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Today, official medicine has many options for avoiding pregnancy, which is not included in the plans. They are female or male, but there is one special method – to interrupt the process. For one reason or another, partners often use it. Below you will find out if this option is safe and whether it is possible to get pregnant from an interrupted act..

What is PAP in gynecology

The term interrupted sexual intercourse, or PAP, means the process of extracting the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. This method is used to protect against unplanned pregnancy, and is considered the most ancient. Such a kind of contraceptive is popular, because it is always “at hand” and does not require costs. When asked whether it is possible to get pregnant with an interrupted act, doctors respond positively. According to statistics, the probability of this is about 30%. According to experts, this method is harmful to the psyche.

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Interrupted Act Method

The essence of the method is to remove from the vagina until the ejaculation of the penis. So the sperm does not reach the egg, which means there will be no fertilization. For this reason, most couples use this method. This opinion is erroneous, because even doctors answer the question of whether pregnancy can occur with an interrupted act, give a positive answer. During an intimate process, a man stands out a special secret, the so-called lubricant. It already has “tadpoles”, even if there are not so many of them. One of them can easily reach the egg, which will cause conception.

Some men have very active and viable sperm, so even PAP here will not save you from conception. Another point that is taken into account when considering a problem, whether it is possible to get pregnant with interrupted intercourse, is what it is in a row. If intimacy has already happened, then those immediately following it increase the chances of becoming parents. This happens because the urethra of a man retains a small amount of seminal fluid, which in the first second enters the vagina with repeated proximity.

The probability of becoming pregnant with an interrupted act

Almost all doctors are faced with the question of women about whether it is possible to get pregnant with an interrupted act. The answer is yes, and the probability of this is very high. The reason is that the man’s lubrication contains gametes intended for fertilization. In addition, interruption is unreliable in relation to sexually transmitted infections that develop during unprotected sex. Also, according to statistics and reviews, this method causes abortion in 60% of cases..

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When can I get pregnant?

Some scientists refute the fact that sperm is secreted during excitation. Their opinion with doctors agrees that PAP is not a reliable method of contraception. They even highlighted a list of cases when conception may occur:

  1. Lack of self-control. During intimacy, it can be difficult for men to control themselves. They often miss that fraction of a second when it is necessary to get the penis, because of which sperm enters the vagina. Even a negligible amount of it can lead to conception.
  2. amount. When the night does not cost only one intimacy, the risk of fertilization is significantly increased. Even if a man rinses the head of the penis after each time, this does not ensure safety, because sperm can lie in the urethra.
  3. Ovulation days. This time of the female cycle is considered dangerous, because the egg is already ready for sperm and conception.

The likelihood of becoming pregnant with PSA by cycle periods

The highest chance of conception, even with medical contraception, is noted with ovulation. Is it possible to get pregnant with PAP during this period? Here the chances are even greater, because the egg is in full readiness for fertilization. This period lasts for 12-48 hours. Then comes the time for preparation for menstruation, i.e., the removal of an unfertilized egg. Here the percentage of fertilization is the lowest. After this, the period of development of a new egg begins, that is, ovulation is the most dangerous time. A week before menstruation is more optimal for PAP.

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Interrupted intercourse and pregnancy

Many people wonder if it is possible to get pregnant during an interrupted act? The answer is yes, but judging by the reviews, there are options for how to benefit from this method:

  1. The calendar. Use hazard information from the previous paragraph. Just keep in mind that this option works with a stable cycle. It is very difficult to predict malfunctions of the body, but a lot of things affect: stress, illness, prolonged menstruation.
  2. Personal hygiene. With several proximity, a man should wash his penis, and it’s better to go to the toilet to remove sperm with urine.
  3. Tablets. They should always be at hand. When a member has not been removed from the vagina at the right time, a special drug can be taken or administered vaginally to protect against unwanted pregnancy.
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