Calculation of pensions for those born before 1967: procedure for processing accruals

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Pension is a state-accrued payment to citizens of advanced age. This type of compensation can be received by people with sufficient experience for this, and beneficiaries. For example, they can be obtained by disability or loss of a breadwinner. After the reform, the state makes changes on the calculation of these payments. Only the calculation of pensions for those born before 1967 remained the same..

What is the current pension?

For citizens over 50 years of age, the calculation of pensions for those born before 1967 is performed in a special way. The amount consists of a mandatory fixed state part and insurance. The magnitude will depend on the following factors:

  1. the age of the person;
  2. the number of years worked, profession;
  3. on the amount of wages received.

The procedure for calculating pensions for those born before 1967 depends on such factors:

  1. Is the person participating in the co-financing program. Co-financing is state support in the form of additional charges for old-age compensation, which allows a citizen to increase personal contributions to his future funded share. Several parties can participate in co-financing: the citizen himself, the state (this is voluntary and carried out on the basis of an application), the employer (this is not necessary, but many enterprises consider this additional motivation within the framework of the social package provided to them)
  2. Does the citizen make regular payments for the funded part of future compensation.

Regulatory framework

The calculation of pensions for those born before 1967 is governed by federal law 400-FZ of December 28, 2013. This law considers aspects of calculating the insurance part. The following types of insurance pensions are provided: old-age insurance, disability insurance, survivor’s insurance. Federal Law 173-ФЗ On Labor Pensions, which also provides information on aspects of pension payments, can also be referred to the regulatory framework..

Judge scales, book and hammer

General procedure for calculating pension payments

So that a citizen can count on receiving insurance benefits, the following conditions must be met by a future pensioner:

  1. Men can expect compensation at the age of 60, women at the age of 55 (some categories of people may apply for old-age compensation before this age).
  2. The insurance period must be at least 15 years..
  3. The individual coefficients that can be used to calculate the pension for the IPC are important. For each period of work experience, a person is awarded a certain score (coefficient). Their sum must be at least 30.

If you need to calculate the pension for those born before 1967, each condition must be considered separately. Old-age labor compensation is awarded to people who have reached the age of: for men – 60 years, for women – 55 years. There are certain categories of citizens who can count on an early exit, on a well-deserved rest. These include:

  1. citizens who worked under certain conditions (harmful, etc.);
  2. having certain specialties and positions;
  3. having a certain work experience, labor or insurance.

These include:

  • persons working in underground structures or in workshops with elevated temperatures, with especially difficult working conditions;
  • women working with high intensity or operating heavy machinery;
  • railway workers;
  • prospectors, search engines;
  • working sea and river vessels;
  • miners;
  • workers in the aviation industry;
  • lifeguards;
  • educators;
  • doctors working with the public.

There are other categories of people who can receive early retirement benefits:

  • mothers with many children with five children, or from two or more, who worked in the conditions of the Far North;
  • visually impaired or injured as a result of hostilities.

Early compensation may include the preferential type of pension, which can receive the following groups of citizens:

  1. If their activity was associated with hard physical work or work in adverse conditions.
  2. If the work was carried out in the Far North or in an area equivalent to the same.
  3. If a specific deadline was included in the working conditions, after which, regardless of age, it was time to go on a well-deserved rest.

People involved in raising children alone can count on the insurance share. If the sole breadwinner had a certain period of work, then the insurance share is also charged. To make any type of old-age payment, you need to confirm that the breadwinner is absent or died by providing a death certificate or a court decision declaring him missing.

Calculation of pension payments


The second condition upon receipt of insurance benefit is the length of service. These are periods of time during which a person made contributions to the Pension Fund. There are two types of insurance experience:

  1. usual – this is the type of experience when contributions to the PF are made by citizens working under normal working conditions;
  2. special – unlike usual, this experience characterizes the type of work in special (for example, harmful or dangerous) conditions.

Work experience until January 1, 2002.

