The safest cities in the world – Top 25

If you do not want to often encounter a gop-stop and constantly check your wallet on the spot, then for a trip or move you need to choose a city where the authorities monitor the order.

To find out where the safest cities in the world are, we compiled this rating, and took it as a basis information from the Numbeo analytic site and portal Nomadlist – Online Entrepreneurship Community.

And they also asked the locals of some cities what it is like to live and not think about pickpockets and criminals.

25. Helsinki (Finland)

which city is the safest

  • City Security Index: 77.42
  • Country Security Index: 77.43 (13th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living (1 person / family): $ 2.412 / $ 5.344

Many want to live and work in Finland, but not all can. Northern Europe is one of the most expensive regions in the world..

The capital of the country, Helsinki, is a city with a developed infrastructure: buses run on schedule, there are information boards and elevators in the subway on the platforms, and separate places for women with wheelchairs.
Helsinki is safe, but many bans. Here you can’t avoid the fine for feeding birds, throwing garbage in the wrong place or walking along the bike path.

24. Vienna (Austria)


  • City Security Index: 77.45
  • Country Security Index: 78.63 (8th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 1.795 / $ 3.874

Austria is a law-abiding and calm country. But the guest must be careful not to become a criminal himself by accident. Like in Helsinki, they write fines for a lot of things: from throwing a candy wrapper past an urn or a closed face to antisocial drunk behavior or a public sermon. Strictly, but possibly because safe.

23. Yerevan (Armenia)


  • City Security Index: 77.63
  • Country Security Index: 78 (11th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Satisfactory
  • Cost of living: $808 / $ 1.460

Yerevan is inexpensive, and people are hospitable and respect each other. True, the guest needs to be considerate: Armenians are sensitive to issues of tradition and religion.

Alexander Ayvazyan, an IT developer from Yerevan, says: “In Yerevan, except for the most evil places, a girl can easily walk at night. We hear about robberies once a year – this is rare. The car will not be stolen, the country is small, everything is in sight. But the part can be removed from the car at night, but this is also a rarity.

Nobody thinks about attacks, it just doesn’t happen, of course, if you don’t keep personal accounts on purpose, then you’ve offended someone.

Police officers cope with the work largely due to the fact that the city and country are small. The employees are friendly, and the attitude towards them is bad – the Russians got this kind of thing ”.

22. Trondheim (Norway)


  • City Security Index: 77.65
  • Country Security Index: 64.68 (37th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 2.319 / $ 5.893

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway. A strong economy and low crime make it a great place to work and live. But you have to put up with the cold climate and high prices.

The only danger here is the beggars who drink alcohol and take drugs. The reason is the social security system. In Norway, everyone is guaranteed a place to live and a minimum income from the authorities. In the summer, beggars even more. They travel to Trondheim specifically to beg.

By the way, Norway is in the top 5 countries with the best ecology, according to Numbeo, and in the top 3 in the human development index.

21. Singapore


  • City Security Index: 78.53
  • Country Security Index: 78.53 (9th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 2.625 / $ 7.216

Singapore is a city-state, one of the economic and technological centers of the world. Specialists come here for career prospects, and investors for low tax rates.

Singapore is called the “city of fines” – it is safe here because of the strict legislation. Here you will be fined for eating on the subway and smoking in the wrong place, and for abandoned garbage they may be required to do corrections.

For illegal entry punishable with a cane, and for possession of drugs can be sentenced to death. Do not even try to bribe a policeman – you will be immediately arrested.

20. Aalborg (Denmark)

rating of safe cities in the world

  • City Security Index: 78.61
  • Country Security Index: 75.75 (17th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 2.029 / $ 4.276

Aalborg is a small town by Russian standards (100 thousand people) in northern Denmark. A high-tech place in the country where friendly and progressive youth, few cars and many bicycles.

Despite the large plants, the Aalborg ecology is in order: in the morning you can meet a hare in the parking lot, and large animals near the city.

19. Canberra (Australia)


  • City Security Index: 78.66
  • Country Security Index: 57.24 (58th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 2.187 / $ 5.743

According to Numbeo, Canberra is the most environmentally friendly city in the world. In terms of security, the capital stands out from the whole country, which has 58th place in the world.

English is known here, friendly to foreigners and respectful to the laws. Canberra’s nightlife is sparse, which also reduces the chances of getting into an unpleasant story.

18. Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


  • City Security Index: 78.84
  • Country Security Index: 72.16 (20th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 1.044 / $ 1.716

Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania after Bucharest with a population of about 300 thousand. Weak nightlife and quiet streets where tourists sometimes meet are brief characteristics of this city..

17. Reykjavik (Iceland)


  • City Security Index: 79.29
  • Country Security Index: 76.72 (15th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 2.775 / $ 5.615

Reykjavik is a quiet and safe city. But at the same time it is cold, expensive, and for some it is very boring. Of the 75 thousand cases filed by the Icelandic police in a year, 55 thousand (73%) are related to traffic violations, and about 400 prisoners are sitting in 6 local prisons.

