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Sometimes husbands unfairly suspect a spouse in an affair on the side. Certain signs of a wife’s betrayal should alert an unlucky man. Do not file for a divorce in a rush: late return home can be associated with problems at work, and a switched off phone – a smartphone malfunction.

Accidentally calls her husband a different name

Man and woman

This is an occasion for the spouse to think seriously. There are several reasons for this behavior of the wife, but all are disappointing. Beloved secretly dreams of another man or started a real romance on the side. Husband can only carefully monitor her behavior.

Changed status in social networks

Unfaithful women make it clear to potential partners about the possibility of having a relationship. If the spouse has changed the status of relations on Facebook or VKontakte or simply deleted it, think about the quality of life in marriage. Even a light virtual flirt is the temptation to “spin” something more serious in real life.

Her phone is often off

An unfaithful wife, spending time with another man, will turn off the smartphone or put it on silent mode. It’s easier to lie that you didn’t hear a signal or refer to a dead battery than to answer uncomfortable questions lying in the arms of a lover.

Often delayed at work

Husband and wife

When a wife has a lover, she will regularly tell her husband about work until late to hide treason. And if the spouse does not physically change, but continues to linger in the office, perhaps she just has romantic feelings for a colleague, and therefore she is not in a hurry home.

Changed passwords on gadgets

Another sign of a wife’s betrayal is a change in access to accounts. Most couples trust each other so much that they give access to accounts on gadgets. A married woman can suddenly change passwords under the pretext of hacking when she does not want to leave personal correspondence open. It’s easier to hide the lover’s sensual messages.

Pays a lot of attention to his own appearance

Woman is painting

Suspicions should cause serious changes, for example, updating the wardrobe, changing the style, bright makeup. Treason of the wife is often revealed by the frequent trips to beauty salons.

If your spouse suddenly decided to pluck her eyebrows or have a bikini zone hair removal, think about who she’s putting her body in order for..

Often the cause of this behavior becomes a new romantic interest..

Accuses the partner of infidelity

An easy way to protect yourself is to attack. If a spouse accuses her husband of treason, finds fault with trifles, checks calls and SMS, examines pockets, checks and receipts, looks for traces of lipstick on clothes, she can hardly be called an exemplary wife. This behavior is especially true for those who do not roll scenes of jealousy and calmly relate to the delay of a man at work or a female voice from the telephone.

Avoids sincere communication

The ideal spouse is a lover, best friend and helper in one person for his wife. If a beloved has less confidence in her husband, she shares problems or victories with someone else. Well, if it’s a new girlfriend, not a lover.

Gives gifts for no reason

Gives a gift

A married woman does not give her husband expensive presents for no reason. Psychologists say: wife’s behavior changes after treason.

The wife feels guilty, so she tries to redeem her with expensive gifts.

It remains for the man to watch his wife more carefully, otherwise, with the new watch, he risks getting horns.

She says she’s unhappy in marriage

According to statistics, women unhappy in marriage are more likely to cheat on their husbands. Psychologists strongly recommend the spouse to listen to the words of his wife, to note her level of pleasure from life. A heart-to-heart conversation doesn’t hurt to find out and solve slippery issues before it is too late..

Angry at spouse for trifles

Woman blames

The scandals and quarrels of loving people are considered the norm if disagreements are caused by serious reasons. When a wife is angry with her husband or criticizes him from scratch, perhaps she has a lover. Husbands who have faced adultery note increased imbalance and irritation of a woman.

Prefers to relax separately

An unfaithful wife often spends free time separately from her spouse. It’s not even necessary to relax with another man. Separate pastime of partners indicates their tiredness from marriage. Spouses want to feel freedom. This behavior automatically programs the person to make new relationships..

Receive mysterious SMS and calls

On the phone in bed

If the spouse is in correspondence and talking on the phone with her lover, she will definitely hide her smartphone in order to avoid unnecessary questions from her husband. Mysterious messages and calls can be spam, promotional offers, problems with a girlfriend. Only for this you do not need to leave the room to answer the call.

Changed sexual behavior

Unusual actions in bed sometimes indicate a new experience.

Signs of a wife’s betrayal: strange poses, whispering vulgar words, a desire to dominate or play the role of a victim.

A man can be alerted by his wife’s passion for oriental teachings about sex.

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