Benefits for pensioners in Moscow in 2018: who should be paid?

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The most socially unprotected category of citizens is people who are unable to work by age, living on social benefits. The question of what privileges are available for single pensioners in Moscow, whether there are other groups enjoying privileges concerns elderly people who consider each ruble before retirement. This is not easy to figure out, as legislation changes regularly. In order to determine the amount of social benefits, discounts on housing and communal services paid to individuals receiving an old-age pension, you need to know what benefits are set for pensioners in Moscow in 2018.

What are the benefits for pensioners in Moscow?

The country is aging, the number of pensioners is increasing, the economic crisis, rising inflation is devaluing pension benefits, forcing older people to cut their needs to a minimum. Understanding the situation, trying to correct the situation, the state introduces a number of measures aimed at supporting the normal standard of living of the elderly. All options of privileges due are divided into two types – those provided at the federal level and sponsored by the local budget. Preferences are divided into several types:

  • tax benefits for pensioners in Moscow;
  • discounts on utility bills;
  • social targeted assistance provided to needy citizens;
  • benefits for the purchase of medicines, travel on intercity, city transport, the provision of treatment, the purchase of tickets.

At the federal level

The state guarantees various types of preferences to an elderly person receiving old-age benefits, regardless of their place of residence, which can be used if necessary. These include:

  • Monthly cash payments established for certain groups of citizens – heroes of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow defense veterans, military operations.
  • Preemptive rights to exemption from certain taxes – on property, personal income tax.
  • Compensation for utility bills, capital repairs of an apartment building.
  • Tax deductions for buying an apartment.
  • Benefits for disabled pensioners in Moscow and other persons for the purchase of expensive medicines according to the approved list of drugs subject to compensation.

Local benefits

The federal budget cannot bear the burden of fully providing pensioners in need with the set benefits. Some of the obligations for the payment, discounts and benefits to pensioners in Moscow in 2018 were shifted to local authorities, which are obliged to provide the following privileges to senior citizens in need:

  • targeted social, material assistance;
  • benefits for the payment of transport tax, contributions for the land;
  • compensation for using a landline telephone;
  • the opportunity not to pay for garbage collection;
  • free medical care at home if health does not allow you to visit the clinic;
  • receiving dental care in a social program;
  • a trip once a year to the place of spa rest according to the relevant medical indications.

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Legal regulation

Pensioners of Moscow, as well as other subjects of the Federation, take advantage of the articles of various regulatory documents. Officials rely on the following requirements when determining the amount of discounts and cash payments:

  1. Articles 159-160 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation stipulating the receipt of benefits for payment of housing and communal services.
  2. By the Decree of the Government of Russia of July 17, 1995. No. 710, stipulating the rules for the provision of preferential medical care to pensioners.
  3. By order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 225 of November 22, 2004, establishing the rules for preferential receipt of medicines.
  4. By the letter of the Social Insurance Fund No. 07 44ShSh dated 02/09/1996 providing for benefits for the treatment of war veterans.
  5. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 14, 2005 No. 761, providing for benefits for housing and communal services and other payments for residential premises.

What are the benefits for pensioners in Moscow in 2018

Residents of the capital receiving state old-age pension benefits enjoy extensive privileges. These include:

  • tax incentives;
  • property tax deductions for the acquisition of real estate;
  • monthly and lump-sum cash payments provided to needy individuals whose minimum income “does not reach” the level of a living wage in Moscow;
  • compensation for utilities, gasification, overhaul;
  • Medicines that are free or purchased at discounted prices;
  • medical care, including dental services, compensation for rehabilitation, travel to the place of spa treatment.

Tax preferences

Pensioners are exempt from certain taxes. Benefits are given for the following types of tax payments:

  • A tax on immovable property owned by a pensioner, if the cost of housing is not higher than 200 million rubles. Real estate refers to residential and non-residential premises (garages, outbuildings designed for this individual).
  • Transport fees, if the car power is not higher than 100 hp, rowing or motor boat – below 5 hp.
  • Land tax. The right not to pay is given to disabled people, participants of the Second World War, the Chernobyl accident.
  • Personal income tax. Pension, other income of an elderly person are not subject to this fee.

Tax deduction for working retirees

If an individual who is on a well-deserved rest in old age continues to officially work and has acquired real estate, then he has the right to tax deductions when buying an apartment. You can apply for a benefit for the previous three years, if there is evidence of the acquisition of real estate. The deduction is given upon presentation of a certificate of ownership or a contract on shared participation in housing construction.

Social supplement to retirement to a living wage in the capital

If a non-working resident of the capital submits to local social protection authorities information that the amount of the received pension is below the subsistence level (MS) in Moscow, then he is entitled to monthly compensation payments up to the minimum amount established by federal law. In Moscow in 2018, the size of the PM was 11560 rubles, in the suburbs – 9160 rubles. When paying cash, the pensioner receives targeted assistance, all types of subsidies.

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Subsidies for housing and communal services

Paying utilities is an unreasonable burden on the elderly. Federal authorities provide benefits to pensioners in Moscow in 2018 for housing and communal services payments. If the total amount of utility bills paid by the citizen presenting the pension certificate is 3-10% of his income, then he will be given a subsidy. The amount of compensatory payments is determined individually, taking into account the size of the pension, paid utility bills, and is subject to review every six months. You can also compensate for the gasification of the house carried out at your own expense..

