What Stephen Hawking discovered and what a popular scientist remembered

He became popular thanks to the study of the Big Bang and the writing of a book about the origin and development of the Universe. Introduced to the scientific world a hypothesis about the energy loss of black holes along the event horizon.

The future scientist was born in the UK on January 8, 1942. His parents moved to London from Oxford, fearing German bombing during World War II. Stephen’s father worked as a researcher in a medical organization, and his mother worked there as a secretary. In addition to Hawking Jr., the family had two sisters (Mary and Philip) and an adopted child, Stephen’s brother, Edward.

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In the early 60s. Stephen Hawking was given a serious diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, leading to the development of paralysis. Experts have come to the conclusion that the luminary of world science has only two years left to live. Fortunately, the disease progressed very slowly..

Stephen Hawking was a student at Oxford University and successfully completed his studies in 1962, and three years later received his Ph.D. in Cambridge, completing his dissertation on expanding universes. Later, the scientist worked as a researcher in colleges and institutes of astronomy, then taught the theory of gravity. At the end of the 60s. Hawking finally switched to a wheelchair due to the activity of his illness.

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In 1965, Stephen first married and became the father of two sons and a daughter. The divorce due to the deterioration of relations took place in the 90s, after which Hawking married his own nurse. He stayed with her for 11 years, and in 2006 divorced again.

In the late 70’s. Hawking became a professor of gravitational physics, and a little later – mathematics. In the same period, Stephen became a member of the Royal Society in London and even came to the USSR twice, discussing the ideas of black holes and the quantum theory of gravity.

what Stephen Hawking opened

In 1985, Stephen survived pneumonia and lost his speech ability. The verbal function synthesizer was installed on the scientist’s chair, which Hawking controlled using the index right finger and then the facial facial muscle.

In 2007, Stephen Hawking flew in zero gravity on a specialized aircraft. It was his dream.

The scientist died on March 14, 2018 at the age of 76.

What Stephen Hawking discovered ?

what Stephen Hawking opened

The main fame of the English scientist was brought by discoveries in several directions at once:

It was Stephen Hawking, together with physicist Roger Penrose, who developed in the 70s. based on the general theory of relativity and Einstein’s theory of gravity, the Big Bang theory, which created the Universe due to the expansion of the gravitational singularity.

Stephen Hawking formulated the second thermodynamic law of black holes to increase their area of ​​the event horizon. In addition, he made a significant contribution to solving the paradox of the disappearance of information in black holes.

With the help of quantum physics, Stephen Hawking proved that black holes emit thermal radiation until they disappear. This process was named after the scientist – Hawking radiation.

The British physicist paid special attention to the origin of galaxies. He was a supporter of the inflationary model of the Universe (ideas about the accelerated development of a hot Universe in the early stages of the Big Bang). Hawking talked a lot about how minor changes in the early days of the expansion of the universe then led to the appearance of various galaxies.

Together with James Hartle in 1983, Stephen developed the theory of the wave function of the universe. This model is used by physicists from around the world to develop the theory of quantum gravity and computing. The main idea of ​​the theory – the Universe came from nowhere, i.e. does not have a root cause.

We are just developed descendants of monkeys on a small planet with an unremarkable star. But we have a chance to comprehend the universe. This makes us special..

It is noteworthy that Hawking regularly expanded the scale of its popularity, with pleasure becoming the prototype of characters in many cartoons and series. His appearance on television, first of all, will be remembered by the images from The Simpsons and his role in The Big Bang Theory, which was created largely thanks to the scientific ideas of the British physicist.

Throughout his life, Stephen Hawking sought to answer questions of the past and the future, and at the same time he was a convinced atheist. The scientist believed that black holes may well contain the entrance to a parallel world, and people are able to learn how to create small black holes for energy consumption.

Stephen Hawking and money

what Stephen Hawking opened

The world scientist was not only an outstanding specialist and possessor of a rare mind, but also a very brave man who never fell into despair. Reseeding in a wheelchair and being in the modest status of a university teacher, once Steven Hawking decided that he would make money through science.

I am convinced that science and research are more fun than making money..

And then the scientist began to write books about the structure of the Universe, where even the most complex terms were explained in simple words. At the same time, he received 12 academic degrees and received 3 million dollars for individual achievements in the field of physics. As a result, Hawking published 17 books on cosmology, many of which became bestsellers. By the time he left our world, the scientist managed to earn about $ 20 million.

Stephen Hawking lived a long and happy life, filled not only with personal, but also with world discoveries. He became a real example of the stamina of the human spirit, enclosed in a limited physical shell. As a true scientist, he also never was afraid of death, although he was firmly convinced that there were no other forms of existence outside of earthly life. At the same time, the physicist never lost his sense of humor and love for the world around him..

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