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Pension benefits are guaranteed to our citizens by the basic law of the country – the Constitution. Any Russian can count on social support from the state in old age, but such financial assistance depends on many factors. How different is the amount of payments for those who have worked for a long time, and for people with a shorter length of service?

Does pension depend on length of service

Pension legislation has undergone significant adjustments over the past decade, and today new formulas are used to determine collateral. In the formation of pension payments according to the new rules, the principle of stimulating a person’s desire to work longer to get decent funds in old age is laid down. As a result, the length of service has a significant impact on the determination of benefits, especially the long one – more than 35, 40 years.

The government is committed to improving the quality of life of Russians of any age group. The bonus increase in the pension for long-term labor demonstrates a favorable financial result for both pensioners and the state budget. It is important to understand that the amount of security depends not only on the amount of time worked, but also on officially received labor income and contributions paid by the employer.

The insurance part of the pension is made up of a fixed amount, a fixed amount, which is the same for everyone (for 2019 – 4982.9 rubles) and points earned by a pensioner, multiplied by the value of the point. Own individual points (individual pension coefficient – abbreviated. IPC) are awarded to a person depending on the insurance contributions deducted annually by the employer from the future pensioner’s salary to the Pension Fund (abbreviated PF) during the period of work. In addition, additional points (coefficients) are awarded for long working experience.

Moreover, the main role is assigned to insurance premiums, and the period of work, as previously under the Law No. 173-ФЗ On Labor Pensions in the Russian Federation, does not play the previous role. It should be noted that a pension supplement for 40/30 years of service is carried out upon assignment to a citizen of the title “Veteran of Labor”, awarded by social protection authorities in accordance with regional legislative norms. In addition, the monthly financial gain is supplemented by a number of benefits..

Minimum length of service

The procedure for calculating and exercising the right of a Russian citizen to insurance coverage is regulated by Law No. 400-ФЗ On Insurance Pensions. According to its provisions, one of the mandatory parameters for assigning old-age benefits was defined as the length of service with a minimum value of 15 years. It is supposed to go over to this value until 2025. During the transitional period, this value will increase gradually, depending on the time of retirement, and for 2019 the number is 9:










2024 onwards

Required Experience











Retirement Points and PKI

After the enactment of Law No. 400-ФЗ, the future insurance part is guaranteed by employee deductions. Payments began to be determined not from pension capital, but from IPC. The pension rights that the Russian earned earlier are also converted into points and taken into account when appointing state maintenance in old age. Points that can be earned for a calendar year are calculated on officially paid contributions from earnings.

In other words, the IPC reflects the rights of insured workers to their future retirement. Points are accumulated on the person’s personal account in the PF. This parameter is pension capital, which is translated into a relative value. The decision on the designation / refusal of state security and its size depends on the accumulated point result. The legislator approved a minimum amount of IPC – 30. In the transitional period of 2015-2025. the minimum value changes like this:











2025 onwards













Odds earned per year are limited. For pensioners going on vacation in 2019, the maximum value is set at 8.7. The parameter is set separately for both the insurance and the funded part, but due to the “freezing” of the funded amount, the size is the same regardless of the choice of the accrual system. The point has a value that is subject to indexing. For the current 2019 by Law No. 420-ФЗ, the cost of one coefficient has been increased 1.037 times and equals 81 rubles 49 kopecks.

Legal regulation

Russian legislation in the field of pension insurance accruals consists of a number of regulatory acts. The main norms are laid down by Laws No. 167-FZ “On Compulsory Pension Insurance in the Russian Federation” and No. 400-FZ “On Insurance Pensions”. The regulation on pensions financed by the federal budget is prescribed in 167-ФЗ; the norms of Law No. 4468-1 apply to military personnel (including employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

The mandatory indexation of retirement benefits is provided for by Law No. 400-FZ, and the value of one PKI is adjusted annually by a separate law approving the PF budget. Additional benefits to veterans of all groups are established by a special legal act – the Law on Veterans No. 5-FZ, where, inter alia, the term of years of service is introduced to form preferential pension conditions.

Referee's hammer

Forty years of service allowance

Despite the fact that the formation of security for old age depends on insurance premiums, the seniority of a pensioner may be affected by the receipt of a supplement to the main monthly part and other factors. Duration of activity of 35 years (women) / 40 years (men) increases payments by establishing supplements for a person as a labor veteran. The surcharge, as well as the decision to confer a veteran rank, is assigned to social security institutions of the pensioner’s residence region.

The amount of surcharges is affected by the branch of work, the area of ​​residence and work, the presence of bonuses. It should be clarified: this monetary increase is due if the applicant already receives old-age security. In addition to the allowance, a pension with 40 years of service is increased due to a number of benefits, some of which are translated into monetary terms. Each additional year gives bonus points:

  • one point – for the duration of labor of 35 years – men, 30 – women;
  • five points – for the duration of labor 40 – men, 35 – women.

