The most profitable Russian stocks, up 100% in 2 years.

Everyone who starts investing and chooses stocks for investing money expects that his efforts will pay off. Investors usually prefer assets that have sustained revenue growth and are less prone to volatility. Therefore, if you found such a company now, then your investment can pay off twice or more, exactly the same as the investments of investors who, in due time, chose these same profitable Russian stocks paid off.

4th place: Tatneft (MOEX 😕 TATN)

the most profitable Russian stocks

• Price per share June 14, 2016:? 322.00
• Price per share June 14, 2018:? 643.75
• Total increase: + 99.92%

One of the largest oil companies in Russia. Tatneft produces, processes, produces and sells oil and gas products. The company also continues to conduct exploration and discover new mineral deposits in the territory of Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Ulyanovsk, Samara and Orenburg regions. Over two years, its shares have doubled, which is good news for investors.

3rd place: Sberbank (MOEX 😕 SBERP)

the most profitable Russian stocks

• Price per share June 14, 2016:? 88.75
• Price per share June 14, 2018:? 190.41
• Total increase: + 114.3%

Sberbank is the leader in the country’s banking industry. At this stage, it remains virtually unrivaled, and even some private banks, such as Tinkoff and Alfa Bank, cannot yet get ahead of it. A third of all loans issued in Russia belong to him. Sberbank shares, along with Gazprom shares, are the most liquid instruments on the Russian stock market and have shown more than double growth in two years.

2nd place: NLMK (MOEX: NLMK)

the most profitable Russian stocks in two years

• Price per share June 14, 2016: 79.2?
• Price per share June 14, 2018: 170.3?
• Total increase: + 115.03%

NLMK is one of the largest metallurgical companies not only in Russia, but also in the world. The company produces galvanized, electrical and high-quality metal products. Its shares also showed growth of over 100% in two years.

1st place: Raspadskaya (MOEX: RASP)

the most profitable Russian stocks

• Price per share June 14, 2016: 25.31?
• Price per share June 14, 2018: 109.47?
• Total increase: + 332.52%

Raspadskaya is a company that produces coal and is located in the Kemerovo region. It has licenses for mining in the Kuznetsk coal basin, which in turn provides 3/4 of coal production in the country. With the growth of Raspadskaya’s shares almost three and a half times in two years, the most profitable Russian shares simply can’t do without this company physically.

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