How are millennials different from their parents?

Millennials affect fast food industries, investment and education. They are changing the industry from the production of napkins to the production of diamond rings. They get married later. You can love or hate them, but they were born different, unlike their predecessors, and they build their lives differently.

We have compiled a list of several significant differences between traditions. millennials from the traditions of their older comrades. Read how this generation is changing lives

1. Order takeaway instead of cooking


The food industry is responding to big changes in the way people eat food. Restaurateurs report that millennials Spend less time cooking compared to the older generation. They are more likely to eat in restaurants, pick up take-away food, or order delivery..

2. Strong alcohol or wine instead of beer


Generally millennials drink less alcohol than other generations. But when they drink, they choose wine or spirits while forgetting about beer. Citing Nielsen data, researchers report that beer sales in the US market fell 1% from 2016 to 2017, while wine and spirits sales remained unchanged..

3. Studying on the Internet, not in lectures


Monitors of computers and smartphones against teachers in lectures.
According to the results of Harris Poll research – 69% of people aged 18 to 34 said that they learned more from technology than from people, for comparison, only 50% of respondents over 45 said the same thing. Similarly, generation Z (people who were born after 2000) may be even more unprepared for higher education, especially in order to avoid large expenses for studying.

4. Open salary conversations with colleagues


The topic of money is becoming less forbidden.
Young people are more likely than older generations to talk about salaries with others.
One recent study found that 30% millennials 18 to 36 years old said they were discussing their salary with colleagues, family or friends. While only 8% of people from 53 to 71 years old talked about how much they earn.

5. Long live together before marriage


For many young people, this is a crucial factor before the wedding..
One survey found that 72% millennials consider cohabiting before marriage a great idea compared to 63% of older people. They get less divorced because they have more time to understand how much they are compatible..

6. Seek advice from Google, not your parents


Ok google!
Millennials, less turn to friends and relatives for advice, unlike the older generation. Instead, they search for answers on the Internet. Of course, this is also due to the rapid development of information technology, which a couple of decades ago simply did not exist..
It is possible to evaluate such a habit in different ways, on the one hand young people are well informed, on the other hand, a large amount of information can be difficult to perceive..

7. Investing in complex assets


Many millennials they came of age during the financial crisis of 2008, therefore they keep in mind how much the market fell at that time, they remember the lost income of investors and the accumulation of citizens.
Most likely, that’s why millennials more interested in “complex” assets such as structured products, venture capital and private equity.

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