Benefits for working pensioners in 2018: types of payments and compensations

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What will be the benefits for working pensioners in 2018 is an urgent issue, because the situation concerns 10-15 million citizens of the country. Pensions for working citizens will not be increased – payments will be indexed for other categories. The review of benefits for working pensioners in 2018 will concern the medical and social sphere. The legislation prescribes the rules regarding the calculation of subsidies and other benefits. Learn about the features of paying pensions to working pensioners – the government does not plan to increase them.

The rights of working pensioners

This social category of citizens has the right to issue a mortgage loan or use other services of financial institutions at a general rate. There are no restrictions on the position held. A veteran pensioner has the right to paid leave with a free road, living in a sanatorium zone. According to the legislation, the following rights and privileges of pensioners are distinguished:

  1. The minimum pension for working pensioners is not set less than the subsistence minimum for the region of residence.
  2. Each person with official employment upon reaching retirement age has the right to work further, without prejudice, restriction of rights.
  3. Serving people of retirement age can be carried out without a queue, if this is fixed by law.
  4. Two weeks of dismissal are not needed.
  5. Registration for work is carried out according to general rules.

Pension provision

Recalculation of pensions for older people is a hot topic discussed by the government. Since 2016, this category of citizens receives an insurance pension without taking into account indexation. Payment under this scheme will continue further. The federal budget does not include the indexation procedure until 2020. It is important to note that such a norm is relevant only for recipients of insurance payments (insurance savings).

With general pensions and social benefits, a person will be able to count on 2018 indexation. An organization that recruits an older person can offer him any amount of wages. The size of the insurance pension remains at the same level, does not decrease, regardless of indexation or inflation. Citizens themselves should register their employment – this will help to avoid dismissal for no reason..

Pension certificate and money


The privileges described below are enshrined in national laws, therefore they are relevant for all regions of Russia. When applying for a job, no changes are made to the pension certificate. Benefits for people of retirement age having a job are divided into several categories:

  • social – this refers to the possibility of free use of public transport, receiving discounts on utility bills;
  • medical – the possibility of free medical examination, receiving services – treatment (in addition, certain categories of drugs are issued free of charge);
  • tax – this category exempts from personal income tax (from received pension payments or from other sources of income);
  • retirement benefits – are determined by the ability to submit an official written or online application to the PF for a review of the size of benefits for seniority received after retirement;
  • labor – this is the right to receive additional leave, which is required by law.

Legal regulation

Studying the basic legislative norms will help to get acquainted with the information on calculating the pension, the available benefits for this category of citizens. The employment of people of retirement age is regulated by a number of acts. They prescribe the rights and obligations of persons of this category in the areas of health care, economics:

  1. Law No. 76 (federal level) – describes the rate of payment of funds for military citizens who have been officially registered upon retirement.
  2. The Labor Code of the Russian Federation (including Article 80) – here the rights of pensioners to work and the exclusion of their dismissal without reason are prescribed.
  3. Article 217, 218 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation – the conditions for the deduction of tax payments from funds received from the state are prescribed here.

Pension payments to working pensioners in 2018

An individual retirement point is the main indicator based on which payments are accrued. Official employment gives up to three points, which affects retirement. According to studies, the pension in this case will not grow, but real wages show an increase of 5-10%. Given the low level of inflation, real incomes of citizens of retirement age will increase. Disability, the status of a combatant or the existence of a dependent affects the size of payments, partially increasing them.

Are there social benefits?

Social payments of the indicated category of citizens are not allowed. The law only indicates the need for surcharges to persons with earnings less than the cost of living. If we take into account that an age person receives an official salary (minimum wage or higher), then with a pension his income will definitely be higher than the living wage in the country or region.

Regardless of the level of income or the availability of property, an elderly person is entitled to surcharges if the total income is below the subsistence level. For example, the cost of living in Moscow is 14.5 thousand rubles. If the pension is 8-10 thousand rubles, then with the official arrangement the minimum amount of salary is added. When combined, this gives a figure of 15 thousand rubles, so working social payments are not allowed.

Pension indexation in 2018

Benefits for working pensioners in 2018 remain at the same level. Previously, the government planned to index 3.2% in terms of inflation. The release of part of the federal budget allowed to partially change these plans. The lack of indexation and increases in pensions have already allowed pension benefits to remain the same in 2018 (except for social benefits). For instance:

  • a former military retirement age is entitled to additional benefits, bonuses;
  • a pensioner has the right to an additional two-week vacation, however, not paid by the employer-payer of wages, without financial support.

