10 signs that a man has cooled for you and no longer loves you

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It is sad when one loves and the other only suffers. How to recognize your man’s signs of cooling? Loss of interest does not occur suddenly. It is important to see in time the signs that the man has cooled to you and no longer loves.

Became passive

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Previously, a man longed for a meeting, often wrote, called, was interested in your life. Recently, he has ceased to be active. This behavior occurs when you do not need to conquer a woman. The partner is calm, the lady’s world is built around his person. In this situation, switch the focus of attention to yourself. Recall hobbies, girlfriends, their affairs and interests. Stop calling and writing. If love is gone, the romance will end. And if feelings have not cooled, a young man will manifest.

Dissatisfied with you

Call at the wrong time, write stupid messages. More recently, your laughter has been delighted, and more recently, annoying. The partner does not like all your actions. The request to talk is enraging. I have to please my beloved. You try to be gentle, gentle, but the man is always unhappy. This is a bad sign.

It is not interesting to communicate with you

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Sincere conversations, joint walks are minimized. Conversations are boring. Previously, a man told how he spent the day, you discussed something, shared thoughts and feelings. Now it all comes down to the short “where was he?”, “What did you do?”. Perhaps this behavior of a man is associated with troubles at work, other troubles. If he is closed for a long time, alienation only intensifies, this should be noted.

May disappear for several days

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, communication is quite intense. You constantly correspond, call up each other. Gradually, passions subside, relationships become smooth – this is normal. It’s bad if a man disappears for several days without explanation, doesn’t write or call, and even gets annoyed if you take offense at it.

You are no longer in the 1st place

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When the feelings cool down and love leaves, the man begins to regularly forget about his promises, to find every time things and reasons to refuse to meet. He is more willing to communicate with friends, you only cause irritation and feel a complete lack of interest in your person.

Stopped caring

At the beginning of the relationship, it was enough to complain about something, and the partner regretted, consoled, was happy to help. Now he dismisses, remains indifferent. The man distances himself. He is no longer touched by care, gentle words, annoying touch. A clear sign of a lack of love is spiritual callousness.

Became aggressive

During the quarrels, loving partners try to listen to each other, dispense with accusations and insults. If a man has cooled, he does not spare the woman’s feelings, offends her, becomes rude and even cruel. Accumulated negativity spills out, and any dispute becomes a reason for the manifestation of aggressive emotions.

You spend less time in bed

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A man does not set a goal to satisfy his beloved, does not care about her desires. In bed, everything happens “technically”, without vivid emotions. The woman notices that she does not excite her partner; he is indifferent to her initiative. It is important not to confuse cooling due to illness, troubles at work, fatigue, stress. You need to carefully monitor the behavior of a man and the presence of other signs of dislike.

Feels miserable

A partner in constant depression for no apparent reason, looks dejected in your presence. This is a sign that a love affair weighs him.

No longer talking about love

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Men show their love by actions, not words. But if recently there are no words or deeds – this is a sad sign.

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