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Credit cards today are one of the most popular banking products. Banks seek to attract as many customers as possible: they issue multifunctional credit cards, which allow not only to pay profitably for purchases, but also to receive cash loans. An example is the Auchan credit card issued by Credit Europe Bank CJSC, it is received online or a card is issued at any of the hypermarkets of the same name.

What is Auchan credit card?

Auchan card is a credit product that operates on the basis of the Visa International payment system. It has all the functions of a classic banking plastic – payment for goods and services by bank transfer and online in Russia, abroad, you can place your own money on it, withdraw cash at ATMs and self-service terminals.

Auchan plastic card

Features of the Auchan loyalty card

Auchan Visa Classic card is issued in any city where Auchan hypermarkets are present. It provides the opportunity to accrue additional bonuses for purchases in the store and the purchase of goods via the Internet from partners of Credit Europe Bank, which provides the issue and financial support of payment systems. Any resident of the Russian Federation can receive plastic.

Discount program

There are discounts for regular customers for each purchase in partner stores. To receive discounts, pay for purchases with Auchan plastic:

  • Adamas Capital Jewelry Factory – 5%;
  • network of dry cleaners Nikko “- 10%;
  • a network of watch salons “3-15” – 5%;
  • “Manul” animal goods chain store – 5%;
  • Garmin company – 5%.
  • Imperial Porcelain Factory – 5%;
  • Our gold is a jewelry salon – 3%;

bonus program

When purchasing goods from the Auchan, Auchan City, Atak hypermarket chain and the Auchan online store, bonus points are awarded 1% of the amount that can later be exchanged for a gift certificate based on when one point is equal to one Russian ruble.

  • When paying for purchases in Auchan and Auchan City stores, 1% of the check amount is charged;
  • payment in other stores of the Russian Federation, abroad and purchase via the Internet – 0.8%;

Credit terms on Visa card from Auchan

Auchan bank card is considered a credit card with overdraft, that is, the plastic holder can use not only his own funds that are on his account for a certain period at interest. The tariff and service conditions for Moscow and the regions are different. Set interest-free grace period of 50 days.

Interest rate

Card holders can borrow money from the bank at 27% per annum for Moscow and Moscow Region and 31.5% for other regions. When paying the full amount of the debt, which is indicated in the statement before the payment date, no interest will be charged. The loan is repaid by paying the minimum monthly installment, which is 3% of the amount owed, the minimum payment is 200 rubles. If the cardholder does not pay the loan payment on time, the bank has the right to charge him an alternative rate of 59.9% per annum on the unpaid amount of the monthly payment.

Grace period

There is a grace period when you can repay the debt without interest. The grace period is 50 days. It starts immediately from the day the loan is provided until the next payment date inclusive, but no more than 50 days depending on the date of the transaction. The interest-free period covers the payment of any goods and services.

Man holds money and watch in his hands.

Credit limit

The Bank sets a restriction on the provision of funds on credit based on a preliminary assessment of the solvency of the holder, which are provided by the client in the application. The size of the credit limit can be changed depending on the change in the client’s income and the amount of use of the bank’s money by him. An increase in the credit limit is provided due to the issuance of borrowed funds to the client by the bank. The standard credit limit is 250,000 rubles..

Duration and payment procedure for a loan

Repayment of funds borrowed from the bank is carried out in monthly installments. The obligatory payment, in addition to the recommended amount of obligatory payment (3% of the amount owed), includes other charges: penalties, interest, commissions under the agreement, the amount of the cost overruns, payment of the insurance program. Payment date – every 20th day from the day the settlement statement is generated, which is set on the 10th and 20th day or the last day of the calendar month.

Auchan card provides for a number of fines and penalties in case of violation of the established payment procedure:

  • in case of non-repayment of loans or non-payment before the payment date, 20% per annum is charged, which is calculated on the amount of overdue debt and accrued interest;
  • penalty for late repayment – a fee is charged, which is the full amount of overdue commissions (maximum 700 rubles), multiplied by the number of unpaid payment periods;
  • the penalty for non-payment of an overspending of funds for a period up to the payment date inclusively amounts to 0.08% daily of the amount of the outstanding overspending.

