4 ways to improve the internet signal on your phone

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A constantly breaking 3G or Wi-Fi connection can greatly ruin the mood of the smartphone owner. Engineers have created many devices and programs that improve the Internet signal on the phone.

How to improve signal reception on a smartphone

When the Internet connection is often interrupted, you need to find the cause of this problem, and then try one of these methods:




Change carrier

Instant improvement of signal gradation.

It’s hard to find the right company right away..

Buying a new phone with enhanced signal reception

  • Internet speed will increase.
  • There will be an opportunity to use the Internet in settlements remote from the city.

It will require serious financial costs..

Flashing the phone

  • Speeds up your smartphone.
  • Fixes some problems with the built-in receiver.

With hardware problems will not help.

Repair due to phone damage

New parts will improve the reception of Internet signal by phone.

If the damage is not connected to the receiver, then it will not work to improve the Internet.

Installation of special software

  • Forcibly connects the smartphone to the most powerful operator station available.
  • Works well on the move.

Will not help with hardware reception problems.

Antenna connection

Enhances the Internet signal by 2-3 times.

  • Inconvenient to connect to a smartphone.
  • The antenna must always be carried.

Installing a repeater or GSM repeater

Improves the power of all types of signals.

  • Installation requires the participation of a specialist.
  • Valid only in the room where it is installed.

Software method

Not everyone can afford to buy a phone with enhanced signal reception. Owners of smartphones and tablets working on the basis of MediaTek processors can try to improve the work of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G using MTK Engineering Mode. The program must be downloaded for free on the Play Market. Actions after installing the software:

  1. Go to the Telephony tab, select Band mode.
  2. Click on SIM1. Uncheck all checkboxes in the settings, except for EGSM900, DCS1800, WCDMA-GSM-900. This disables unused frequencies in Russia. A similar configuration is performed for SIM2.
  3. Next, go to the “Network selection”, and install GSM / WCDMA auto. Then, when the phone is working, the 2G signal will not be lost.
  4. If you select GSM / WCDMA (WCDMA preferred), the device will try to connect to 3G networks, but GSM interruptions may occur.

MTK Engineering Mode Program

Internet Speed ​​Master application using ROOT rights

When the reception of web data on a smartphone slows down, users begin to blame the operator and the selected tariff plan. The Internet Speed ​​Master application can improve the situation. Previously, the user must root the phone, otherwise the software will not change the system files. The procedure for obtaining root-rights on android:

  1. Enter the program, grant superuser rights.
  2. Go to the ApplyPatch tab, restart the smartphone. The signal amplifier will then work.
  3. If you need to return the old settings, go to the main program menu and click Restore.

DIY smartphone antenna

Many craftsmen try to create a 4g signal amplifier for the phone on their own. The effectiveness of a homemade antenna is at the level of the initial ready-made signal amplifiers. To create a device, you will need an antenna from an old radio, a copper wire no more than 4 mm thick, a screwdriver, a small washer, soldering accessories. Procedure:

  1. Antenna disassembled at the base.
  2. Solder the wire to the washer.
  3. The washer is carefully screwed back to the base of the antenna.
  4. Some masters advise making a reflector made of foil for additional signal amplification. As a basis for the reflector, you can take a sheet of cardboard. Glue the foil to it. For convenience, you can purchase foil fiberglass. The reflector is placed at the back of the antenna..
  5. The finished amplifier can be connected to a phone or to a 3G modem:
    • It is necessary to remove the back cover of the smartphone, find the receiver connector or to connect the antenna. Strip wire and then connect to hole.
    • If the modem has an input for connecting a third-party antenna, the wire is connected there. In the absence of a connector, the first third of the device is carefully wrapped with wire.

DIY smartphone antenna

How to amplify a cellular signal in an apartment or in a country house through a repeater

The coverage area of ​​Tele2, MTS, Megafon, Beeline formally includes all settlements of Russia, but in villages far away from cities, GSM and 3G do not work so well. You can increase the strength of the incoming cellular signal using a repeater. The device consists of internal and external antennas, a repeater. A homemade passive repeater can be done like this:

  1. Take 2 wires 4-5 mm thick, make a circle out of them.
  2. Place homemade antennas on a coaxial cable, solder them at a distance of 5 to 10 cm from each other.
  3. Connect the cable to the phone or just put the structure next to it.

Top 3 3G Signal Amplifiers

These devices are designed to speed up the Internet. The 3g signal amplifier in most cases functions without a SIM card and direct connection to a modem, but the user can optionally connect some devices to a router. The most popular models of devices of this type:

Model name

Main characteristics

How to install


  • Supports Beeline, Yota, Tele 2, etc. operators.
  • It operates in 2 bands: 790-860 MHz / 1900-2700 MHz.
  • Power and Ethernet Connection.

Installation is the same for all models:

  1. The antenna is mounted on a bracket near the window or a short distance from the roof of the house.
  2. The internal antenna is connected to the external.
  3. Using a cable, the internal antenna is connected to a 3G / 4G modem.
  4. Check device settings through a computer browser.

Booster TD-980

  • Operating range: 890-915 MHz, 935-960 MHz.
  • IP40 Protection.
  • Supports MTS, Tele 2, Yota.


  • Supports all mobile operators.
  • Enhances the signal by 20 times.
  • Operating range: 935-960 MHz, 890-915 MHz.
  • Coverage Area – 100 m?.


Universal compact antenna amplifier

A sticker sticker to improve the performance of the receiver is fixed to the battery under the back cover of the phone. Visually, the antenna amplifier is a thin plate with metal tracks. It can be replaced with foil. Self-adhesive antenna installation procedure:

  1. The back cover of the smartphone is removed. It is important not to damage the phone case during manipulation.
  2. Battery is carefully removed.
  3. From the adhesive part of the antenna, remove the protective paper, and then attach it to the battery.
  4. The battery is put back in the phone.
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