Rising stocks – These companies are profitable even when the market falls

In many ways, this behavior depends on the assessment of a particular company by investors and traders, which determines the growing stocks..

But in the long run, there is one pretty clear guideline that sets the upward movement of stocks – this is the amount of money in circulation. A company may be capable of reaching new heights in a long bull market, however, when trends on the exchange begin to push prices down, companies with consistent profit growth are more likely to maintain stability.

The companies cited in this article in recent years have been consistent with the growth of stock markets and have achieved increased profits and earnings. Each of them over the past five years has improved these indicators by at least 25%. Of course, this does not guarantee the stability of assets in the next bear market, but the nature of the companies shows that they are safer than most.

So, who knows how to make money in bear markets and whose growing stocks continue to delight investors?

1. Alibaba Group Holding (NYSE: BABA)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 15.6 billion.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 23 billion.
• Profit in 2016: $ 11 billion.
• Profit in 2017: $ 6.3 billion.

At first glance, the profit of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba shows a negative trend. However, the decline in 2017 was not caused by operational problems, but rather by the fact that 2016 was just an indecently cool year for the holding. For comparison, in 2015, Alibaba Group net profit was less than $ 4 billion. Consequently, $ 6.3 billion in 2017 is a continuation of the general upward trend, which is confirmed by the company’s growing shares.

2. Netflix (NASDAQ:? NFLX)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 8.8 billion.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 11.7 billion.
• Profit in 2016: $ 186.7 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 558.9 million.

Netflix is ​​fighting for a large chunk of the increasingly competitive market in the digital streaming content industry, which means the company is doing more than just hold on to its position. Incomes and profits continue to grow, even as new players appear in the field of activity.

3. Weibo (NASDAQ: WB)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 655.8 million.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 1.15 billion.
• Profit in 2016: $ 108 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 352.6 million.

The micro-blogging platform Weibo is something like the Chinese version of Twitter, but it seems to have received much greater success in terms of its own monetization than the version in the USA. Weibo is showing steady growth in profits and revenues. By the way, the high performance of such companies is an additional argument in favor of investing outside the American economy..

4. Centene (NYSE: CNC)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 40 billion.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 48.4 billion.
• Profit in 2016: $ 558 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 808 million.

Centene is a health insurance company that focuses on providing services through subsidized systems like Medicaid. This is one of the few insurers who has worked deeply on the business model and was able to take advantage of the influx of potential customers related to the situation around Obamacare (U.S. Health and Patient Protection Reform, which was abolished in March 2017 by the stock markets).

5. Cheniere Energy Partners (AMEX: CQP)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 1.1 billion.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 4.3 billion.
• Profit in 2016: – $ 171 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 490 million.

Cheniere Energy Partners is a Houston liquid natural gas processor with significantly better results in 2017 than in 2016. The company’s profit jumped to half a billion dollars and revenue quadrupled for the second year in a row..

6. Grubhub (NYSE: GRUB)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 493.3 million.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 683.1 million.
• Profit in 2016: $ 49.6 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 99 million.

Grubhub makes delivering food from restaurants easier than ever, and it rightly reflects on the growing revenue declaration. The company is consistently increasing its own profit and in 2017 achieved a doubling of this indicator compared to the previous period..

7. Stamps.com (NASDAQ: STMP)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 364.3 million.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 487.7 million.
• Profit in 2016: $ 75.2 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 150.6 million.

The operator of the post and transport services Stamps.com may be known to many as an investment option, which is mentioned in every thematic podcast. But this company is really good in its business. Look, from 2016 to 2017, she doubled her profit. And this despite the fact that the US Postal Service reduces the number of jobs.

8. Yelp (NYSE:? YELP)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 713 million.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 846.8 million.
• Profit in 2016: – $ 4.7 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 152.9 million.

Yelp is a website that allows you to search, view ratings and evaluate services market objects (restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, etc.). In 2017, he became another member of the Hurray! Profit! ”, Safely leaving the black band in 2016. Given that two years before that, Yelp lost $ 30 million, the profit figure of $ 150 million, definitely, became one of the most pleasant results of the year for service investors.

9. Floor & Decor Holdings (NYSE: FND)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 1 billion.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 1.4 billion.
• Profit in 2016: $ 43 million.
• Profit in 2017: $ 102.8 million.

Investors of this operator of interior and decor stores may be happy with how confidently their income and profit levels rise. Last Year’s Floor Profit & Decor Holdings increased 2.5 times compared to the previous reporting period.

10. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)

growing stocks

• Revenue in 2016: $ 27.6 billion.
• Revenue in 2017: $ 40.7 billion.
• Profit in 2016: $ 10.2 billion.
• Profit in 2017: $ 15.9 billion.

Now Facebook is dealing with one of the most important scandals in the history of the company, but there are many reasons for the fact that the company can safely suffer one or more of these attacks. Despite everything, the company continues to grow steadily. Since 2015, revenue has doubled, and profits have more than quadrupled..

[This article was prepared for informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation for the purchase or sale of securities. Investing carries a risk of capital loss.]

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