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Even before the birth of the child, parents begin to think about how to name the baby. It is believed that his fate and character depend on the name of the person who came to the world. The list of beautiful female names is so huge that sometimes it’s not easy to pick it up. To simplify the task, there are a number of criteria (numerology, saints, traditions, fashion, meaning, combination with a surname) that help determine how to name a baby.

What names should not be given to a girl

There are various beautiful names for girls, but sometimes the imagination of parents goes beyond all boundaries, and a newborn is called not so much in an original way, but in a strange way. To avoid such moments, it will be appropriate to use the following recommendations:

  1. Be careful with the name of the girl with a masculine sound (Vitaly, Bogdan, Paul). It is possible that peers will call the child Vitalik, Bogdan, Pavlik. In addition, there is a risk that the girl will acquire male traits.
  2. Pay attention to the consonance with the surname, patronymic.
  3. Do not give an Orthodox newborn a name that does not correspond to religion. When baptized, the priest will call the baby in a different way, which can affect fate, the girl will feel the duality of nature. The same goes for double.
  4. Often, relatives of the crumbs insist on the too “popular” name of the baby (Thekla, Matrena, Pelagia) or, conversely, the artsy foreign (Juanita, Marianne, Vanessa). Agree, in combination with popular Russian surnames this will sound funny. When the baby grows up, she is unlikely to thank you.
  5. Think about the possibility of creating an abbreviated diminutive form of the adverb..

The most beautiful names of girls by value

Often, disputes about how to name the unborn child cause a lot of contradictions in opinions, lead to scandals, quarrels. A guide explaining the meaning and origin of the name will help to avoid such problems. In addition, there you will find information about what surname is combined with the name, how it affects the girl’s fate, the role of the girl in the family, team, etc..

Old Russian

In the days of Ancient Russia, girls were called two Russian folk nicknames. The first was received at birth, considering it negative, since it reflected all the negative traits, manifestations of character. The second was given upon reaching 18 years of age, selecting on the basis of personal qualities. All Old Russian names were divided into 5 groups:

  • animals (Swan, Pike);
  • numerals (Osmaya, Pervushka);
  • divine (Lada);
  • based on personal qualities (Veselina, Goluba);
  • dibasic (Yaroslav, Radimir).

Among them there are names that are still popular. So, the rating of the best, beautiful female names included:

  1. Borislav – “fighter for fame”.
  2. Zlata – “gold, gold”.
  3. Vasilina – “royal”.
  4. Lada – “good, sweet”.
  5. Love means “love”..
  6. Mila. Has a Slavic origin, means “sweet as honey”.
  7. Svetlana – “bright”.
  8. John. Appeared from the Hebrew Ivanna, translated as “a gift of God”.

Old Russian female names


Until the advent of Christianity in Russia, Old Russian names were popular, but from XI-XVII, Byzantine, Greek, and Roman came into use. They penetrated into Russian culture so deeply that some of them are still sometimes mistakenly considered Old Slavonic. Particularly often used:

  1. Alexandra – “an active, courageous, defender of people”;
  2. Angelina Ancient Greek, its interpretation is “angel messenger, angel”.
  3. Vasilisa. The male version is Vasily, which means “royal”.
  4. Share (Dolyana) – “lucky”.
  5. Elena – “sunny, chosen, bright”.
  6. Inessa – “chaste”.
  7. Lydia – “resident of Lydia”.
  8. Karina. Came from Korin – “girl”.
  9. Kira – “Madame”.
  10. Ksenia – “a hospitable, wandering guest”.
  11. Melissa – The Bee.
  12. Margarita – translated from ancient Greek as “pearl”.
  13. Isolda – “cold gold”.
  14. Polina. Derived from Apollinaria – “owned by Apollon”.
  15. Olivia – the “Bearing World”.
  16. Lily. Comes from the name of the flower, means “white lily”.
  17. Praskovya – “Friday, the eve of the holiday”.
  18. Tatyana – “organizer”.
  19. Aurora – “Goddess of the Morning Dawn”.
  20. Julia – derived from male Julius – “wavy, fluffy”.
  21. Claudia – Lame.

Fashionable and modern.

