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Today there are a huge number of board games, both purely for children and those that were invented for older players. Many fans to play them prefer Monopoly Bank without Borders – a desktop version of the entertainment, the field of which is divided into plots of land. This world famous economic strategy has long become a kind of legend. With each release, she gains a new wave of fans. The updated version of Monopoly Hasbro has become as close as possible to reality.

What is Monopoly Bank without Borders

This game is dedicated to real estate and market conquest. The inveterate monopolist player in the new version will not have to long and diligently collect a complete set of property of one color, because the house can be delivered immediately to the acquired plot. All operations are carried out automatically using an ATM (payment terminal), so players do not have to constantly count money. All you need is to expand the field, turn on the device and follow the instructions.

What is the essence of the game

The purpose of this financial strategy is that its participant needs to accumulate as much property and money as possible when one of the rivals goes bankrupt. That is, in the game you have to buy real estate and become stronger than other participants in terms of finances. The game ends as soon as one of the players goes bankrupt. After that, the device automatically calculates the status of each participant, as a result of which the winner is identified, who has large possessions and means.

Rules of the game

Monopoly (Hasbro) is played under the same conditions as in the classic version. That is, players are engaged in moving their chips across the field, acquire real estate, pay rent to rivals, conduct transactions, participate in auctions. At the beginning of the game, the banker shuffles all the cards and distributes two to each player. Each of the participants immediately pays him the cost of the received object. To buy a hotel, you need to build three houses on each plot belonging to the same color. You can sell hotels for only 1/2 of their purchase price.

Monopoly Bank Without Borders

What is the difference between Monopoly with electronic cards

A monopoly with an ATM has several, although not significant, but very significant differences compared to the classic version. On the field, the sectors “Public Treasury” and “Chance” were replaced by “Event” and “Placement”. Although, when hitting the “Event”, the player, just as in the case of the “Chance”, needs to draw the appropriate card. Having decided to buy a Monopoly with bank cards, please note that the house is put on the site immediately after its acquisition. All payments are made using plastic cards and ATM.

Device for working with cards “Monopoly Bank without Borders”

Before you know how much Monopoly with bank cards costs, check out the terminal, because through it you will need to conduct all operations in the game. In this version of entertainment, the device can work with four credit cards of monopolists, as well as with cards of events, property. All actions and party memory is stored in this interesting electronic box, which is convenient for players! The terminal is powered by three AAA batteries. Cash Register Functions:

  • storage of players ’property, property, level of its rent;
  • event card tracking;
  • holding auctions.

Game Composition

If you are planning to buy the game Monopoly with bank cards, be sure to ask in advance what is included in its composition. In general, the game itself is a proven way to pass the time in the company of relatives or friends. Thanks to the spirit of competition and interesting rules, she will always be interesting! In addition to the playing field, the new version of Monopoly consists of:

  • 4 plastic players’ chips (helicopter, ship, car, plane);
  • 4 bank cards;
  • 22 property cards;
  • 23 event cards;
  • 22 houses;
  • 2 hex dice;
  • document with detailed instructions.

Board Game Bank Without Borders

How to play Monopoly Bank without borders

The game begins with the transfer of 1,500 units to each player’s account. From the very beginning of the game, each of its participants in a hurry occupies property sectors, proceeds to collect rents from competitors. To win, try to buy more property, which will turn into money at the end of the game. During your turn, you will need to roll both dice, and then move to the dropped number of fields, and clockwise. If you managed to get on free property, you can either buy it out or put up for auction.

Instructions for the game

If you are a fan of games related to exchanges and finances, then the new version of Monopoly, which has some differences with the classic version, will certainly please you. To start the game, carefully read its description, then insert the batteries and turn on the terminal by pressing any button. After completing this step, go to the following:

  1. Put the “Event” cards face down in the appropriate place on the playing field.
  2. Divide these cards into groups according to color.
  3. Put next to cards at home.
  4. Give each participant a 1 chip and a matching credit card..
  5. Find the “Forward” field and, having put all the chips there, place the terminal in the center of the field.
  6. Then each monopolist must attach his card to the ATM, as a result of which 1,500 units will be transferred to him. After that, you can start playing.

To use the card you need to put it briefly on the device with a barcode down. The card should cover the entire area of ​​the module intended for reading it. After completing the function, you will hear a characteristic signal, if this did not happen, then attach the card to the device again. It is important to know that the device must not be exposed to bright light or direct sunlight..

If, after your move, you find yourself on a free site, then to buy it, simply attach the “Property” card to the device, then attach your bank card to it. Then put the building on 1 rectangle in the box. Whenever you stop on this field, the rent for it will grow! If you are not lucky, and you find yourself on a busy property, then please, pay the rent (rent). With a shortage of money, you will have to sell previously accumulated property.

Girl plays a monopoly

Price Monopoly Bank without borders

How much does Monopoly Bank cost without borders? The sale of this board game is carried out not only in specialized retail outlets, but also in online stores. Having decided to choose this version of Monopoly and at the same time buy it inexpensively, be sure to monitor the prices, as they can vary greatly regardless of the city, be it Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Name stores (Moscow)

Price in rubles


3150 per share

“Child’s world”

2499 discount





Brand Toys Ribbon


Where to buy a game

You can order this entertainment, as mentioned above, in a virtual store, and with home delivery or by mail. The main thing is not to be too lazy and look at as many offers as possible, all the more so to do it without leaving your home is not a problem. Thanks to this, you can save a lot of money. To minimize costs, order at pick-up stores.

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