At what water temperature can children and adults swim in the sea, river or pool

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Swimming is not only good for the body, it is also a fun water treatment. How great it is to splash in the sea or river! In this case, it is always necessary to remember that health should be protected, therefore it is advisable to carry out water procedures only at the optimum temperature for your own body and a suitable climate.

Comfortable bathing water temperature

According to physiotherapists, swimming is equated to therapeutic massage, which perfectly relaxes, tones and improves blood circulation of the whole body. It is believed that splashing in cool water is a good gymnastics for blood vessels, because they can narrow, adapting to lower temperatures, and then expand again. This contributes not only to improving well-being, but also is a kind of rejuvenation method. At what water temperature can you swim, so as not to harm your health?

Each person has his own temperature regime, which should be taken into account during the adoption of water procedures. For different people, water from one pond may seem warmer or colder. So, the most comfortable is swimming within +23 … +25? C. Water is loved by many more warmly, but it will not be so useful anymore. However, only seasoned and trained people should be engaged in winter swimming, because the degrees in the pond are below +18? C. A person with no habit can instantly become cold and get sick.

Girl swimming in the sea

At what temperature can you swim in the sea

Everyone remembers the unforgettable sensations of splashing in the salt sea. When going on vacation, you need to know that the optimal temperature of the water for swimming in the sea is different for all people, but there are general parameters:

  • +17 … +19? C – an indicator that indicates that the pond is cool. Few people can deliver a pleasant experience. Bathing is very refreshing, but you can be in the water for a short amount of time..
  • +20 … +22? C – normal temperature, but if your blood circulation is disturbed, then sea or river water may still seem cool.
  • +23 … +26? C – the most comfortable temperature in the sea for swimming.
  • From +27? C – ideal conditions under which you can be without the slightest discomfort.

Do not enter the sea if the temperature has reached only + 14 ° C. Such water is considered excessively cold and is suitable only for hardening, and an unadapted body will cause great harm. The normal temperature is +20 … +22? C. With such indicators, the metabolism and blood circulation of a person begins to accelerate. The optimal degree of water for a small child or a pregnant woman, especially with reduced immunity, is considered to be +23 … +25? C.

Girl swimming in the sea

Swimming in the pool

The norm of the water temperature depends on the purpose of the artificial reservoir and on who will swim there. At what temperature can I swim? Key indicators say:

  • +22 … +23? C – designed for people who have been professionally engaged in swimming for several years: they constantly train and achieve certain standards.
  • +23 … +26? C – is present in the pools of the educational and sports area.
  • +26 … +28? C – the temperature regime at which people undergoing the treatment and rehabilitation program of the musculoskeletal system bathe.
  • +28 … +30? C – is supported in recreational pools of open or closed type.
  • +30 … +32? C – acceptable for kids.

Many owners of private territories prefer to equip a personal plot with a swimming pool or to make a special room inside the building to install a large tank with liquid. Adults can swim in the pool at +24 … +28? C, but before the splashing, children should warm the water a few degrees – up to +30, but here it’s still worth starting from the age of the child.

Swimming in the river

If not everyone can afford sea vacations, then the rivers are located in almost all settlements. If you decide to cool off on a summer day, then the normal temperature for swimming will be +19 … +24? C. However, after a refreshing procedure, you should wipe yourself well with a towel so as not to douse with cool air. Those who prefer to splash around with their children should go into a reservoir warmed up in the sun to +25 … +30? C.

People bathe in the river

Comfortable temperature for swimming in the heat

Swimming on a hot summer day should only be provided that the sea or river is warm. If on a hot day you will take water procedures with too cold water, you may even die. This is a tremendous load on the human cardiovascular system. It is not recommended to be in a reservoir when the temperature difference between water and air is ten degrees. The main risk group includes elderly people and children, and those who have diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Safe water temperature for bathing at night

Splashing at night, in the evening or early in the morning has several advantages. In addition to the romantic atmosphere and warm liquid, uplifting, the sea or any other body of water has clean and clear water. It is believed that the optimal degree of water should be equal to about +23 … +26? C. However, after the water procedure, you should immediately wipe yourself so as not to freeze in the wind, because at night the air temperature is much lower than water.

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