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The lines of tariff plans with a monthly fee, including fixed packages of minutes of calls, messages, Internet traffic, are increasingly replacing the once familiar, popular tariffs without an obligatory monthly payment. Communication packages with a monthly fee are beneficial for the active part of the population who have modern smartphones, but older people, as a rule, use mobile phones (often push-button phones) for infrequent and short-lived conversations. Pensioners who do not want to overpay for unnecessary functions are recommended to choose Beeline tariffs without the Internet and a monthly fee.

What is a tariff without a monthly fee

Tariff plans (TP) with a monthly fee contain minutes, messages, megabytes, provided for a month for a certain price, which does not depend on how much the features included in the package are used: without writing, for example, a single SMS or spending 100 out of 300 included minutes, the subscriber will still have to pay the full fee. TPs without a monthly fee do not provide for a mandatory fixed monthly payment and communication services, i.e. the subscriber pays only for what and in what amount he uses.

Cheap, without a package of options, Beeline tariffs for pensioners will help them save up to several hundred rubles a month. Such conditions are beneficial for the category of people who speak little on a cell phone, do not use mobile Internet. Many Beeline tariffs for calls allow the subscriber to make outgoing voice calls to the numbers of any telecom operators in the home region at a low cost, with minute or second rounding, incoming calls are free. The cost of 1 megabyte of mobile Internet is extremely disadvantageous without connecting additional options – 9.50 r.

Beeline tariff plans without a monthly fee

Beeline tariffs without a monthly fee for pensioners will be beneficial for those who do not like long phone calls, do not use mobile Internet, including social networks, and rarely send SMS messages. Due to the lack of a monthly fee and fixed communication services, cheap Beeline tariffs for pensioners are still in demand.

There are the following Beeline tariffs without the Internet and a monthly fee, which may be beneficial for senior citizens:

  1. “Zero of doubt.” Its main advantage is the low cost of outgoing local calls to numbers of any operators of the connection area – 2 rubles per minute (here and below the prices are for Moscow, they can vary depending on the region of connection). The downside is the high cost of switching to TP: the current subscriber of the operator will have to pay 150 rubles to change the tariffing conditions, preserving the existing number.
  2. “Secondary.” As the name implies, the plan involves per-second billing. This means that the conversation lasts 2 minutes. 10 sec not rounded to 3 minutes, as in the previous case. A plus of this tariff plan is a free transition to it, as well as a low price for long-distance calls of any operators – 3 p. 90 kopecks The main disadvantage is the high cost per minute of local calls – 3 rubles.

Beeline tariff plan

For those who care about their family, it is worth highlighting the “Everything” tariff separately. One family member connects to the selected TP “Everything”, which includes a package of services, with a monthly fee. Then he connects the numbers of other relatives to his number, after which his minutes, sms, megabytes of Internet are spent by all family members, and the monthly fee is charged only from the main number.

In order to connect Beeline tariffs without a monthly fee for pensioners, you should apply with a passport to the point of sale, a pension certificate or other documents are not required. If a citizen is already a subscriber of this mobile operator and wants to change the tariff plan, you can do this yourself by calling the company’s help desk or through your personal account.

What is the best Beeline tariff for pensioners?

Which of the Beeline tariffs without a monthly fee for pensioners will be the most profitable depends on where (to which city and to which operator’s numbers), how long most outgoing calls are made. If the conversation lasts on average less than two minutes or most of the calls are made long-distance, the “Second-to-second” will be more profitable. If the subscriber rarely calls, but speaks longer, it is preferable – “Zero doubts”.

Zero of doubt

“Zero doubts” is the cheapest Beeline tariff without the Internet and a monthly fee, with minute-by-minute rounding of the conversation duration, and a prepaid billing system. The cost of a minute of local outgoing calls to any phone numbers is 2 rubles. A nice bonus is free outgoing calls in the area within the network, provided for 14 days with a one-time replenishment of an account in the amount of 200 rubles. A minute of an outgoing voice call to other regions of Russia will cost 5 p., For long-distance numbers of other operators – 12 rubles.

Outgoing messages when a subscriber is in the home region are charged as follows:

  • local SMS – 1.5 p .;
  • long-distance SMS – 5 p. / pcs .;
  • all outgoing MMS – 9.95 rubles / pcs.

Elderly man talking on a cell phone

After weighing all the pros and cons of the “Zero Doubt” plan, we can conclude that it is preferred for senior citizens who:

  • use mobile communications within their region;
  • most calls are made to local numbers within the network;
  • write SMS messages from time to time.

Per second

The “One-second” tariff plan is ideal for pensioners who rarely use a mobile phone and need only say a few words in the literal sense, for example, to specify the time of arrival or the whereabouts of a relative or acquaintance. On this plan, there is a per-second tariffication and a prepaid billing system..

The price of one MMS-message is 9.95 p., Local SMS – 2 p. 50 cop., Long-distance SMS and sent to the CIS countries, Georgia – 3 p. 95 kopecks All local outgoing calls to numbers of any telecom operators in Moscow cost 0.03 p. in a second. The cost of long-distance calls, regardless of the telecom operator, is 3.9 rubles / min., To Beeline numbers of the Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol – 12 rubles / min. and 24 p. / min – to the numbers of other operators of the specified region. Other long-distance, international outgoing calls are charged as follows:

  • on-net outgoing voice calls to the CIS countries, Georgia – 12 p. / min .;
  • to the numbers of other communication operators of the CIS, Abkhazia, Georgia, South Ossetia – 24 p. / min .;
  • calls to the USA, Europe, Canada – 35 r./min., to Mexico, South America – 40 r./min..

Mobile tariff

Summing up, we can conclude that the tariff “Per Second” is beneficial for pensioners:

  • in which the duration of outgoing calls is less than 1-2 minutes;
  • making calls all over Russia to the numbers of different operators;
  • not using internet, sms, mms.
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