The calculation of work experience until January 1, 2002 is carried out on a calendar basis by the actual duration of each period. Personal evidence will confirm the fact of work, service in the army or the period of childcare, and for the calculation of the insurance part. What should a person submit to the fund:

  1. work book;
  2. employment contracts;
  3. salary certificates for five consecutive years of work until 01/01/2002;
  4. military ID;
  5. birth certificate of a child;
  6. Marriage certificate.

Only if the fund has these documents, he can count on the timely appointment of a pension in the prescribed amount. To account for the hours worked since 2002, an individual personal account with a permanent insurance number must be opened for each insured citizen in the Pension Fund. In it, state employees are obliged to reflect:

  • data on periods of employment;
  • information on wages until 01.01.2002;
  • amounts accrued and paid by the employer or the insured person personally by the insured.

Accounting for hours worked since 2002.

Information on periods of work and salary until 2002 in the PF by the employer is provided in 2003-2004. If during these periods a person did not work or the employer provided incomplete or inaccurate information, the fund will not have the necessary information. If the insured person doubts that all the information has been provided, then you can always contact and provide the missing information about the seniority and salary before 2002. The following periods are taken into the seniority:

  1. army, service in the police department;
  2. service in the bodies and institutions of the penal system;
  3. receipt of social benefits for temporary disability (decree);
  4. child care up to 1.5 years;
  5. registration of unemployment;
  6. redirection of a public servant for employment in another locality;
  7. participation in community service;
  8. exile or imprisonment or colony;
  9. care for a disabled person;
  10. since reaching a citizen of 80 years.

What periods are included in the length of service

Based on the law, the minimum length of service is increased every month. In 2015, it was 6 years old, in 2019 it will be 9 years old, and in 2025 it will be 15 years old. If upon reaching old age the minimum number of years has not been worked out, then insurance compensation for old age will not be accrued. The insurance period is determined by the entries in the work book showing the period of official employment of the employee.

If the employee has lost his work book or some records are missing, then the following documents will confirm the experience:

  1. employment contracts;
  2. certificates issued to the employee at previous places of work;
  3. extracts from orders (for example, orders for admission and dismissal);
  4. personal accounts of the employee;
  5. payroll statements.

Record of employment record

Since 2019, innovations in calculating pensions for those born before 1967 began to operate according to new formulas. According to the law, people with a working experience of 35 years are entitled to receive a supplement. And for those who have worked (officially) for more than forty years (40 years – women, 45 – men), upon reaching a well-deserved rest, the state will pay an allowance in an even larger amount.

The third condition for obtaining insurance benefits is individual odds. This is the number of points earned for 12 months or those periods that are included in the experience. These coefficients are calculated depending on the salary of a person subject to their official employment. The higher the salary, the higher the odds. The main condition is that before reaching a well-deserved rest, the coefficients should not be less than 30.

On the basis of the Law on Insurance Pensions, increasing requirements have been established for the minimum pension coefficient. If from January 1, 2015, old-age insurance compensation is awarded if there is a coefficient of at least 6.6, then with a subsequent increase in the coefficient by 2.4 by 2025, its maximum size will be 30.

All periods will be included in the experience if they had labor activity lasting at least one working day, during which deductions to the FIU took place. The scheme for increasing the coefficient in the table:

Retirement Year

Minimum ratio





















from 2025 and later


Pension for those born before 1967

In 2019, the Government of the Russian Federation is actively pursuing pension reform. The calculation of pensions for those born before 1967 consists of three shares. It:

  1. base share;
  2. Cumulative share;
  3. insurance.

Basic part

Basic is a fixed compensation that is received by every person who has reached old age regardless of length of service. Starting January 1, 2002, the final base rate was set at 450 rubles per month. This amount is due to all citizens who have reached advanced age and have a working experience of more than 5 years. The size of a person affects its size..

Cumulative part of pension provision

This share is available only to those citizens who were born before 1967 and are members of the OPS. It is formed if in the period from 2002 to 2004. the employer paid monthly insurance contributions for the funded share of labor in the amount of 6% of wages. It is formed on a voluntary basis for participants in the State Co-Financing Pension Program and for persons who allocated maternal (family) capital funds to form the funded part. The total amount going to the funded share should not exceed 463,000 rubles per year.