Andrey Kaymachnikov, founder of the Biletik Aero online airline ticket sales service, says: “About 100 thousand people live in the city, and almost everyone knows each other. Perhaps this is the main reason that Reykjavik is safe and almost without crime. It’s hard to rob someone, if they’re sure to see it, identify it and tell about a police crime.

Cars in the city do not lock, and the concept of “hijacking” is absent. Yes, and why? All of their own. Anyway, there’s nowhere to go from the island: documents will be checked at any exits or at ferry crossings.

Once I managed to talk with a representative of law enforcement agencies. He said that murders are rare and look like a stupid accident – this is not robbery, but a “household routine.” He has never seen serial killers or maniacs in his entire career.

Locals say that prisoners are sitting for violating the rules of conduct or those caught in “economic articles” ”.

16. Tallinn (Estonia)


  • City Security Index: 79.48
  • Country Security Index: 79.20 (7th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 1.514 / $ 2.447

Tallinn is the largest city in Estonia, the economic, cultural and scientific center of the country. According to information from Numbeo, Estonia is on the 4th place among countries, and Tallinn – on 23th among the cities of the world in terms of ecology. According to surveys, 60% of residents here are not afraid to go out at night.

But after this country became part of the EU, many migrants appeared in Tallinn. They beg or sometimes even demand to give them money – react calmly to this and do not pay attention.

15. Tbilisi (Georgia)

ranking of the safest cities

  • City Security Index: 80.24
  • Country Security Index: 80.14 (6th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 822 / $ 1.011

Tbilisi and Georgia are a vibrant travel brand that attracts guests from all over the world. The crime situation improved after the police reform that followed the Rose Revolution. But the Nomadlist community negatively assesses peaceability, tolerance and road safety.

Anastasia Groo, the founder of the Georgian portal, who lives in Tbilisi, said: “I’m absolutely not worried that something can happen to me when I walk at night. There is no fear that they will be robbed, but out of habit (I’m from St. Petersburg) I close my bag and keep it with me. The attitude towards the policemen here is like ordinary people, and on their part there is no arrogance ”.

14. Hong Kong (China)

hong kong

  • City Security Index: 80.68
  • Country Security Index: 80.68 (5th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 2.581 / $ 7.571

There are no cloudy areas in Hong Kong, but you should not be late at night at Jordan and Ya Ma Tei stations. They are considered “dysfunctional”.

If you are traveling to Hong Kong, remember that from May to November typhoons pass near the city. Authorities report them in advance. When there is danger, indicators from T1 to T10 light up on many buildings. The larger the number, the more dangerous the typhoon.

Sharks are found in the South China Sea near Hong Kong, so it is better not to swim on wild beaches. In city parks there are poisonous snakes. Where there is a risk of seeing them, warning signs hang.

13. Zurich (Switzerland)


  • City Security Index: 81.73
  • Country Security Index: 78.50 (10th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Satisfactory
  • Cost of living: $ 3.324 / $ 7.753

Zurich is safe both day and night. This is where Nomadlist users and Numbeo research agree. It has clean air, calm traffic and excellent medicine..

In 2018, the crime rate in the country decreased to a minimum in 10 years, the number of robberies and car thefts decreased.

12. Rijeka (Croatia)


  • City Security Index: 81.96
  • Country Security Index: 75.31 (18th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 867 / $ 1.335

Croatia has a low level of violent crime, and in small towns people rarely set up fences or close houses. One of these is the port city of Rijeka. Here you can safely walk at night, but you should not forget about the usual safety rules. For example, you need to keep track of your belongings in tourist places..

According to the Nomadlist community, the city has room to grow in matters of transport safety and tolerance.

11. Eskisehir (Turkey)


  • City Security Index: 82.63
  • Country Security Index: 59.62 (49th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Satisfactory
  • The cost of living: –

Eskisehir is a major city in Turkey, one of the historical and cultural centers that managed to visit the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

The responsibility of the government and the conservatism of residents made Eskisehir a pleasant provincial city, where it is not scary to walk in the late evening, exploring the sights.

10. Basel (Switzerland)

top safe cities

  • City Security Index: 82.87
  • Country Security Index: 78.50 (10th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Satisfactory
  • Cost of living: $ 2.721 / $ 6.003

Basel shows that the European capital and business center of the world should not be dusty and cramped. The Swiss themselves are law-abiding, because almost half of the crimes in the country are committed by foreigners.

Beggars are mainly found at train stations. Fraudsters and pickpockets are rare. They don’t need to steal, the city has high unemployment benefits.

However, guests should not enter the industrial areas of Basel. There live the poor, migrants and refugees, who arrange a showdown among themselves.

