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Everyone should have a financial airbag behind their backs. It is realistic to form it even with a small income, but for this you need to know how to rationally save. Some of them are simple and familiar to most, and some are even creative, but all work fine..

Build a Budget

Build a Budget

Before you look for ways to save money, determine what you want to save from, what means you have. Find out the amount of income for a month, six months, a year – not only from salaries, but also from other sources: renting an apartment, bonuses, gifts. Start recording your income and expenses to find out your level of financial security. Discipline is the first step to saving. For notes, use regular Excel spreadsheets, notes, notepad.

Control expenses

After the budget is formed, look where finances are not spent too wisely. In these areas, you can save. When marking expenses within 1-2 months, indicate where the money went. Then analyze whether these wastes were needed, whether you could do without them or reduce them. Without these actions, learning to save will not work.

Set aside Salary

Perform these actions not at the end of the month, using tiny leftovers. You need to distribute the money received so that every week a small amount is transferred painlessly to a savings account. Let it be only 1000 rubles, but she will go there regularly. In some banks, such transfers can be done automatically..

Do not make impulsive purchases

Do not make impulsive purchases

Having decided to purchase an expensive thing, use the 24-hour rule: give yourself a day to think. Such a sober approach is especially important during the sales period, when temptingly reduced (not always truthfully) prices encourage one to buy something. Cool your head, let your thoughts settle down and see if you will need that thing in the morning. Evaluate your current budget and what sacrifices you have to make to buy.

Give answers to such questions:

  • How much is this thing needed?
  • How long will the budget recover after such a waste? Are there any risks to get into an “untouchable reserve”?
  • There is an opportunity to buy it cheaper somewhere?

Use bonus programs

One of the most effective ways to save personal money or make waste not so difficult for a wallet. Many banks today have programs in which part (5-10%) of the purchase price is returned back to the card in the form of points or the same currency. The service here is often the same as for regular debit accounts, the fee is charged only on the first day after registration. Bonus store programs have similar value..

Eat less often

This is one of the largest items of expenditure, which almost everyone is able to reduce without harming themselves. Even a daily cup of coffee not brewed at work, but taken at a catering establishment, is a large sum for a year. If you add lunches or dinners outside the house, some snacks to coffee, you get huge expenses. If a visit to a bar or restaurant is associated with communication, follow the amounts that you leave there, choose the places where the promotions are held.

Reduce rent costs

Reduce rent costs

Paying on meters is cheaper than on average rates. Installation of these devices is inexpensive, but will save a significant amount in a year. By switching to meters, try to reduce the unreasonable consumption of electricity and water. Repair a leaking tap, make sure that you open it only during use. Do not turn on the light in the whole house, being in the same room, do not leave appliances that are not needed online.

Combine all debts into one

If you pay several loans, you have to give interest on each. The result is a rather large amount that could be spent on more pleasant things. Take a new loan to close the current, and pay the interest rate only for him. This will help save a family budget. Each time, carefully study the conditions of the loan and consider how much money outside the principal amount will have to be paid for the entire term.

Compare prices for large purchases

Thanks to the limitless possibilities of the Internet, dozens of stores with different categories of goods are available to a person, and before purchasing any expensive item, you should evaluate the offers of each of them. Just do not forget to compare the cost of things, delivery, timing of receipt. This advice is especially important for those who often acquire expensive equipment online. Do not rush, study all the options: it’s much cheaper to pay in advance on some foreign sites.

Analyze grocery shopping

Analyze grocery shopping

When asked how to save their money, many people are advised to study checks from food super- and hypermarkets to many people. Not only the amounts that you leave there are important, but also what is acquired there. Drive the data for the month into a spreadsheet and analyze: was there any point in all purchases, which you really need to refuse.

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