Breeding crayfish at home. Conditions for growing crayfish for sale in a pond or aquarium

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Weak competition and a steady demand for crayfish guarantee a good profit for those who decide to breed arthropods. A business will not require serious material investments; its organization is not such a difficult task. With a competent approach, activity will soon begin to make a profit.

Breeding crayfish as a business

Large-scale cultivation of arthropods in our country is not common. In most cases, crayfish enter the consumer market from natural reservoirs, which leads to a decrease in the number of natural individuals. Demand for delicious gourmet meat remains consistently high. This makes the crayfish business financially attractive. The main costs are needed at the initial stage, when you need to buy equipment, the individuals themselves and arrange a place for them.

Crayfish farm

A modern cancer farm is a special indoor heated pool. A large amount of food and heat allow animals to be raised much faster. If the pond has an area of ​​only about 50 square meters. m, then a crayfish farm can occupy up to 1000 square meters. m. To equip a cancerous “plantation”, the owner will need to purchase several pools. For this purpose, polypropylene bowls are often used..

Farms are the most cost-effective, but not the only way to breed arthropods. Indoor aquariums are installed with constant temperature support. The farm will be smaller in area than the pond, but animals grow faster. The process of molting crayfish takes place 3 times a year with an aquarium planting, while in nature they change the shell once in 12 months. Frequent molting is the best evidence of arthropod growth.

If you are thinking about how to breed crayfish at home with minimal investment, then you should consider the option of a farm from an artificial or natural pond. The natural content of animals does not require specialized equipment, the costs of the entrepreneur will be small. The first income from such a business will not be received soon, because the arthropod will need several years to achieve marketable weight.

Crayfish farm

Breeding Cancer Breeds

The success of a business depends on the right breed of crayfish for breeding. The most interesting varieties from the economic side are:

  1. Cuban blue. This is a breed of arthropod, bred artificially. The main feature of the species is its rapid growth. After one year, individuals reach adult weight. Cuban blue requires ponds with hard water and a sandy bottom. The diet of these individuals is no different from any other species..
  2. Australian red claw cancer (AKKR). This breed is suitable for breeding only in closed ponds with additional heating. Demand for this species is very high, as Australian red-ticks are distinguished by the largest amount of meat. The nutrition of Australian arthropods is diverse: dead fish, bread, aquatic vegetation are suitable for their diet..
  3. Narrow-toed (long-legged). This breed breeds quickly, feels great in open and artificial ponds.

Breeding crayfish at home

A stable income, which provides a high demand for arthropods, makes crayfish breeding at home a profitable activity. River and lake arthropods can be kept under different conditions: as close as possible to natural or artificially created for the best development and fast growth. It is important to choose the right way to grow crayfish, to provide them with optimal amenities for growth and reproduction..

Breeding crayfish in a pond

For growing animals you will need a natural or artificial pond in the country. Breeding crayfish in a pond requires a sandy or clay bottom, the presence of silt. A water supply and sanitation system should be considered. Such conditions will help to grow a large volume of arthropods, the natural lake habitat has a positive effect on the adaptation of animals. The method of breeding individuals has a significant drawback: in winter they fall asleep and stop growing.

Breeding crayfish in an aquarium

In small volumes, breeding crayfish in an aquarium is an excellent option. You can set a constant temperature favorable for growth and reproduction, animals do not hibernate, but constantly gain mass, it is convenient to catch them for sale. The disadvantages of aquarium breeding include a rise in the cost of production due to heating costs and limiting the area of ​​the room. Also, concerns with this method of maintenance are added: aquariums should be cleaned.

Crayfish in the aquarium

Growing crayfish in the basement

A clean and dry basement without fungus and pests is suitable for hosting a cancer farm. On the shelves place aquariums with animals. These conditions will not allow to accommodate a large number of individuals, but for a small production basement is enough. Growing crayfish in the basement has its advantages:

  • for life, individuals in winter have enough natural room temperature;
  • no need for intense light, use one light bulb for the entire area.

