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Baby safety is the main concern of parents. Moms and dads are especially worried about children living in big cities, who because of work have no opportunity to constantly accompany them to school, to train or meet from there. Every caring parent wants to know where the baby is, but it’s not always nice to pester your favorite child with calls. For those who need to track the whereabouts of their children, MTS has developed a special service called “A child under the supervision of mts”, thanks to which it will be possible to accurately determine the location of sons or daughters.

How does the “Supervised Child” service work

The “Supervised Child” function can be useful in many cases: for example, when children go to the camp or on other long trips (mom and dad can see the excursion route). And also if the baby is inattentive and not the first time loses personal belongings. To find out where the switched-on telephone is located, you need to send a short message “WHERE CHILDREN” to number 7788. For those who do not want to send SMS every day, an additional function “Movement notifications” has been created, which determines where your child is, depending on visits to certain areas.

How to activate the service from the MTS operator

To activate the service, the parent must use the MTS-Russia network, and the baby may have the MTS-Russia or MegaFon package. The children’s location will not be determined if they are on a 4G or LTE network: for adequate notification, if possible, put the mobile device in 2G or 3G mode. The phone must be GSM standard. You can track where your child is using the mobile application, through messages sent to 7788, through your personal account on the MTS website.

It will be convenient for parents connecting the “Child under the supervision of the MTS company” to use the new feature from the developers: “Notification of movements”. In this case, they can receive SMSs when moving children from one location to another. To connect an interesting option, you need to go to the web interface and select the “Geo-zones” tab. Define on the map the areas that will become geographical areas: for example, “home”, “sports complex”, “work”, “grandparents”, “aunt”. Set the control mode for checking zones: for example, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m..

Window for determining the location of children on the MTS website

To create “Geo-zones” at their current location, parents do not have to use a computer. To do this, enter in the message “AREA (TITLE)”, for example, “AREA GRANDMA” if you are in her apartment. The boundaries of the supervision will be determined in accordance with the error, which varies depending on the coverage of the network. With connected notifications of movement, parents can not worry about the location of the baby: SMS will automatically be sent to their phone with the area where the children are in the specified period of time.

To enable the function of looking after the baby from a mobile phone, you need to send to 7788 SMS with the following content: “ZONE CHILD NAME TIME”. For example, the message “ZONE Petya 8-15” will be a command to enable services for the son in the period from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon. Disable the paid supervision service, parents can use the website, go to the appropriate section or send a command to the four-digit number “ZONE STOP”.

Parent registration

To connect an additional service to determine the location of your child you need to register one of the parents. Mom or Dad should send their name to 7788 as follows: “MOTHER OF OXANA” or “PAPA FEDOR”. After some time, a five-character code that is intended for the family will come in response to the command. Through this code, the supervision service will be able to connect other family members and indicate family ties. In total, a group can connect no more than 9 people (parents inclusive).

To track the whereabouts of the baby both parents could, by the family code, it will be easy to register the second. If the mother originally ordered the service, she should send a message “DADA NAME FAMILY CODE” to a four-digit number. It may look like this: “PA FEDOR 458”. After the procedure, the father and mother must register the child in order to easily control his location in the future.

History of the whereabouts of a son or daughter from pay

Child registration

The registration procedure in the MTS-Russia network is carried out as follows: the parent who has already activated the service must send an SMS with the name of the child and his telephone number digits to the four-digit number 7788. Request example: CHILD ALINA 79164886589. If the child is the owner of the MegaFon network package, the registration procedure will be slightly different: when the parent sends a command to connect the phone of the son or daughter to the service, a message will be sent to the baby’s number asking if he agrees to provide information about his whereabouts.

Parents whose young children are connected to the MegaFon network should remember that the number of requests will be limited. A maximum of 100 messages are allowed per month to find out where your baby is now. When all stages of registration are completed, mom and dad can similarly connect other children to the service – up to seven more people.

How to use the service

Parents can use the search for children on the map in several ways: by sending messages, on a tablet or smartphone through a special application, in their personal account on the MTS website, using a personal computer. Each parent will be able to choose for themselves a method that is optimal in terms of convenience. The cost of services in each selected case will not change.

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Via SMS Commands

Using the service to determine the location of a child via SMS is convenient, because the phone is always at hand, but for this you need to remember certain commands. In order to have a constant opportunity to find out where the baby is, write down the correct request through the message in the notes. For example, “WHERE CHILDREN” will determine the location of all children, “WHERE VOVA / ALINA / KATYA” will show the location in which the selected child is located. Using an SMS message, the service can search for mom or dad. For this we need the following commands: “WHERE MOM” and “WHERE DAD”.

Via app for iOS or Android

Type of application for finding children on a smartphone

“Where are the children” – a mobile application from MTS search for a child under supervision. Subscribers with a version of Android 2.3 and above, or iOS, starting with 5.1 can add an application. The first group of users will find the program through Google Play, the second – in the AppStore. To expand the capabilities of the application, Mom and Dad can install a “Children’s Smartphone” on kids’ phones, which can collect indications of the degree of battery power, the total number of calls and SMS.

Via website

To use the web interface for the service, you need to send a message from your phone: “LOGIN”. With this short command, parents will receive a login and password to enter the personal account of the option “Child under the supervision of mts”. Using the site is convenient – to determine the location of a son or daughter, you only need a computer and Internet access. The “Where Now” tab will show parents the location where the child is located, the “History of Movements” will help to track the early requests, and the “Geo-zones” will configure the “Notification of Movements” function.

Search for children on the MTS website

For the convenience of users, a useful mobile version of the site has been optimized, which works in any place where there is coverage for telephone Internet or affordable Wi-Fi. With it, mom and dad can look at the map where the little children are, after they go to the appropriate section “Baby under supervision” on the website.

How to disable the function “Baby under supervision”

If mom and dad want to suspend the service for a while, for example, due to departure, you need to send a short message “STOP” to number 7788. Information about the family whose members were previously registered will be saved until the function is resumed. To completely disable the option with the loss of all data, you should send a request “DELETE” to the four-digit number indicated above. To exclude children from the group whose location you no longer need to find, you must send to 7788 the text: “DELETE NAME”. For example, “REMOVE OXANA”.

The cost of the service “Child under supervision” in MTS

The monthly payment that must be made to use the locator is 100 rubles and includes the option to enable the “Notification of Movement” option. For the search for the first three subscriber numbers registered on the network, no additional charge is required. Each request sent to locate subscriber numbers, starting from the fourth to the ninth, costs 5 rubles. If mom and dad use the feature for the first time, they are given a free trial period, which lasts for two weeks from the date of connection.

If during the test period, subscribers decide to cancel the application for the use of the locator, the option is disabled and the fee is not charged. The ability to use the feature for free for fourteen days is provided once. After the end of the test period, according to the connection conditions, an amount equal to the monthly payment should be debited from the account. It will be debited every month until the locator is turned off..

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