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Bead embroidery is a popular type of needlework, during which magnificent patterns are created with emphasized detail on fabric and leather. Modern samples and materials, free video lessons and workshops, online courses, step-by-step instructions make this creativity accessible for beginners.

What is beadwork


The technology of creating a pattern on the fabric with the help of beads is simple, it requires initial skills in the needle, knowledge of the main seams performed by hand. The material used for this type of creativity is commercially available and affordable. Beadwork for beginners does not differ from the ordinary process of creating a picture using threads. The only difference is that every time you sew a stitch, a bead is threaded onto the needle.

Beadwork is an interesting, exciting, but painstaking task that requires time, patience and perseverance. Having mastered the technique of this needlework, you can not only decorate shoes, clothes, handbags, wallets, mobile phone cases and wallets, but also create beautiful paintings depicting roses, birds, animals, or icons with the faces of saints. Images neatly executed with beads in accordance with all the rules leave an impression of volume, grace and luxury..

What materials does beadwork require

Beadwork for beginners involves the use of the following tools and materials:

  • a pattern or pattern by which you can embroider an image;
  • beads of the right colors;
  • cotton or dacron threads (can be replaced with fishing line), suitable in color to the canvas or beads;
  • a piece of canvas or fabric that is large enough for embroidery;
  • special needle for embroidery with beads;
  • hoop;
  • scissors.

Necessary tools

How to embroider with beads

It is better for beginners to purchase an embroidery kit in a specialized store. The printed image on the canvas included in the kit is divided into squares for convenience. There are different ways of attaching beads to the canvas:

  • Monastic, in which beads are sewn with separate diagonal stitches.
  • Arched, involving stringing several beads. To fix on the canvas, you need to draw a needle through the last of them.
  • Fastened when the beads are strung on a thread, then short stitches between beads are laid.

Embroidery of the image by a monastic seam is presented step by step:

  1. Pass the thread into the needle, make a knot on it.
  2. Enter the tool in the lower left corner, pull it up.
  3. String a bead on a needle.
  4. Drag the tool to the wrong side through the hole in the upper right corner of the box. The bead is sewn to the fabric.
  5. Repeat these steps until the end of the row..
  6. Lock the embroidery with a knot, continue working further.

Stringing scheme

How to use patterns for embroidery with beads

The pattern of embroidery with beads for beginners is similar to the picture for creating cross-stitch images (you can find more details – cross-stitch for beginners step by step). Thanks to the clarity of the pattern, you can freely navigate in the process. Each colored square means a bead of a certain color. In addition, high-quality schemes, as a rule, contain an indication of the numbers of the used shades, which simplifies the selection of the necessary materials for beginners. You can download patterns on the Internet. Online work tips are also useful for learning..

Bead embroidery

Creating an image using beads begins with the selection of the appropriate pattern. If you plan to embroider a picture or icon, you must have a base and beads of the right colors. A small picture is suitable for decorating children’s things – a berry, a kitten, a bunny, a flower, a butterfly, etc. Individual fragments of embroidery made by beads look good – for example, a flower made of loops. Simple beadwork for beginners can be purchased at the store as a set for creativity, including threads and a needle.

In order to get an attractive thing at the end of work, you need to know how to embroider beads correctly. There are moments that decide a lot:

  • It is important that the wrong side of the work is neat. This indicates the craftsmanship of the needlewoman and gives the product a presentable look..
  • Stitches need to be made in the range of 1 mm from each other. Too closely spaced beads warp the canvas.
  • The thread tension during embroidery should be the same. This ensures that the finished product does not distort.
  • Beeswax treatment improves thread strength and glide.

Embroidered picture


Creating a picture of beads is simple, accessible to a beginner and even a child. The whole process comes down to the following:

  1. Start embroidery from the upper left square of the pattern, that is, from the corner. Tie a strong knot on the thread or fasten it with several stitches.
  2. Lay the horizontal row to the right side, securing the beads with diagonal stitches.
  3. Take the next row in the opposite direction.
  4. Use arched seam for rounded elements..
  5. Frame the finished picture.

Embroidery on clothes

Beading for beginners can be done on clothing. This can be learned. To create such a pattern, for example, on jeans, do the following:

  1. Find the image that you want to put on the thing. A simple pattern is recommended for beginners..
  2. Print the drawing, transfer to tracing paper.
  3. Attach the patterned pattern to the fabric..
  4. Sew the beads to the item, following the pattern on the tracing paper. Do not overtighten the thread..
  5. Trim the tracing paper where the decoration is done.

Beaded Sweatshirt

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