Benefits to veterans of labor in 2018: how to get the right to social support

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Citizens with the title of Veteran of Labor are entitled to certain benefits from the state. Workers who have worked for the good of the country are awarded with various awards and honors. For this category of people, a wide list of social compensation payments and guarantees has been established, which is adjusted according to the list and amounts, depending on the current economic situation. What measures of social support for labor veterans are approved for next 2018?

Who is a labor veteran

The concept of veterans, categories of persons belonging to veterans, state guarantees of their social protection are established by the Law of January 12, 1995 No. 5-ФЗ “On Veterans”. The purpose of this normative act is to create conditions that provide honored workers with a decent life, honor, and respect for society. According to the specific list, labor veterans include citizens who:

  • have a document – certificate “Veteran of Labor”;
  • have medals, orders of the USSR, the Russian Federation;
  • awarded the honorary titles of the USSR, the Russian Federation or awarded with diplomas, thanks from the President of Russia;
  • awarded distinctions from branch departments for labor merits and long service in the economic sector (from 15 years old) and have worked for at least 25 years (men), 20 years (women) or the length of service required to determine the length of service pension. (Law of December 29, 2015 No. 388-ФЗ reserved the right to receive status to persons awarded before June 30, 2016 by departments while maintaining all the conditions for seniority);
  • started working as minors in the Great Patriotic War, with a total working experience of at least 40 years (men), 35 years (women).

A person may be denied the assignment of such status if it is revealed that the person applying for the title and payment to labor veterans has an outstanding conviction or there were penalties, reprimands for labor activity, the fact of dismissal due to violation of labor discipline. The final decision was left to the social protection authorities at the regional level.

What benefits does a labor veteran have?

Legislatively, the powers to develop and determine social protection measures for veterans and citizens who are equated with them on the date of December 31, 2004 are given to the subjects of the Russian Federation. According to Law No. 5-FZ, Article 22 of a region, territory, republic and city of federal significance, they themselves establish support measures, taking into account the capabilities of the local budget and using the federal funds allocated for this.

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According to Article 13 of Law No. 5-FZ, general support provides for a system of measures laid down by legal norms for veterans of all categories:

  • pensions, benefits;
  • cash payments every month;
  • provision of housing;
  • cost compensation for the maintenance of residential premises, utilities;
  • medical care, dental prosthetics.

Veteran incentives are calculated based on the availability of budget funds in the region, but there is a list of compensations and assistance measures that are valid at the federal level for all persons of this category. The basic benefits for labor veterans of federal significance in 2018 are as follows:

  • discounts on utilities and utilities;
  • the opportunity to take a vacation when convenient;
  • free medical care of city clinics;
  • preferential dental prosthetics;
  • preferential suburban seasonal travel by train, water.

Tax laws establish their own concessions to such veterans. The previously established tax incentives for labor veterans in 2018 will remain the same. According to the Tax Code exempt from personal income tax:

  • pension allowances, one-time payments to veterans of labor leaving for a well-deserved rest;
  • income from equity participation;
  • compensation for price increases in excess of the size indexed by the Government of the Russian Federation and higher cost of food (or preferential prices) in canteens, dispensaries.

In Moscow and Moscow region

Municipal legislative norms of Moscow and the region provide additional privileges to their veteran workers. According to the Law of 03.11.2004 No. 70, the decisions of the Moscow Government (Decisions dated 01.02.2005 No. 46-PP, dated 08.02.2005 No. 74-PP, dated 07.12.2004 N 850-PP) in this category of citizens living in Moscow and the region , there is a right to:

  • free travel on municipal transport:
  • cash surcharge 850 rubles. every month;
  • 50% discount on housing, utilities;
  • half the payment of a train ticket in the suburbs during the period of seasonal fares;
  • 50% discount for subscription phone charges;
  • for sanatorium treatment without payment (for non-working persons according to medical indications).

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In the regions

Compensations to veterans differ markedly from the place of residence of the honored worker. Territorial social assistance is established by the local government, it depends on the budget, which determines the list and coefficients of subsidies, including the monetization of assistance. So, for veterans living in St. Petersburg, the additional list is as follows:

  • financial assistance 282 p. to monthly pension payments;
  • preferential purchase of medicines on a special card;
  • 5% discount on a certain type of goods (usually products).

The Voronezh region provided its labor veterans with the opportunity to make dentures for free: measuring, manufacturing, maintenance during their repair. In addition, persons who continue to work are given leave for 30 days at a convenient time of the year. A 50% discount has been set for paying for all housing and communal services during the heating season and 50% for paying for housing.

Veteran privilege by the authorities of Krasnodar provides its residents with the opportunity:

  • get help at state healthcare institutions without payment;
  • to make dentures for teeth free of charge and to be serviced for free during their repair;
  • free ride on city, suburban public transport throughout the region, including trains, municipal buses;
  • for half the cost of using water transport;
  • pay for housing, utilities, home phone, radio with a fifty percent discount.

Similar assistance is given by the Rostov authorities with the addition of 30 days leave, subsidies for the purchase of medicines. Specific types of assistance must be clarified in the territorial social security authorities at the place of residence, where workers are required to provide comprehensive advice on state support on a national and regional level.

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What benefits are granted to a veteran of labor in 2018?

By the onset of the new financial period, many regions have already announced what benefits local labor veterans will receive in 2018. Social initiatives from the regions suggest the following:

  • Krasnodar – an increase in monthly payments to 550 r .;
  • Perm – land tax exemption for areas of up to six acres;
  • Tolyatti – payment by the authorities of utility services 110 p. monthly (planned indexation of the amount for the year);
  • Kemerovo – issuing social cards to receive discounts on food and medicine;
  • Volgograd region – extended monthly payments of 558 p. for residents of the region, 804 p. for residents of the center of the region without introducing new initiatives;
  • Irkutsk – the authorities promised to pay subscription costs for the landline telephone, and the exemption from the transport tax was extended;
  • Sevastopol – provides free allocation of land for beneficiaries;
  • Moscow – additionally planned discounts on certain types of products (5% on bread, sugar, cereals, milk, eggs);
  • Khabarovsk Territory – benefits for rehabilitation in sanatorium-resort establishments were left without introducing new types of assistance;
  • Novosibirsk – authorities preferential list replenished with one service, also existing earlier, the purchase of a hearing aid for half the cost;
  • Crimean authorities guaranteed a monthly payment of 500 rubles, an extraordinary installation of a landline telephone;
  • in the Chelyabinsk region, Altai Territory, privileges are limited by federal conditions.

Over the coming calendar year, the list of benefits to labor veterans in 2018 is promised to be increased. It is important to know: regional subsidies are valid for the benefit recipient in this area. When you change your place of residence, move to another country, previously used preferential opportunities will no longer be available, the procedure for registering the status of a veteran has to go through again.

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