is by no means all you need.

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“Studying at a business school can be useful if you haven’t addressed such classes before. However, it is important to understand that good and breakthrough investors often run counter to the dogmas taught in business schools. ”

How Dennis Lynch has dominated the market for many years?

Of course, a discussion of Lynch’s statements is impossible without an analysis of his market results in recent years. Let’s check whether he and the team are really successful.

Morgan Stanley Multi-Cap Growth Trust

• Recorded income in 48% in 2017 – this is the largest result among all funds specializing in shares of large companies (according to Kiplinger).

• Over 12 months (by March 31, 2018) earned 38% – this is also the highest result among competitors.

• According to Bloomberg, it is in the 98th percentile and higher, among mutual funds according to the results of the one-year, three-year and five-year periods.

• Increased by 16% from the beginning of the year until May 29, compared with 1.4% of the Standard index&Poor’s 500 for the same period.

Morgan Stanley Institutional Growth Portfolio

• According to Kiplinger, this is the most efficient fund based on the shares of large companies, according to the results of a three-year and five-year period..

• It is located in the 97th percentile among all unit investment funds with a large capitalization for a one-year, three-year, and five-year period (according to Bloomberg).

• From the beginning of the year until May 29 grew by 16%.

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