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The 25th week of pregnancy is a special milestone, when in the case of premature birth there will be the possibility of nursing the baby in special conditions, and those women whose pregnancy is not very successful usually feel a little more confident. However, the baby is not yet sufficiently developed for independent existence and you need to take care of your health in order to bring the pregnancy to the prescribed time frame. Now the woman’s well-being is quite satisfactory, there is weight gain and active growth of the abdomen, the baby is moving more and more actively and communicating with his mother.

What happens in the body

The 25th week of pregnancy, this is the end of the sixth calendar month or the first week of the seventh month according to the obstetric calendar (in it the pregnancy lasts 10 months, each for 4 weeks). This is the second trimester of pregnancy. This week, you can draw a kind of border, which can serve as some reassurance for women whose pregnancy is accompanied by the threat of abortion. With each week, the fetus becomes more mature, grows up and gains weight, so giving birth after a period of 25 weeks increases its chances of active nursing in conditions of separation of prematurity. By modern standards, any newborn with a body weight of more than 500g is nursed. Of course, the birth of a child in this period is not the norm and may carry potential dangers for the life and health of the baby, but now he has already reached a certain level of development and weight.

Now mom is actively gaining weight due to growth and weight gain by the fetus, in general, the increase may by this time leave up to 7-9 kg, and about 5 kg remains to be gained further. The total weight of the mother’s body will depend largely on the baby’s weight and growth rate, from the initial weight to pregnancy and nutrition, and the mother’s activity. Women who are prone to overweight usually gain less weight than those who were underweight before pregnancy. The baby is already big enough and his movements and kicks are clearly felt by his mother, sometimes quite painfully, especially under the ribs or on the sides of the abdomen. Now you can already distinguish the parts of the fetal body with which it moves.

Ultrasound scan of a boy and a girl at 25 weeks of gestation

Fetal development at 25 weeks gestation: weight size and gender

By this week of pregnancy, the fetus will grow to 34-35 cm and weigh about 650-660 g. As the baby grows, it becomes more crowded in the uterine cavity, and its movements become more powerful and tangible. Gradually, the baby will occupy the position head down, pressing the arms and legs to the body (embryonic pose). Now, the child’s movements are accompanied by visible tension and a change in the abdomen, periods you can see the contours of the limbs, and the movements of the legs under the ribs can even be uncomfortable. Now you need to pay attention to the activity of the fetus – if the child is quiet or overly active for a long time, you should consult a doctor to exclude his oxygen starvation. About four movements per hour or more than 10 movements per day are considered normal..

At 25 weeks, the fetal respiratory system is actively improved, alveoli are formed, which are filled inside with a thin layer of a special lubricant – surfactant. This special substance, which will not allow the lungs to collapse and clump on the exhale, will help in the expansion of the lungs at the first breath of the child. But now the lungs look like deflated bags, and only at the time of birth, when the baby takes the first breath, they will straighten out and a small circle of blood circulation will be included in the work to supply the baby’s body with oxygen. Now, if you analyze the amniotic fluid, you can roughly determine to what level the lungs of the fetus have matured and how likely it is that the baby will be able to breathe on their own if they are born prematurely. This is determined by the level of specific phospholipids that the surfactant formed in the lungs releases into the amniotic fluid.

By this time, the baby’s hemopoiesis is almost complete, and the child’s bone marrow is actively involved in the production of all blood cells. This allows the immune system of the fetus to improve – lymphocytes and leukocytes are trained to fight the infection in the future. At this time, according to the ultrasound, the gender of the child is clearly determined and you already know who you are waiting for – a boy or a girl. At this time, the boy’s testicles begin to descend into the scrotum, in girls the formation of the vagina.

Now the child’s sensory organs are already well developed – he hears well and his retina can respond to light. The kid will actively make himself felt with sharp sounds from the outside world, shuddering or freezing. Now his movements are becoming more coordinated, he shows a certain dexterity – touches the walls of the uterus, grabs the loop of the umbilical cord, puts his fingers in his mouth, palpates his face and body. In this period, the bookmark of the leading hand occurs in the brain – will the baby be right-handed or left-handed.