What periods are taken into account

In order to receive a recount of the pension for the length of service and in addition to obtain point coefficients for a long time, it is not necessary to work the required number of years. Legislation provides for the inclusion of non-working periods, also compiled a final experience. These include:

  • army service;
  • maternity leave;
  • caring for a disabled person (an adult of the 1st group or a child), a person after 80 years of age;
  • the period of registration as unemployed in employment agencies;
  • period of disability in case of illness (in the presence of a sick leave).

Education is not included in this list. Since insurance contributions do not occur during such time periods, the length of the period directly affects the formation of the insurance part – the longer they are, the lower the payments. So, the accrued points are the value:

  • military service – 1.8;
  • caring for children under 1.5 years old – the first 1.8; the second 3.6; third / fourth 5.4;
  • caring for the disabled, elderly – 1.8.

Terms of receipt

Some retirees have an unconditional opinion that over 40 years of work, additional coefficients are automatically relied on. The legislation did not provide for an increase in collateral specifically for long-term labor activity after the Russians entered retirement vacations. If a pensioner is not a labor veteran, then there are no separate, special benefits for a long experience.

At the same time, a pension supplement for the experience of 40 years with the sufficient amount of time worked for the assignment of a veteran rank is not the only reason for which it is possible to receive a supplement to the pension. The duration of the total production affects the increase when:

  • seniority was not taken into account in the formation of collateral (for example, there was no supporting documentation);
  • senior citizen continues to work.

The allowance for a pensioner who has worked in hazardous work is calculated in the standard manner. Its size depends, first of all, on the insurance transfers of the employer, the amount of which is determined by the category of danger of the employee’s labor. Harmfulness is assigned by the certification commission. If the profession is recognized as dangerous, the employer undertakes to additionally transfer insurance funds. The amount of the contribution is usually 20-30% of the monthly income of the employee on the payroll.

Length of service

The size of surcharges in the regions

The size of the pension allowance for an experience of 40 years if the Russian has Veteran Labor status is fixed, but the amount depends on the place where the pensioner lives. Legal regulation on the decision whether to pay extra for a long experience is administered by the subjects of the Federation, and financing comes from local budget sources. The monthly cash payment (abbreviated EDV) to labor veterans and an additional package of benefits to reduce costs and indirectly increase income for pensioners differ in the regions in volume.

The main benefits are the same – free or preferential use of public transport, utility discounts, manufacturing / repair of dentures. Thus, in St. Petersburg, EDV, taking into account indexation, is equal to 828 rubles, and honored workers are provided with preferential payment for housing (50%), housing and communal services (50%), urban and suburban travel. In the Sverdlovsk region, labor veterans receive 805 p. every month, a 50% discount on housing and another 433 p. separately for travel.

In Moscow, labor veterans have the opportunity to use a free commuter rail, the manufacture of dentures, treatment in a sanatorium. Also provides monetary veteran compensation for paying for a home phone. The monthly municipal payment for Muscovites is 495 rubles. The decision on indexing EDV is decided annually also at the local level.

For military pensioners

Both a civilian and a military pensioner have the right to state security for their length of service – to retirement upon reaching age. When a certain age is reached, a second civil pension is granted if insurance contributions have been paid to them for at least five years. The insurance part is provided for those persons who already have military support, and they continue to work in any institution of a civilian nature. In order to complete the supplement, the PF department should submit along with the application for recalculation:

  • passport;
  • SNILS;
  • document of the power department on the duration of service for accounting for state support for long service;
  • work book;
  • information on average monthly earnings for five consecutive years.

Work in the Far North

Russians working for a long time in the harsh remote northern conditions will be able to qualify for payments from the state before the required standard age mark is reached. So, a man who has worked in the Far North for fifteen years or in the territories equated to him, twenty years or more, will be able to go on vacation from the age of 55.

For women, with a total experience of 20 years and the same length of work as men for the Far North (15 years), this threshold is 50. For representatives of professions – reindeer herders, hunters, fishers who work and live in this area, it is provided early retirement five years earlier than in the example indicated here, that is, for men from fifty years old.

Recalculation of pensions

The size of the increase in the pension during long-term work of a citizen-pensioner differs from the nature of the proposed allowance for the following reasons:

  1. The applicant has provided additional certificates, extracts, documents not previously considered.
  2. Contributions not accounted for various reasons have been identified.
  3. There are additional criteria affecting fixed payments.
  4. Insurance contributions are recalculated upon termination of work by a pensioner who is already receiving state benefits.
  5. Sufficient conditions for obtaining a Veteran Labor certificate are taken into account..

