15 pleasant and not very character traits of Sagittarius

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In the western horoscope, this sign is depicted as an archer. Symbols of Sagittarius (in Latin Sagittarius) – an arrow launched into space, a clearly directed vector, stretched to the limit of a bowstring. They perfectly reflect the inner nature of a person born under this sign. Knowing the character traits of Sagittarius, it is easy to find a common language with him. It will help to understand his feelings..

Sagittarius is a big optimist

Sagittarius Signs

Next to people of this sign, others feel a spiritual uplift. Optimism is the hallmark of Sagittarius. He sees no reason to dwell on failures, so by his own example he demonstrates the victory of enthusiasm over despondency.

It is no coincidence that the element of the sign – fire, Sagittarius optimism ignites other people.

Always frank and honest

The “heart to heart” dialogue with Sagittarius resembles a breath of fresh air. He is open, sincere. Often, simple-mindedness, straightforwardness turn around for representatives of the sign “sideways”, since many people cannot withstand the pressure of an unadorned truth. He is ready to defend his idealistic view of the world in any dispute, regardless of whether others agree with this.

Appreciates freedom and independence

The only thing that Sagittarius hates the most is control. This applies to freedom of opinion, movement, love. He appreciates the same manifestations in his friends, partners and family members. A strong-willed personality, capable of setting goals and achieving them, attracts the ambitious Sagittarius, inspires and motivates.

Restless and impatient

Some people consider such personality traits negative, but this feature helps Sagittarius not to focus on negative experiences. Fussiness, impatience more disturb their surroundings. For example, if you do not get at the pace set by them, you will cause irritation, disappointment.

Has developed intuition and subtly feels falsity


Do not try to trick Sagittarius. He recognizes lies instantly, because he himself is always frank. When you need to make a quick decision, weigh the pros and cons of Sagittarius sometimes interfere with emotions. Then he relies on his developed intuition, due to which he often emerges victorious or “dry from the water”.

Not afraid to take risks, but counts a few steps forward

The sixth sense helps Sagittarius to understand people well, but he achieves success in many areas thanks to strategic thinking. A competent analysis of the incoming information and dozens of backup plans help the representative of the sign look calm, deceptively frivolous.

Able to fend for himself

Another feature of Sagittarius is that they never allow you to infringe on your rights. During revenge, such a person often does not notice that he has gone too far and cannot take over emotions in time.

Because of innate directness, he sometimes seems tactless, but not because he wanted to offend or humiliate someone.

Sagittarius – creative and inquisitive

This is a creative person from birth. He draws inspiration from friendly conversations, walks, travels. The craving for a change of places, sociability make Sagittarius versatile, generous in feelings. He is a musician or a car mechanic – it doesn’t matter. Even a simple everyday task this person can solve non-standard, beautiful.

Seeks to avoid quarrels and showdowns

Sagittarius Image

The person of this sign is very emotional, but does not like to be the instigator of the conflict. If this happens for some reason, then this is rather an exception to the rule..

In a tense situation, Sagittarius very often uses humor as a way to smooth sharp corners, especially when it comes to gossip or petty drama..

In love, is in no hurry to give his heart to the first comer

Like a fire sign, Sagittarius is a passionate lover or spouse, but before starting a relationship with someone, he analyzes and chooses for a long time. Sagittarius does not rush into the arms of the first comer. First you need to understand whether the partner shares his interests, the vision of the world.

It hides emotions when it is bad or painful

The character of Sagittarius is such that he does not like to complain about life. In case of severe frustration or physical pain, in order not to turn your emotions into farce (even negative ones), the representative of the sign often distances himself or hides true feelings behind the fussiness of actions.

Does not hold long resentment and leaves the past behind

In the fight against gloom, this sign prefers active action. The best way to cope with grief Sagittarius considers a new victory, therefore, without much thought, rushes in search of adventure and succeeds.

Loyal to family, friends and family

Sagittarius Poems

Sagittarius is independent in views, likes to change his place of residence, to get involved in new adventures. Such aspirations do not interfere with being attached to your family and friends. If there is no way to travel together, he will certainly remember his relatives, buying souvenirs.

Sagittarius in love, family and friendships is very demanding, but he himself is ready for a lot. He can throw everything and rush from the other end of the world if you have a problem.

Loves adventure

If kayaking, trips to an exotic country or participation in an extreme reality show is not expected, Sagittarius can organize an exciting quest at home. For example, it plans interestingly and implements a friend’s birthday, it will do a spring cleaning. The main thing is enthusiasm and creativity.

Has a great sense of humor

In a good mood, the representative of the sign will unmistakably pick up a suitable funny incident in life for the conversation. It is possible that he will be the main character of events. The ability to laugh at oneself is a talent, an integral feature of the character of Sagittarius. When he is upset, an impeccable sense of humor acquires a note of cynicism.

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