At this time, the fetus usually already occupies the position as it will be during childbirth, head down, but its position is not yet stable. If the fetus is located with the buttocks down, special gymnastics complexes may be required so that, until a period of 32-34 weeks, it turns head down. The brain of a baby weighs already 100 g, periods of increased activity of certain centers of the brain are detected, a rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is developed, for often the periods of sleep and activity of the fetus do not coincide with the mother’s. The baby can actively move during the moments of your rest and sleep.Now the child will hiccup more often, because of this the respiratory muscles and diaphragm are trained. It swallows amniotic fluid, and special nerves that create hiccups are irritated. This is not a sign of pathology – you should not worry.

Cartilage is actively developing, including in the area of ​​the auricles, the degree of prematurity of infants is determined by the degree of their development. Bone tissue and muscles develop, calcium is actively deposited in the bones, the child needs to actively move for proper development.

Woman at 25 weeks pregnant

Feelings of a future mother

The uterus rises higher in the abdominal cavity, reaching by this time a distance of 25 cm from the womb to the bottom of the uterus. Due to this, the size of the abdomen is actively increasing, making it slightly more difficult to move and lean forward. Active weight gain occurs, discomfort may occur due to compression of the internal organs by the large uterus – shortness of breath during exertion or climbing stairs, heartburn and constipation due to intestinal compression, flatulence and nausea may occur. It is important now to monitor the diet so that the intestines work actively and without interruptions. You need to consume a lot of fermented milk products and vegetables with fruits containing vegetable fiber, it is enough to drink fluids and actively move.

Mom’s body is rapidly growing in volume – not only the abdomen, but also the area of ​​the breast is growing, in this period the first colostrum, a yellowish transparent liquid, can stand out from the nipples. It does not need to be squeezed out in any case, irritation of the nipples increases the tone of the uterus. It is enough just to wash the allocated colostrum with a napkin and take a shower twice a day. In this period, the metabolism is increased and sweating can be increased, so you need to strictly monitor hygiene – you need to wear exclusively natural linen, preferably without seams and unnecessary decorative elements, as your body size increases, you need to change the linen in time to a suitable one so that nowhere neither pressed nor rubbed. The bra should support the chest well and not squeeze it, have wide straps that do not cut into the shoulders.

In this period, it is important to listen to your body and its needs, to monitor the baby’s movements. If you do not feel the child’s movements for more than a day, consult a doctor immediately, this is a cause for alarm. It is also worth paying attention to discomfort in the lumbar region, due to compression of the growing uterus of the internal organs, the work of the kidneys and outflow of urine may be impaired. It is often necessary to take the knee-elbow position, unloading the abdominal organs. It is difficult now to find a comfortable sleeping position, it is not recommended to sleep on the back at this time, the uterus presses on the back and spine, where large vessels pass, and can squeeze the inferior vena cava, lead to dizziness and nausea due to circulatory disorders. Therefore, it is worth buying a special pillow for pregnant women and choosing the most optimal position for relaxing, on the side, preferably on the left.

Due to the increase in body weight, heaviness and pain in the legs can occur, and if they occur with enviable regularity even after short walks, it is worthwhile to consult a phlebologist and exclude varicose veins. As pregnancy term increases, varicose veins can progress – you will need to wear special compression underwear and frequent rest with legs raised up. Your doctor may recommend taking certain medications to improve blood flow and regulate coagulation, as well as for vascular tone. You need to take them only under the supervision of a doctor! Showing daily walks, but walking too long is not worth it, you need to give your feet rest. If possible, try to rest and sleep during the day..

Abdominal pain at 25 weeks of gestation

Stomach ache

At the 25th week of pregnancy, you should be sensitive to any manifestations of discomfort in the body – they may indicate possible threats to pregnancy. Due to a shift in the center of gravity and growth of the uterus, discomfort and pain in the lower back and back can occur. This is because the ligaments supporting the uterus, as well as the spine and hip joints, soften and stretch under the action of the released substance relaxin. This leads to unpleasant and painful sensations in the sacrum, back, or lateral surfaces of the abdomen. Usually such pains are not long and not intense, they disappear after rest or with some adherence. First of all, you should wear a special bandage for pregnant women, use only chairs with a back for sitting, regularly unload the spine and do gymnastics.