On the basis of a federal decree, clause 11, Art. 31 “On investing funds to finance the funded part of the labor payment in the Russian Federation”, insured persons born before 1967 who entered into a compulsory pension insurance agreement and applied for transfer to a non-state fund (NPF) shall submit an application for refusing to finance funded part and direction for financing the insurance part in the amount of 6 percent of the individual part of the insurance premium rate.

Citizens can find out about their savings in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation by writing a statement in the prescribed form. State security payments, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 217 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, are not subject to taxation, are not taken into account in calculating personal income tax, with the exception of payments if the individual has voluntary insurance of the funded part.

Insurance pension

It includes all the work experience accumulated by 2002, the size of wages and a special coefficient. Let’s analyze the methodology for calculating the insurance share, which should be calculated according to the following algorithm:

  • SP = PB * CB * PK1 + FV * PK2, where:
    • JV is the amount of funds calculated for the payment of insurance benefits;
    • PB – points accumulated over time;
    • Central Bank – the price set at the time of settlement for 1 point;
    • PK1 and PK2 – these are increasing premium rates for going on a well-deserved rest in a later period;
    • FV – fixed amount

Calculation of insurance pension

Pension procedure

Learn about the procedure, how to apply for a pension, where to go, and what papers are needed for this. It is recommended to start making payments in advance in order to have time to fully prepare the paper. With a full package, you must contact the authorized body for accrual and payment of benefits. There is a step-by-step instruction for calculating payments and providing documents to the FIU. A complete list of documents is given below..

Application deadlines

The second step is to submit documents to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. After collecting at any time after reaching old age (for women, age should be 55, for men – 60 years or more), you must contact the Pension Fund of your region to appoint and calculate the size of payments. Then the calculation of the payment for those born before 1967 begins on the date of filing the application with a full set of documents.

Where to apply

If the Pension Fund requires the provision of additional information, then the specialist accepting the documents has no right to refuse to submit an application. The person who has contacted must provide the missing information within 3 months. If the deadlines are met, compensation will be charged from the day the application is submitted. If the deadline is missed, then it will be necessary to submit a full package of documents again, and the date of applying for the payment is changed. The application in the fund must be considered within 10 days from the date of submission of a full package of securities.

After calculating the payment, the moment it is received is important. In the event that all documents are drawn up correctly and submitted on time, the amount will be calculated and drawn up for 10 days already. If the pensioner submitted the data of a bank card or account, then payment is made to it, on the 10th day, and there is no need to apply anywhere. When receiving money by mail, there may be a delay of 1-3 days required for the processing of a new application by the postal service. If the amount is less than the subsistence level (it is 10-11 thousand rubles), contact the PF.

The last step applies to those citizens who, after reaching a well-deserved rest, continue to work. For them, the recalculation of payments. It is necessary to submit to the Pension Fund a certificate from the place of work on the accrued wages for the year and the insurance compensations made, fill out and submit the corresponding application to the fund employee. It will be reviewed within 10 days. Each person chooses for himself to work or immediately after old age to go on a well-deserved rest.

What documents must be provided

The first step is the preparation of documents. The following list of securities exists:

  1. passport for citizens of Russia or a residence permit for citizens of foreign countries;
  2. TIN;
  3. all forms of study and education;
  4. in the original and copies – the work book;
  5. if necessary, certificates from the employer may be required;
  6. Insurance Certificate (SNILS);
  7. marriage certificate;
  8. a certificate confirming the place of residence and available family composition;
  9. copies of identity documents of dependents;
  10. certificate of the average wage of the employee at the last place of work;
  11. details of the banking institution that will deliver the payments;
  12. application to the Pension Fund;
  13. certificate of average monthly salary until 01.01.2002 for 60 consecutive months;
  14. certificate that another type of payment to the person is not assigned.

