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Any Megafon operator customer can find out detailed information about incoming and outgoing calls or SMS. For this, the cellular company has a special service that reflects the use of communication in a certain period. And you can find out by several methods. Ways to make a listing of calls Megaphone, you will find below.

How to order details on a megaphone

The mobile company Megafon today offers its customers several types of statements on transactions completed over a certain period. Each of them differs by the period for which the report is provided, and by the method of obtaining the information itself. Here are the options on how to order call details on Megaphone:

  1. One-time detailing. It can be taken for any period during the last six months, but only 1 request will be free. For the subsequent, a certain amount is deducted from the account.
  2. Monthly printout. Contains a breakdown of the action on the number for the calendar month. The cost of the service is 90 rubles.
  3. Monthly invoice. Free service for providing information on payments, top-ups, tariffs and connected options. Added in your account.
  4. Express detail. Here you can request reporting on actions taken over the past 7 days.
  5. The last 5 charges. Already by the name it is clear what information the service provides.

Express Detail Megaphone

This reporting option is more often used if information is needed for the last week. The printout includes:

  • movement of funds on the balance sheet;
  • SMS, as well as calls, incoming and outgoing;
  • Internet access.

To order such an express detailing Megafon, you need to dial, like a regular number, the following command – * 113 #, and then press the call button. As a result, the report will come in the form of MMS. Another option is to send a short message to 5039, in which indicate your email address. A weekly summary of all communication sessions from the phone will be sent to it. Whatever option you use, the operator will withdraw 21 rubles from the account for providing you with information. Each subsequent similar request will also have such a cost.

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One-time detail Megaphone

The more popular types of decryption of services and calls is a one-time drill Megafon. If you do not often request such reports, then this option is ideal for you. Why? Due to the fact that the first time it is absolutely free. The following amounts will have to be paid for subsequent requests:

  • daily report – 3 p.;
  • weekly statement – 21 p.;
  • reporting for the whole month – 90 r.

The fee is charged if you make a second request on the same day. The next day the service will be free again, but again only 1 time. An extract may include a report only for a period of the last 6 months. If you need information beyond this period, you will have to contact the nearest passport communication salon. You can receive a one-time report in the following ways:

  1. Register online through the Internet in the Service Guide system on the official Megafon website. Having come into the Personal account, it is necessary to pass on the tab “Replenishment and expenses”, and then – “Details”. You need to enter your mail, to which the extract will come.
  2. Send a USSD request * 105 * 803 # and follow the system prompts, which will come in the form of messages. To use this method, you must confirm your mail in your account.
  3. Dial 0505 and call. Next, you need to use the instructions of the autoinformer, which will tell you how to get a detailed report on operations from the phone.
  4. Send to the nearest customer service center of the cellular company, provide employees with a passport and ask for help with obtaining details.

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Call Detail Megaphone free without registration

There are also free ways to get Megafon call details for free without registration. One of them described above is sending a USSD request to the number * 105 * 803 #. Following further hints, you can get the report you need. The main thing is to use this method only once a day, because for subsequent requests money will be charged. Amounts written off above. The second option also applies to one-time detailing. This is a call to 0505. It can also not be used more than 1 time per day for free..

If you do not want to register in the Service Guide system, i.e. in your account, you can use another method of obtaining an account statement. At Megafon it’s called “The Last Five Charges.” To do this, dial, as a regular number, a combination of characters and numbers * 512 #, after which click on the call button. Result – SMS will come about the last 5 charges for any actions, whether it’s traffic, conversation history or sent message. There is no charge for this service..

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Call Detail Megaphone – Personal Account

All of the above options for obtaining an account statement can be implemented using your personal account. If you are an active Internet user, then this method is suitable for you, and it does not matter if you use a SIM card in a smartphone, tablet, modem or router. Detailed calls Megafon through your account is as follows:

  1. Send a request * 105 * 00 # from the phone, a password will be returned in the SMS.
  2. Go to the site //
  3. In the special fields, enter your number and the resulting combination of numbers, i.e. password.
  4. Press “enter”, then click on the tab on the left “Call Detail Megaphone”.
  5. Choose the desired period and format of the document, write an email address.
  6. Confirm by clicking the “Order” button.
  7. Next, open your mail, find a letter from the operator, click on it, download the attached file, open and study the report.

Call Detail Megaphone of someone else’s number

If for some reason you need to check the last actions of another subscriber, you can do this, but only knowing his username and password from your personal account or having the phone itself at hand. Next, you need to use one of the above methods. If you have access to your personal account, then you can change the subscriber’s mail in your account and activate the “Monthly Account” service. Money is not withdrawn for it. As a result, each month you will receive call details Megafon of someone else’s number for free.

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