Particular attention should be paid to abdominal pain – the manifestations of pain can be different. This may be discomfort due to the active movements of the fetus and tremors in the hypochondrium, then you just need to take a comfortable position and stroke the stomach so that the child calms down. Abdominal pain can occur due to constipation, then you need to monitor diet more strictly and consult a doctor for advice and prescription of delicate laxatives.

It is especially dangerous if the lower abdomen pulls – it can be the appearance of uterine tone, the opening of the cervix in the presence of isthmic-cervical insufficiency, or the onset of premature birth. Particularly dangerous are the appearance of intensifying bleeds and contractions of the uterine wall, the appearance of bloody or brown discharge, leakage of amniotic fluid. Call an ambulance immediately, and urgently call a hospital. With timely assistance, labor can be prevented and pregnancy delivered before the due date.

Pregnant girl at the doctor's appointment

Allocations at the twenty-fifth week

At 25 weeks of gestation, discharge due to elevated hormone levels may be slightly more abundant. Moreover, their nature should not change. Such secretions actively protect the vaginal cavity, cervix and amniotic membranes from infections, which will not allow pregnancy to terminate earlier than that, and immunity and local protection of the mucous membranes are physiologically reduced, which can lead to the development of various infections – thrush, bacterial vaginosis, and conducting sexual life – even to intimate infections. Normal discharge in this period is transparent or whitish, almost odorless, uniform consistency, without pathological impurities.

It is necessary to consult a doctor if there are yellow, greenish, gray or white discharge of abundant nature, foamy, curdled or tiny, purulent, with an unpleasant fishy, ​​rotten smell. It is also worth consulting a doctor if redness of the skin of the genitals appears, itching and burning, irritation. May also indicate an infection of urination disorders with burning, increased temperature of pain in the lower abdomen. The doctor will check the smear and prescribe, according to its results, an adequate local sludge general treatment, acceptable for this period of pregnancy.

No less dangerous can be brown or spotting and genital tract. They may indicate cervical pathology, the presence of ischemic-cervical insufficiency, the threat of premature birth, or placental abruption. Especially dangerous is the presence of such secretions together with the tone of the uterus or regular contractions; hospitalization with treatment is immediately needed. Sometimes spotting after intimacy or examination by a doctor may indicate the presence of cervical erosion. The appearance of abundant liquid discharge may indicate leakage of amniotic fluid – you need to purchase a test strip for determining amniotic fluid in a pharmacy or consult a doctor. Their leakage is dangerous infection of the fetus and the onset of labor.

Kissing couple

Sex on the 25th week

Sex this week is quite acceptable, but you should abandon the pose of a horsewoman, the pose of a man from above, and some others, in order to eliminate pressure on the stomach and deep penetration. Intimate proximity during pregnancy allows partners to relax, become closer to each other, and an orgasm leads to activation of blood circulation in the uterus and placenta. This is also beneficial for the baby, and the excreted endorphins help calm the nervous system and relieve stress.

However, if there is a risk of premature birth, low placentation, bearing twins, or some other condition, your doctor may prohibit sexual intercourse for several weeks or until delivery.

Mom’s diet and weight

In this period, an active weight gain occurs, from the beginning of pregnancy, about 7-9 kg may increase, depending on the initial weight before pregnancy and physique. On average, this week a woman can add about 300-500g, with large increases, you need to see a doctor to exclude edema and correct nutrition.

The principles of nutrition remain the same – you need to eat fractionally and often, there should be enough protein and vegetables, fruits, dairy products in the diet. It is necessary to correct anemia with red meat, liver, pomegranates and apples, replenish calcium reserves with dairy products, cheeses, cabbage and nuts. It is worth abandoning salty, spicy and spicy dishes, control the use of sweets and white flour products. It is important to monitor the drinking regimen..

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