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Every nation has its first names, surnames. All of them have some kind of roots, which can indicate the type of activity, character traits or famous ancestors. Below are the names in English, which for one reason or another have become very popular.

American first and last names

Each nation has a certain principle by which a person received his middle name. For example, in some countries, the city from which the man or woman was born served for this purpose. In some cases, the paternal formation method was used to indicate a noble lineage and a famous clan. American names and surnames also have cultural traditions in this matter. It becomes difficult to track them, because people sailed to America from all over the world.

For this reason, many American surnames take their roots from the Italian, Greek, Latin or some European people. Over time, the form of sound changed, some changes were made and a certain historical list of popular surnames in America was formed. Some of them have a direct meaning, for example, Smith – a blacksmith. Others just sound beautiful, while others were originally a nickname. The origin of all middle names can be divided into several categories:

  • those that indicate a specific occupation, profession;
  • received from some special traits of a person’s character;
  • religious options that were taken from the Bible;
  • associated with trees, animals, natural phenomena, flowers.

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If you hear male American names on the street, you can almost 100% guess the person’s nationality. They went through certain stages of development, have much in common with the English versions. People from all over the world came to the new continent, and in order to pass for the American, they specially modified, shortened or remade their surnames. The most famous foreign middle names discover:

  • Williams;
  • Smith;
  • Jones
  • Wilson.

These options can be compared with friends Ivanov, Petrov, Kuznetsov, Popov. According to US statistics, over one million each are registered. Other popular men’s last names are:

  • Young
  • Hall;
  • Thompson;
  • Jackson
  • Brown;
  • Anderson;
  • White
  • Clark;
  • Davis;
  • Jackson
  • Thomas;
  • Harris
  • Miller
  • Garcia
  • Hernandez;
  • Rodrigues;
  • Lee
  • King.

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This is not to say that American surnames for girls are somewhat different from men’s ones. Unlike names, you cannot choose them, and there is no clear gender identity here. Surnames of Americans are deprived of gender or change of form (graduation), if we are talking about a girl. For this reason, the list of beautiful, popular female middle names is the same. However, the Americans themselves identify several names that are more suitable for girls.

  • Williams;
  • Moor;
  • May.

Beautiful American last names

Citizens of Russia, America have the right to change their first name, last name. Some people use this opportunity to get a more harmonious combination. Often, singers and actors do this to make them more memorable. There are recognized beautiful American surnames that differ from everyone else. Often their origin originates from completely different peoples, professions, animals or flowers. According to Americans, the most beautiful male and female surnames are:

  • Evans
  • Collins
  • Gilmore;
  • Daniels;
  • Moore
  • Wallace;
  • Newman;
  • Harris
  • Labert
  • Washington;
  • Beverly.

Americans really appreciate, respect their history, the ancestors and the heirs that they left them. Family ties mean a lot to them, so their middle name is a valuable relic that should be protected, worn and proudly passed on to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This is one of the factors that make this nation cohesive, confident and strong..

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Popular American last names

In all countries of the world, census and population censuses are kept, so there are accurate data about the most popular surnames in America. Smith comes first with pride, literally translated as “blacksmith”. The country has more than 2 million 700 thousand “blacksmiths”. Slightly less popular surnames in the USA are Jhonson (Johnson, 2 million 200 thousand). Further on the list, approximately the same number of leaders are Williams, Davis, Brown, Miller, Jones (about 1 million 500 thousand).


This type includes foreign variants of middle names, which clearly indicate belonging to some nationality. This is not to say that these American surnames are rare, but they are much less common than others. Each person has the right to come up with any word that will serve as their second name, but according to statistics the least (less than 300 thousand) in America are registered:

  • Simmons
  • Alexander;
  • Foster
  • Butler;
  • Russell
  • Bryant;
  • Griffin;
  • Hayes;
  • Gonzales;
  • Washington;
  • Diaz.
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