All modern beautiful female names have not only Greek, but also Slavic, Germanic, Jewish, Roman, Latin roots. Here is an interpretation of some of them:

  • Alice – “originating from the noble estate”.
  • Amelia (Amalia). It has German (ancient Germanic) roots, meaning “working, hardworking”.
  • Bella – “beautiful, beautiful”.
  • Mariyana – “sad beauty”.
  • Nicole – French, “winner of the peoples”.
  • Olga – from the Scandinavian Helga, “holy”.
  • Taisiya – “the wise, goddess of fertility”.
  • Elvira – “patriot”.
  • Sophia – “Absolute Wisdom”.
  • Valeria, translated into Russian as “being healthy”.
  • Victoria – “winner, victory”.
  • Violetta – has Latin roots, translated as “violet”.
  • Daria – the “winner”.
  • Marina – came from the Latin “marinus” – “marine”

Beautiful foreign names for girls

It is not worth it to call girls, focusing only on their own taste or intuition, each name has its own characteristics, has a deep secret meaning, sometimes mysterious, capable of endowing its mistress with special energy, strength, make it happy, bring success. In addition to Russians, there are also beautiful female names foreign – English, European, Indian, Arab, Persian, Italian, Muslim, etc. The culture of each people has its own rating of traditional, ancient and modern names.


The Czech Republic is a Slavic country, so many names are consonant with Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian. Sometimes Czechs call girls various exotic names, but more often give old ones, among which are:

  • Christina (or Christina) – formed from the Latin Christianus, means “Christian, dedicated to Christ”.
  • Mary is biblical, meaning “stubborn”.
  • Catherine – came from the Greek word “katharios”, translated as “pure, immaculate”.
  • Veronica – “the bearer of victory”.
  • Barbara (Barbara) – “foreigner, foreigner”.
  • Alina – “noble, alien”.
  • Milana – “sweetheart, beloved”.
  • Milena. Has the root “mil”, means “sweet”.


The people of Poland, like many other nationalities, are sensitive to beautiful female names, calling the girls melodiously. Poles believe that this will bring babies love, happiness in family relationships, wisdom in communicating with loved ones, friends, career success, etc. At birth, the baby is given one name, at baptism – another, believing that the religious name protects the baby soul from adversity, disease, the evil eye. The most popular are:

  • Alicia – a noble family;
  • Anastasia – resurrection;
  • Angelica – angelic;
  • Berta is bright;
  • Bozena – “divine, divine”;
  • Victoria is a conqueror;
  • Gabriela – God’s man;
  • Dominica – belongs to the Lord and others.

Czech female names


Some Bulgarian names come from foreign ones, being their abbreviated form, others have purely Slavic roots. Often in Bulgaria, girls are given such beautiful female names:

  • Blessed is the happy;
  • Berislava – taking fame;
  • Wanda is the grace of God;
  • Veselina – funny;
  • Dolphin is a sister;
  • Darina – given by God;
  • Elena is beautiful;
  • Zaryana – gold, golden;
  • Rusana – light brown;
  • Cuteflowers – floral, means “cute flower”.

Female names are rare and beautiful

In Russia, Italy, France, girls are called the most beautiful female names. This is the statistics. Many adverbs are very rare, but they sound so amazing that they cannot but rejoice. These include:

  • Augustine
  • Adeline
  • Azalea;
  • Beatrice;
  • Lordin;
  • Gayane;
  • Gloria;
  • Daniela
  • Dinara;
  • Yesenia
  • Zoryana;
  • Inga et al.

The most beautiful female names in the world

Each nationality has its own preferences regarding how to name a newborn girl. Highlight such beautiful names, popular in some countries of the world:

  1. USA: Britney, Pamela, Marilyn.
  2. France: Angelica, Aurelia, Daniela, Jasmine, Melissa, Sophie, Charlotte.
  3. Italy: Adeline, Alessandra, Albina, Bianca, Violetta, Gina, Julia, Letizia.
  4. Germany: Agnet, Amalie, Bridget, Gertrude, Yvonne, Carla.
  5. England: Amelia, Olivia, Jessica, Scarlett, Isabelle, Daisy.
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