Phone cost recovery

Old-age citizens who permanently reside in Moscow and receive retirement benefits using a landline telephone enjoy privileges when paying for communication services. The discount amount is 190 rubles. To receive it, you must submit an application. The privilege is provided upon presentation of a pension certificate and extends to the payment of interurban telephone lines.

Free and preferential medicines

An elderly person who is on a well-deserved rest can apply for free medicines according to the established list approved by the Moscow Government. If an expensive drug was purchased at its own expense, then a resident of the capital once a year can compensate for the amount of money spent by contacting the FSS at the place of residence. You can find out the list of drugs that are provided for free or at a reduced cost from your doctor, who is required to provide information about the preference to the patient.

Medical service

The list of benefits for pensioners in Moscow in 2018 has expanded significantly due to the introduction of privileges for receiving medical care. Older people have the following preferences:

  • Free medical care out of turn in polyclinics at the pensioner’s place of residence.
  • Providing vouchers for spa treatment according to the doctor’s testimony.
  • Discounts in pharmacies for the purchase of drugs.
  • Full or partial compensation payments for the acquisition by an elderly person of technical rehabilitation equipment, in accordance with medical regulations.
  • Compensation for dentures made in public clinics.
  • Other types of targeted social care provided individually.

Monthly compensation payments to working pensioners

Formally employed citizens are often unaware of the co-payments due. Elderly working people can receive compensatory preferential payments, whose income, including pension benefits, varies from 12,000 to 20,000 rubles. You can count on surcharges when working on the approved list of professions, where there are librarians, nurses, paramedics, janitors, tutors in DDU and other citizens. Monthly compensation payments are assigned to people with proven health problems, regardless of profession and position.

Luzhkov payments

The list of benefits for pensioners in Moscow in 2018 includes a Luzhkov allowance. Getting it is associated with some difficulties, since the size of the welfare is tied to the value of the social standard of Moscow and PM. Pensioners who have been living for at least 10 years in the capital, with a low level of income, receive a supplement until the social standard adopted for this period, which amounts to 14,500 rubles for 2018. If a pensioner lives less than 10 years in Moscow, then he can only apply for a surcharge up to the PM, the size of which is less, and is 11560 rubles.

No automatic accruals are made. To receive a surcharge, contact the MFC or the PF branch at the place of residence with the necessary documents. It is required to present:

  • passport with a residence permit proving ten years of residence in Moscow;
  • SNILS;
  • pensioner’s ID;
  • application for co-payment.

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Transport benefits for pensioners in Moscow

Persons receiving retirement benefits can travel around Moscow for free using buses, subways, trolleybuses and trams. These benefits to pensioners in Moscow in 2018 are possible upon receipt of a Muscovite social card, or a ticket issued by the social security fund. To get it, you must have a permanent Moscow registration. Pensioners present to the employees of the RUSZZ of Moscow the required package of papers for the right of reduced fare. This includes documents whose full list can be found by calling the social security department hotline.

Features of preferences for some categories of pensioners in 2018

Certain categories of residents of the capital have advantages in accordance with the rules established by federal and regional legislation. Preferences differ from the basic privileges of Moscow citizens receiving age-related pension benefits. The social protection measures of such Muscovites are extensive and include a variety of discounts, compensations and cash benefits. There are several groups to which individual benefits are established:

  • lonely people;
  • persons receiving “military pensions”;
  • disabled pensioners;
  • labor veterans.

Lonely and poor

Weak elderly citizens living alone, without the help of close relatives, can count on the following list of benefits:

  • Discounts on utility bills, overhauls. Pensioners over 70 years of age are provided with 100% compensation.
  • Free production and installation of dentures, incl. from expensive materials.
  • Free medicine or drug discounts.
  • Extraordinary medical care in hospitals, clinics, at home.
  • Targeted household assistance in the purchase of products, necessary things and medicines.
  • Assistance to carers for elderly, disabled citizens.
  • Free or preferential housekeeping cleaning services.
  • Funeral services with discounts.

Benefits for military pensioners in Moscow

Citizens who served in the army, former military, have special prerogatives, even if they have not reached the age necessary for calculating social state age benefits. They are entitled to:

  • Compensation for housing and utility bills. Persons over retirement age can apply.
  • Do not pay land, road, property tax payments.
  • Arrange a child in a kindergarten or other DDU within 30 days after submitting the application.
  • Free travel on city and intercity transport.
  • Improvement once a year in a sanatorium-type institution free of charge according to medical prescriptions and health status.

Disabled pensioners

Regional legislative authorities established special benefits for pensioners in Moscow in 2018 who have a certificate of a disability group. These citizens have the following privileges:

  • do not pay property taxes;
  • receive a special pension regional allowance;
  • use free travel on any public transport, except minibuses;
  • are provided with free rest in the sanatorium on the basis of the instructions of the attending physician.

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Veterans of Labor

The state encourages long working experience and active professional activity, rewarding individuals with special privileges. The following privileges were established for retired veterans of labor in Moscow in 2018, if they have confirmed data on work experience of more than 40 years:

  • gratuitous travel on all types of urban transport, with the exception of minibuses;
  • compensation up to 50% of utility bills;
  • the right to unpaid two-week additional leave for employees;
  • preferential dental services of state clinics;
  • discounts on medicines, medical assistance services;
  • regional surcharges to PM in Moscow;
  • monetization of discounts if a person refuses privileges.
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