9. Irvine (USA)


  • City Security Index: 82.92
  • Country Security Index: 52.87 (74th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Satisfactory
  • The cost of living: –

Irvine is the safest city in the United States despite the fact that the country itself is in the deep middle of the ranking. It is located in California and is known in the States for its high standard of living and schooling. In 2010, the FBI noted that in Irvine, the minimum crime among cities where more than 100 thousand live.

8. Dubai (UAE)


  • City Security Index: 82.96
  • Country Security Index: 83.68 (3rd place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 3.081 / $ 8.314

Dubai is the largest business and tourist city, which is why the local authorities pay a lot of attention to security. It can’t do without petty crime, but you will not find open violence here. Corruption is not developed due to the good salary of the police.

It’s safe in the evenings if you don’t get into work areas. Girls need to be more careful at night: visiting Arabs can chase beauties.

7. Munich (Germany)


  • City Security Index: 83.02
  • Country Security Index: 65.49 (35th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 2.985 / $ 4.739

Living in Munich, as in any German metropolis, is safe if it is too late not to walk around the sleeping areas. It has clean air and friendly residents, and the traffic is well regulated.

In Munich, developed beer culture. On weekends, many drunken people are often met. But they are unlikely to interfere if you yourself do not pester them.

6. Tokyo (Japan)


  • City Security Index: 83.49
  • Country Security Index: 86.27 (2nd place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 2.748 / $ 5.817

According to The Economist, Tokyo is one of the best cities for infrastructure, digital and personal security..

Andrei Kaymachnikov was in Tokyo and says about this city like this: “The Japanese are always in a hurry somewhere and do not pay attention to tourists.

Travelers are usually deceived by illegal taxi drivers, landlords and foreign exchange workers. It’s safe to walk if you don’t look into the Roppongi area, where all the evil places are concentrated.

Women need to be careful. Local young people are not indifferent to foreigners and may pester. Most often this happens on buses or the subway. Perhaps that is why they had wagons for women.

An even higher level of security rests on the local mentality. The Japanese are afraid of public condemnation. If a person is caught stealing or killing, the road to a normal life will be closed for him and his family. ”.

5. Taipei (Taiwan)

safe cities of the world

  • City Security Index: 84.14
  • Country Security Index: 82.52 (4th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 1.406 / $ 3.263

Nomadlist users believe that Taipei is great for work, life, and a tourist trip. It is a city with clean air, where it is safe on the streets both in the afternoon and in the late evening. Small crime is in industrial areas, but it is natural for all big cities.

Be careful to be fair-haired girls when walking in the evening. Taiwanese will stare and try to get to know each other. For them, such an appearance is exotic.

4. Osaka (Japan)


  • City Security Index: 84.93
  • Country Security Index: 86.27 (2nd place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Low
  • Cost of living: $ 1.791 / $ 3.497

With two cities in the top ten ranking, Japan rightfully bears the title of one of the safest countries in the world. Osaka, rated Numbeo, is safer than Tokyo. There are fewer people here than in the capital, and less money is needed for life..

3. Quebec (Canada)


  • City Security Index: 82.28
  • Country Security Index: 69.49 (45th place)
  • Racial Tolerance: High
  • Cost of living: $ 1.237 / $ 2.217

According to Nomadlist, in Quebec, everything is fine except for the boring nightlife..

Residents do not relate to the rest of Canada. The official language here is French, and local authorities have the right to enact their laws in many areas of the province.

Quebec periodically breaks out debates about secession from Canada. Therefore, you should not talk with local about sovereignty. Such topics usually end in resentment.

French from France is not a pattern of language, but a dialect. Do not give an assessment of proficiency in this language. Any talk that French Quebec is “not French enough” will offend a resident.

2. Doha (Qatar)


  • City Security Index: 87.83
  • Country Security Index: 86.74 (1st place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Satisfactory
  • Cost of living: $ 2.475 / $ 6.640

The capital of Qatar has been among the ten safest cities in the world for several years. The government pays attention to the order and positive image of the country in the eyes of foreigners. There is so much money that some police patrols drive a Porsche Panamera.

True, Nomadlist users say that the city is not always calm on the roads, the air is polluted, and people are conservative and far from tolerance..

1. Abu Dhabi (UAE)

the safest city

  • City Security Index: 89.03
  • Country Security Index: 83.68 (3rd place)
  • Racial Tolerance: Satisfactory
  • Cost of living: $ 2.631 / $ 6.733

The UAE is a country that can argue with Qatar on budget issues for policing. Here the police drive a whole collection of luxury cars.

Security is restrained and law-abiding by residents. Even migrants do not spoil statistics because of strict laws: for robbing a local – they will deport and forbid entry for the whole family, and for insulting a person – they will put him for 2 months.

Girls need to be more attentive to traditions. In Abu Dhabi, you should not wear revealing clothing, bare shoulders or legs.

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