The cheapest cities in Europe – infographics and list of cities

If you are looking for a cheap place to go for a weekend break, check out our infographic for the cheapest cities in Europe. This will probably help you decide on your destination and purchase the nearest plane tickets..

the cheapest cities in europe

We made a calculation based on the prices of nine basic and typical expenses that any tourist makes in two days, visiting this or that city. Hotel for two people / two nights, airport transfer, 48-hour tourist card, sightseeing bus tour, sightseeing, museums, art galleries, food for two, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, Coca-Cola / Pepsi and a cup of coffee.

So, the cheapest place out of 36 evaluated was Polish Krakow, with a total trip cost of 13,326 rubles.

Prices for a hotel, food for two and a sightseeing bus tour in the Polish city turned out to be slightly cheaper than in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius (13 385 rubles). Thus, due to these indicators, Krakow has become one of the leaders in the cheapest European cities.

cheapest cities europe


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The most expensive cities in Europe

the cheapest cities in europe

When it comes to travel, most people are aware of the extremely high costs associated with traveling to northern countries such as Norway. Although these assumptions are indeed well-founded, a new analysis revealed the more amazing “most expensive European city” for 2018. It turned out to be Amsterdam – the capital of stag parties and parties..

The total cost of a trip to this city will be 43,223 rubles. The price for hotel accommodation, food for two and a sightseeing bus tour turned out to be more expensive than the second place – Oslo (41,279 rubles) and the third place – Reykjavik (41,212 rubles).

the cheapest cities in europe


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