Benefits for train tickets for students in 2019

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The leadership of the Russian Railways has revised the rules for providing benefits for railway tickets for students in 2019. In order to attract youth’s attention to this type of transport and increase demand, the conditions for obtaining discounts, validity periods, and coefficients were changed. Program linked to the school year extended for the summer holidays.

The essence of the action of Russian Railways

Russian Railways train

In 2019, discounts on train tickets for schoolchildren can be obtained through the “Happy Holidays” promotion. To provide discounts for schoolchildren on a train, regional administrations conclude contracts with passenger commuter companies (PPC).

Local budgets (MB) compensate for the losses of carriers, while they themselves receive targeted transfers from the federal treasury. The conditions depend on the demand and the need for the route..

Due to the complexity of the financing scheme, the geography and rules for providing benefits are uneven. For example, in the Moscow region and on the branches of the central PPC, the campaign applies to ordinary trains, but not to express trains. Since 2019, there are no discounts on flights from the Tver, Novgorod, Vologda regions; Republic of Buryatia; Jewish Autonomous Okrug (Autonomous Okrug); Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai.

Categories of beneficiaries

Age groups affected by the program:

  • Toddlers under 5.

  • Children from 5 to 10 years old.
  • Schoolchildren from 10 to 17 years old.
  • Disabled children.

Benefit Terms

The possibility of receiving a discount and its size depends on the age of the child, travel time, comfort class. The term of the promotion is limited, it is impossible to buy a discount ticket outside the specified period.

Benefits do not apply to certain types of wagons. The right to travel compensation must be confirmed by certificates.

Required documents

Passport and train ticket

When purchasing a preferential ticket, present:

  • passports (for adolescents over 14 years old);

  • original birth certificate or a notarized copy;
  • document from a general education institution.

A student’s certificate for traveling on a train should contain:

  • F. I. O. child;

  • current academic year – 2018–2019;
  • class number;
  • full name of the school with address, phone;
  • reference serial number.

The document must have a signature, initials of the director with the transcript, the official stamp of the school.

The absence of any item will be grounds for refusal to sell a ticket at a discount.


Promotion Happy Holidays

Benefits for children on Russian Railways are valid from January 1 to May 31 and from September 1 to December 31 for long-distance trains. The seasonal summer promotion “Happy Holidays” lasts from June 1 to August 31. The rules for reduced fare for schoolchildren for this period do not include the type of train.

Wagon categories

Family in a compartment

As part of the “Happy Holidays” promotion, discounted tickets are sold in reserved seats, general and seating cars. The preferential price applies to class 2 and 3 fares on long-distance trains.

The standard conditions of the promotion do not include the right to travel in high-speed and ultra-high-speed trains with numbers from 701 to 788.

Flights for which benefits are granted individually with additional conditions:

  • Sapsan and Nevsky Express – direction Moscow – St. Petersburg;

  • Allegro – St. Petersburg – Helsinki;
  • Express “Swallow” on any routes;
  • Swift – Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod.

When they can refuse

Russian Railways ticket

Parents have the right to buy a ticket according to the student’s information at the box office of any railway station. Lack of paper may cause a refusal to sell. Even if the cashier did not require a document, he will need it when boarding a train or train as confirmation of the right to a discount. Without it, the conductor will refuse to preferential travel.

School travel benefits on trains

Schoolchildren in a train

The preferential price of an electric train ticket for schoolchildren is 50% of the initial fare.

Sale is open from September 1 to June 15.

If the teenager is over 14 years old, then when buying a coupon, he must present a passport and a certificate from the educational institution.

Discount for railway tickets for students in 2019

Promotion for large families

The size of the discount is affected by:

  • the age of the child;

  • type of train;
  • car class.

Children under 5 years old travel for free if they do not occupy a separate seat. For passengers from 5 to 10 years old, a children’s fare applies: the discount is 50% of the initial price. For travel of children from 10 to 17 years, the state compensates 35-50% of the ticket price.

Students aged 10-17 can buy a travel ticket with a 50% discount on transit trains from Russia to another country. The actual discount amount may be less, since the Russian part of the route is taken for calculation.

Benefits are provided by foreign and Russian carriers.

In cars of the “compartment” class, only children under 10 years of age travel by special rules. The discount size is standard for this age category. The exemption is valid from 25.06–01.06 and 25.08–01.09. In luxury cars for children under 10 years of age, free travel.

The standard discount for children with disabilities is 50%, for some regions – up to 100%. If the child cannot move independently, one of the parents receives the right of reduced fare. The discount amount is the same as that of a minor.

Ticket issuance

Mobile app interface

A school ticket can be purchased at the box office, from the official website of Russian Railways or through the mobile application “Russian Railways for Passengers”.

Online purchase:

  1. Follow the link

  2. Register if you don’t have an account yet. To do this, you need a valid email and an invented username and password. Confirm Email by clicking on the link from the letter.
  3. Log in to your RZD account.
  4. Find the “Rates and Promotions” section.
  5. Open the item “Promotions (special rates)”.
  6. Enter the trip information (date, place of arrival and departure) in the search menu. The system will show available places or offer to change filter items.
  7. From the proposed options, select the car number and location. Confirm Solution.
  8. Fill in the passenger details (full name of the child, passport number or birth certificate). If the minor is traveling with an adult, then the details of the accompanying person are indicated.
  9. Pay by credit card.

The ticket will be sent to the email address indicated when making the purchase. You can’t buy a children’s ticket without an adult. The data of the accompanying person is entered simultaneously.

To purchase a ticket through Russian Railways Passengers, download the application, log in with authorization. Find the name of the fare – “Children’s”, provide information about the trip and the persons who purchased the seats. Complete the design using the tips.

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