Passport for Russian citizens

How to calculate your pension

Each person who goes on a well-deserved rest can calculate the pension independently, knowing the formulas and parameters for calculating it. It is possible to make an online calculation, there are also calculators. If you can’t make the calculation yourself, there is the opportunity to contact the Pension Fund for training in calculating or requesting information about future income.

General formula

The formula for the calculation will look as follows:

  • P = PV + LF + MF, where
    • PV – a fixed share (base);
    • LF – cumulative share;
    • MF – insurance share.

The procedure for determining the insurance part

A fixed share is set by the state. Each citizen has his own cumulative share. Therefore, we need to know how the insurance share is calculated. There is a calculation principle for this:

  • MF = PC / T, where:
    • MF – insurance part;
    • PC – pension capital;
    • T – the estimated time that compensation will be paid, measured in months

From this formula, we do not know the value of pension capital, which must be calculated in a new way. Capital is made up of the values ​​of the conditional pension capital (UPC) and the estimated payment (RP). The old-age pension is calculated by the formula:

  • RP = SC * ЗР / ЗП * СЗП, where:
    • SC is a coefficient for the worked experience. It is equal to 0.55 (for men whose experience is 25 years, women – experience 20 years). 0.01 is charged for each year worked over the experience, although this indicator should not be more than 0.75.
    • ЗР / ЗП is the ratio of wages to average earnings in the country. Its level should not be more than 1.2.
    • SZP – the average wage is calculated by the PF in the amount of 1671 rubles.

After calculating the estimated payment, you can find out the size of the conditional capital:

  • CPC = RP – BCH / T, where RP – settlement compensation, BCH – the base part, T – estimated payment time, measured in months.

To calculate the insurance part, we need to know only the value of PK1, which can only be found in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR). When you know all the data, you can calculate the insurance share, and ultimately calculate what benefit you can rely on when you go on a well-deserved rest. Every year the state makes a pension increase. This is influenced by indexation and inflation. Indexation is an increase in the size of payments made annually..

Retirement capital

Calculation Example

Citizen Sidorov Ivan Sergeevich who was born in 1956 can go on a well-deserved rest in 2016. The citizen’s work experience is 29 years. His salary amounted to 1,700 rubles a month. It is necessary to consider step-by-step calculation of the pension:

  1. Initially, it is necessary to calculate the coefficient of experience. For 25 years of experience, the coefficient is 0.55, for each next year there is an increase of 0.01. The final rate of the citizen will be 0.59 points.
  2. Divide wages by average wages, i.e. 1700: 1671 = 1.02.
  3. Substitute these numbers in the formula (see above) and find the indicator of pension capital: 1.02 x 1671 x 0.60 – 450 (fixed payment in 2002) x 228 (approximate number of months of compensation) = 130564.66. So the capital is calculated for 2002.
  4. Every year, the government indexes pensions, because of this it is necessary to multiply the number received by the total coefficient: 130564.66 x 5.6148 = 733094.45 – this is the size of the pension capital of Ivan Sergeyevich by 2019.
  5. A small allowance is made for the post-Soviet period of work from 1991 to 2002, it is 0.1 of the amount of capital and amounts to 73309.45.
  6. All of these allowances must be added to the amount of compensation collected in the personal account that the employer has paid since 2002. According to the Pension Fund, they amount to 856,342.10 p. Calculation principle: add up all these numbers: 733094.45 + 73309.45 + 856342.10 = 1662746.00.
  7. Divide the amount received by the approximate period of benefit payment, so you will determine the benefit (228 months): 1662746.00: 228 = 7292.75.
  8. Multiply the individual pension coefficient (for contributions it amounted to 106.393) and the cost of the point (in 2019, it is 78.28). You will receive additional insurance part: 8328,44 r.
  9. Add the basic fixed payment to the insurance part, the minimum amount of which at the moment is 4,805.11 rubles. You will receive the final calculation, the size of which (8328.44 + 4805.110) = 13133.55 rubles.
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