The increase is established after the recalculation, while for the fourth case as a situation of an irresponsible nature, the recalculation occurs automatically based on the contributions transferred by the insured. When applying for new documents that increase the size of payments, a citizen must apply for recalculation to the territorial branch of the Pension Fund. The increase will begin from the month following the treatment. If the reasons have appeared long ago, the pensioner will be paid only for the last six months preceding the appeal.

Recalculation of pensions

Obtaining the title “Veteran of Labor”

Surcharges to pensioners for long-term labor are provided in the presence of the certifying document “Veteran of Labor”. The honorary title is assigned by social security authorities at the place of residence of the person. Article 7 of the Law “On Veterans” No. 5-FZ provides for the following conditions for the appropriation of:

  • the applicant began working as a minor during the Great Patriotic War with a final labor output of 40 (men) and 35 – (women);
  • rewarding the applicant with departmental signs for merits in a specific production area lasting 15 years with an insurance experience of 25 (men) / 20 – (women) or length of service required for a pension appointment;
  • the person has government, presidential awards (orders, medals, diplomas) and honorary titles of the Russian Federation or the USSR.

The rules for conferring the title are entrusted to the legal decisions of the federal subjects of Russia. Persons awarded departmental distinction badges as of June 30, 2016 retained the right to be awarded the title with a minimum of 25-year seniority of men / 20 – women, on condition that the insurance seniority corresponds to the purpose of pension payments for seniority in a calendar period.

Making a title is not so simple, because often disputed issues arise, mainly due to the approval of their own awards by departments. Each industry independently approves awards, and the subjects of the Russian Federation themselves develop a list of departmental awards taking into account the industry specifics of the region. To confirm the eligibility of the existing awards, their compliance with all grounds is necessary:

  • requirements for the establishment of departmental honorary distinguishing marks in accordance with Government Decision No. 578;
  • local compliance.

The basic security for labor veterans in old age is the insurance payment by age, which is calculated according to the principle similar to that for all citizens. The value depends standardly on the parameters of long-term insurance experience, retirement age, salary. The increase is provided by:

  • indexation of payments taking into account inflation;
  • the establishment of social supplement to the regional subsistence level;
  • cash payments and compensation.

The monthly surcharge is assigned from the regional budget, therefore, the volume of the package of social veteran benefits for each region of the country is different. In some cases, a citizen can take advantage of the monthly receipt of money instead of the available services (these options are determined by the local legislation of the subject of the Russian Federation). The basis for the increase for long-term work will be the continuation of activities by the pensioner until the required parameters (number of years) of the appropriation of veteranship are achieved. The procedure for registering the title must be prepared:

  • passport;
  • pensioner’s ID;
  • confirmation of the length of service (employer certificates, employment record);
  • photo on the model;
  • documents confirming the award.

In general, the assignment occurs after the appointment of pension coverage. A package of documents is considered by the social security department at registration: all benefits are provided at the official place of residence. This circumstance requires attention: honorary veterany is available only to a Russian citizen of the Russian Federation. For a foreigner who has worked for a long time at Russian enterprises, the procedure is possible after he formalizes Russian citizenship.

How to get seniority pension

In order for a pensioner to be able to exercise his rights to increase for long-term labor, it is necessary to draw up and personally file an application. Documents may be submitted by a legal representative on the basis of a power of attorney certified by a notary. Benefits are granted on an application basis, that is, at the request of the person himself, and to acquire additional state support, you need to submit documents of rights on your own and in time.

Each federal subject has the right to independently regulate the amount of benefits, taking into account the cost of living and the regional coefficient. An automatic calculation of the allowance is possible if the pensioner continued to work and the employer transferred contributions to the insurance fund: then after leaving the citizen receives an addition from the next month.

Surcharge for retirement

Application for recalculation of pension to working pensioners

The application form will be provided by social security authorities. The form contains columns filled in according to the required documents, which are listed in the inventory after the application in conjunction with the indication of passport information. Since the application and other information contains personal (personal) information of the applicant, the application confirms consent to the processing of information in accordance with Law No. 152-FZ. In case of filling difficulties, a social employee will help to cope with the correct design.

Where to go

Having collected the required package, you should contact not the FIU, but social security at the place of residence. The Pension Fund is not authorized to establish such allowances. In order to take full advantage of the privileges, it is recommended not to postpone the visit, but to do it as soon as the pension is assigned. Several ways of handling:

  • apply to the social security department;
  • send an electronic application through the public services website.


To receive a monthly increase for long-term labor, the application shall be accompanied by:

  • passport;
  • pensioner’s ID;
  • confirmation of the length of service (employer certificates, employment record);
  • SNILS;
  • confirmation of old-age insurance benefits;
  • veteran certificate.

If the applicant wishes to receive money in an account with a bank, and not through mail, then the list is additionally updated with a certificate with the bank account details for crediting funds. If the documents comply with all the rules and requirements for changing payments, the pension provision is recalculated. In case of non-compliance with the prescribed legislative requirements, the citizen receives a written substantial report.

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