Card Maintenance Cost

The credit card is issued for three years, the annual commission is 350 rubles., Money is debited on the day the first transaction is completed. The release of additional plastic is provided, maintenance for the first year is free, the second year is 175 rubles. SMS service is paid (exception – free first month), then 50 rubles for the main, 50 rubles. for extra. To find out the balance at the ATM of another bank costs 30 rubles. A personal online account is provided to the card holder for free.

Commissions and Payments

The following commissions and payments are provided for Auchan cardholders:

Commissions and Payments

Amount, rub.

The size of the annual maintenance of the main (from the second month)

350 for Moscow and 470 for regions

The size of the annual maintenance extra


ATM withdrawal of funds

No more than 25% of a bank approved loan

Daily cash withdrawal limit at ATMs and cash points


Cash withdrawal fee at ATMs and cash points

4.5% (minimum 399 rubles)

Crediting cash to an account at ATMs and branches of Credit Europe Bank JSC by card

is free

Cash crediting to an account at ATMs and branches of Credit Europe Bank JSC through a cash desk


Commission for reissue in case of loss, damage


Providing an extract by e-mail when contacting the department

is free

By mail


Providing a mini statement at the ATM


Documents for registration

To obtain a credit card with an Auchan Visa overdraft, you must present a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, when applying for a credit limit above 140,000 rubles. The following documents must be submitted:

  • income statement in the form of 2-personal income tax;
  • certificate of employment and income in the form established by the bank;
  • statement on the salary account, which was opened in the name of the client, where all operations on the account for the last four months are indicated;
  • if the client is an individual entrepreneur, it is necessary to provide a certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneurs and a tax return.

Passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation and certificates

Borrower Requirements

Auchan Visa Classic card is issued if the client meets the following requirements:

  • citizens of the Russian Federation, age from 18 years;
  • work experience less than 4 months;
  • registration at the place of residence in the territory of the Russian Federation for at least three months;
  • Mandatory availability of three different telephone numbers in the region of actual residence – a landline telephone or mobile phone for contact, at the place of residence, at the place of work.

Auchan discount card – how to get

Auchan card can be issued at any branch of Credit Europe Bank CJSC, on special racks in the retail chains of the same name. In addition, on the Internet you can make an application for a card with an overdraft “Auchan”. The card is issued subject to filling in a specialized questionnaire, which indicates all the required information about the client.

Online application

On the bank’s website, the client fills out a questionnaire that contains information about his name, place of work, income, place of residence, contact numbers. It should be remembered that the online application procedure is preliminary, in order to provide documents to the client, you will need to go to a branch of Credit Europe Bank CJSC or contact a bank card specialist in Auchan supermarket.

In a hypermarket with a loan specialist

In each Auchan hypermarket there is a counter of a loan specialist who can advise you on the terms of the provision of plastic and help fill out the application. Auchan map is valid in the following cities where stores operate: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Omsk, Voronezh, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk. A decision can be made on the same day, activation is done independently.

At the office of Europe Bank

A client can come to any branch of Credit Europe Bank CJSC to apply for Auchan Visa Classic. A bank employee will provide you with an application form and check the originals of the required documents, which confirm the information specified in the application form. If the bank makes a positive decision on the issue, the bank representative submits a cooperation agreement to the signature, which contains all the conditions for working with the card. Issuing a card may take several days. In the event of a negative result, the financial institution reserves the right not to disclose the reason for the refusal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Auchan bank credit card is a convenient tool for cashless payments in the Russian Federation and abroad. Among the advantages of the card can be identified:

  • high credit limit;
  • affordable cost of annual maintenance;
  • long (50 days) grace period;
  • wide bonus program;
  • the presence of a chip, the possibility of contactless payment for purchases;
  • bonus points for purchases in Auchan hypermarket and other stores;
  • the possibility of using abroad.

There are significant disadvantages:

  • very high percentage on delay (59.9%);
  • cash withdrawal limit per day;
  • high interest rate (27% for Moscow and Moscow Region, 31.5% for regions);
  • proof of income is required by a 2-personal income tax certificate;
  • paid SMS informing.

Plastic card in the payment terminal

How to close Auchan card

If desired, the client can terminate the contract with the bank and terminate the card. To do this, contact the financial institution or the bank counter in the store:

  • apply to the bank with a written statement on account closure;
  • get a statement of recent operations and the availability of funds on the balance sheet;
  • balances on the card balance are issued at a bank branch or by transfer to another client account no later than seven days after the termination of the contract.
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