Pension indexation

Tax benefits

The benefits for working pensioners in 2018 in the tax part are not much different from those established for non-working people. For example, if a citizen sells real estate (whether it be a garage, land, apartment or house) or a vehicle, he can save on personal income taxes. The exemption also applies to the acquisition of property in the amount of two million rubles (this applies not only to the purchase, but also to perform repairs, insulation).

The pension itself, the cost of outpatient treatment or rest paid at the expense of the state or the employer are completely exempted from taxation. Financial legislation (Tax Code, Clause 2, Article 387) provides the opportunity to establish separate from federal types of benefits for older persons on taxes from local self-government.

Income tax exemption

In 2018, benefits for working pensioners do not provide for exemption from income tax. Cash income, income, non-government pensions from various funds, insurance companies, dividends and lottery winnings are tax deductible. The number of working people of retirement age exceeds 14-15 million, and with their help the state forms a positive (surplus) balance of the fund of funds. Amounts paid in taxes may be partially refunded. On account of the tax refund, you can buy permits, pay for spa treatment.

Personal income tax deduction for real estate purchase

The personal income tax is deducted when buying real estate at a cost of more than two million rubles. Financial expertise to determine the price of an object is not needed – everything is described in the documents. Rules:

  1. If the contribution and the total price of the asset are lower than the mentioned amount, then the possibility of deducting personal income tax when purchasing real estate remains for the future.
  2. To resolve the issue, it is necessary to file a 3-personal income tax return in the year following the year in which such a right.
  3. Even with a significant duration from the moment of occurrence to receipt of the deduction, there is no early repayment – regardless of the social group.
  4. The deduction is also relevant if the purchase of the object was made on credit – according to reviews, it is very convenient.

Property tax

The property tax is not established for citizens of retirement age who work. In addition to the general benefits for paying housing bills and other simplifications, they are entitled to receive an official deduction on property if they officially own it. You need to take a passport and go to the tax office, where an individual is registered. The state agency is required to deduct the current pension document. This is true even for lending property (when applying for a consumer loan or mortgage).

Land tax

A land tax is paid for working senior citizens in the same way as in the case of municipal taxes. According to the Tax Code (Clause 2, Article 387), an economic court of a particular region may issue a decision prohibiting taxation on land plots of a certain area of ​​a region. So, in Chelyabinsk, an elderly person will pay for his land, but in Moscow or St. Petersburg – no.

Such tax revenues relate to local payments. Each administrative part sets its limits on the area of ​​land plots. If they are exceeded, a person will have to pay a land tax regardless of the situation. The deduction service is relevant for residents of the following regions:

  • St. Petersburg;
  • Samara
  • Saratov;
  • Permian;
  • Rostov-on-Don;
  • Volgograd.

House on earth

Transport Tax Discounts

Transport is the prerogative of the regions, so the level of discounts and transport taxes are determined by regional councils. An unemployed, like an unemployed senior citizen, has the right not to pay transport tax in the Krasnodar Territory, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk Regions, and St. Petersburg. The preference is partially available for the category of working people in the Samara and Nizhny Novgorod regions. The last two areas allow you to not pay the transport tax in full.

Social benefits for pensioners at the regional level in 2018

The regional level establishes special benefits. They are similar in most regions of the country. For example, during the whole calendar year, a privileged category of citizens can travel by public transport without payment. This applies to the metro, buses, minibuses. In the metropolitan area, elderly people can get a prosthesis in their jaw free of charge – this helps to maintain a stable standard of living for older people. Additionally, the list of medical services is determined in the regions. This is for example:

  • Doctor visit;
  • provision of drugs;
  • medical care;
  • diabetes medication.

In the medical field

An important section of benefits is preferences in the medical field. They help maintain a stable level of health for the elderly. For example, the law establishes the possibility of a free examination by a doctor at a state hospital in Moscow and in the regions. All seniors receive prescription drugs at a discount or free of charge in municipal pharmacies. Compensation for medical services is not expected. Qualification does not affect the size of preferences.

Labor law

The employer must provide the elderly worker with proper working conditions, the possibility of going on vacation, on sick leave for treatment. An employee who receives social benefits from the state does not have the right to work a shorter working day or have an additional day off. According to the accepted social and labor norm, the term of work is not limited and is determined only by the conditions of the enterprise or organization.