Crayfish Breeding

The installation of closed water supply (UZV) is an ideal solution in order to breed arthropods. Filtered, heated and aerated water is the best medium for good growth. Breeding of crayfish in the ultrasonic inspection requires a room, the temperature of which in winter will not fall below 1 degree of heat, in ideal conditions – below 15 degrees. The cultivation of crayfish in UZV is becoming increasingly popular due to its high profitability and year-round income..

Cancer Breeding Technology

Arthropod cultivation is a process that requires adherence to a certain technology. Only following the recommendations of specialists, an entrepreneur can count on a good result of his activities. The technology for breeding cancers includes the following stages:

  1. Adults are placed in prepared ponds, aquariums or containers. They can be caught or bought from other farms..
  2. At temperatures above 7 degrees, animals should be fed with fresh or boiled food (daily rate – 2% of the arthropod body weight).
  3. When annual specimens appear, they are caught and transplanted using another reservoir.
  4. In the second or third year of life, arthropods reach marketable mass, they can be sold.

Small crayfish in plastic containers

Crayfish Breeding Equipment

To make the cancer farm highly profitable, you should create the most comfortable conditions for the growth of arthropods. The following equipment for growing crayfish will help provide a comfortable living environment:

  • Greenhouses. To maintain a certain temperature, not only industrial, but also the simplest greenhouses are used.
  • Air compressor. The device will help prevent stagnation of water..
  • Oxidizing agent. This device is designed to prevent oxygen starvation of animals in a container where they will winter.
  • Filtration system. To remove food debris and vital processes, it is not enough to change water in a timely manner. The filter is necessary for the formation of a favorable habitat in which individuals reach the desired size.

How to keep crayfish at home

Arthropods are prone to cannibalism, so unpleasant situations should be prevented. The content of cancers at home requires the resettlement of adults and large individuals. For this, a separate pond (aquarium) is used. Otherwise, adult arthropods can destroy weak young animals. Strong individuals are much easier to get used to the new environment, but young people are more sensitive to changes and may die during resettlement..

How much do crayfish grow

It is difficult to answer how much cancer grows. The growth rate of an arthropod depends on many factors – such as:

  • temperature and composition of water;
  • type and amount of feed;
  • density of individuals in the pond;
  • type of crayfish.

Under conditions close to natural, individuals grow to normal size in 4 years. With a more favorable environment, this process is accelerated. When growing animals in an aquarium, in a year you can get arthropods ready for sale. They will have to deal with all year: clean aquariums, harvest food and plant individuals, etc..

Cancer on the stones

Breeding crayfish at home

For the successful implementation of the idea of ​​animal divorce, the conditions for their reproduction should be carefully studied. Mating individuals begin in early autumn. To breed cancers at home, 2 females and 1 male are required. When there are 3 or more females, the male can eat one of them. Caviar cannot be discerned; it is securely hidden under the carapace. Only by the end of spring eggs will move closer to the tail. After hatching, the larvae are also under the tail for some time. So nature protects posterity from possible dangers.

How to feed crayfish at home

Plant and animal foods are suitable for arthropod nutrition, which you can buy in specialized or ordinary stores. You can feed crayfish at home with foods such as:

  • mosquito larvae;
  • earthworms;
  • potatoes;
  • seaweed;
  • vegetables;
  • meat;
  • wheat, barley and other grains;
  • specialized food for arthropods;
  • snails;
  • fish and fry;
  • carrot;
  • insects.

Earthworms on earth

How to care for cancer at home

Like all living things, cancers can get sick and die. The reason for this is infectious or invasive disease. To avoid the death of arthropods, you need to properly care for cancer at home. The reasons for the development of diseases are as follows:

  • temperature changes;
  • a lot of feed;
  • insufficient water purification;
  • adverse situation.
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