It is possible to dismiss such an employee only on the basis of article 77 of the Labor Code. The salary allowance relies on a common basis. Coefficient and pension points (their number) do not affect working conditions, dismissal or accrual of vacation days. Reduction is carried out only on an official basis, if there are reasons for that, the same as for ordinary workers.

Regional benefits in 2018

Municipal authorities have the right to establish their own benefits for different social groups. Due to this tool, it is possible to improve the living conditions of citizens in a particular region. Any elderly person spends an impressive amount on trips to the city from the Moscow Region, but after changing the legislation, compensation for travel in public transport will no longer be. In Moscow, the following benefits apply to workers of retirement age:

  • lack of payment for garbage collection;
  • incomplete amount of utility bills is paid (on the part of the municipality, a part of the funds spent on urban communications is compensated).

Public transport is regulated by local authorities. It all depends on investments in infrastructure from the budget. Some cities offer free metro access. Travel by public transport remains free for all categories of senior citizens who have a certificate. They do not need to purchase a ticket.

Exceptions may be regional. For example, the Leningrad and Moscow municipalities made changes three years ago in the rules of travel by public transport. Since then, elderly residents of these cities have not been entitled to free travel in certain modes of transport. Specify the features of the entrance in the inter-regional directions and during urban transportation as of the current moment on the official websites of the administrations of cities and regions.

Actual legal conditions allow older people to receive discounts on certain types of housing and communal services, to pay a fixed amount for them. This applies only to non-working persons of retirement age who have one property in their possession. All others can only rely on a partial exemption from payment for gasification of the house, heating of premises with gas.

Some categories of beneficiaries have a 50% discount on payment of electricity and water bills. These persons include WWII veterans, Labor veterans, some groups of people with disabilities, liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. In Moscow, Samara region, Krasnoyarsk and a number of other entities discounts are provided for paying telephone bills.

Sanatorium-resort rest does not belong to all categories of citizens. The discount on the purchase of medical drugs is available to many. Regardless of what type of person SNILS is and what level of insurance, the legislation provides for financial protection of vulnerable groups. If it is necessary to obtain drugs for oncology or diabetes, they will be given on prescription completely free.

Disabled people with a low pension can rely on the procedure for compensating half the cost of drugs of all categories as prescribed by the doctor. Registration of the status of the poor is not necessary for the FIU – regional funds in Russia independently determine such a status. Check with your local foundation if a specific person (you, your relative or loved one) can get a discount on the purchase of medicines. Many of the benefits described above are not automatically granted upon reaching old age – you will have to submit a written application.

To clarify the information, contact the regional pension fund or call the state PF Russian hotline. Dental prosthetics are not available for people who work and are retired. For elderly people living in the capital, in the absence of work, the installation of dentures for public funds is possible. This ensures an acceptable quality of life for people aged 55 and 60..

Elderly man and woman

Assistance to certain categories of citizens

In 2018, the state offers various conditions for receiving assistance to certain categories of elderly workers. For example, pensioners with the open status of an individual entrepreneur have practically no benefits – all taxes on their part are paid in full. The status of “Mother Heroine” gives you the same benefits as veterans of labor.


Federal law number 76 defines a separate status for a military pensioner. The state provides for a number of benefits for working pensioners in 2018:

  • receiving free medical care from government agencies;
  • the opportunity to get a job position out of turn (we are talking about a civilian position);
  • the ability to queue their children and grandchildren in a kindergarten or school;
  • obtaining free housing, if the commission determines such a need;
  • the opportunity to get a free ticket to a sanatorium where a military pensioner spends his vacation and treatment.

For disabled people

All categories of persons with disabilities have the right to formal employment. Legally, they are required to take on positions that are suitable according to the requirement and working conditions (for example, sitting work). It is possible to provide additional leave to persons with disabilities for up to 60 calendar days / year. If you have a second or higher disability group, you can work up to 35 hours / week without losing your job. People with disabilities do not pay transport and land taxes, and some medical services are provided free of charge..

Veterans of Labor

Assistance to certain categories of employees implies the right to receive up to 30 additional days of vacation, in addition to the 28 days due. This is true for labor veterans who continue to officially work. Status must be confirmed by an appropriate order or certificates. The percentage of such citizens of the total number of people of retirement age exceeds the number of participants in the Second World War.

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