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Each nation has its own tradition of forming personal names. Chechens are no exception. Their names are based on the names of birds or animals, proper names, they are of Chechen origin or are rooted in Persian or Arabic.

Chechen last names – list

Have you ever wondered where your clan came from? Sometimes it happens that a person does not suspect who his relatives are or does not attach much importance to this. But knowing what name his genus had, you can learn a lot about your ancestors from the male or female line. If you want to know the popular Chechen surnames – a list of them alphabetically is given below. Look, maybe one of your great-grandfathers was a resident of the mountains.

  • Azanayevs;
  • Aidamirovs;
  • Albagaevs;
  • Amievs;
  • Gods;
  • Borshaevs;
  • Burgalaevs;
  • Valuevs;
  • Goyevs;
  • Daurbekovs;
  • Dudaevs;
  • Zavgaevs;
  • Zakayevs;
  • Ismoilovs;
  • Kalakoevs;
  • Kutaevs;
  • Lorsanovs;
  • Mahdaevs;
  • Melardoevs;
  • Omayevs;
  • Rakhimovs;
  • Rashidovs;
  • Solgirievs;
  • Sulimovs;
  • Supurovs;
  • Turaevs;
  • Khadzhievs;
  • Khidiyevs;
  • Tsugievs;
  • Mounds;
  • Shovkhalovs;
  • Yusupovs.

Women and men in Chechen costumes dance

Chechen names and surnames

Chechen first names and surnames can be of either ancestral origin or be borrowed from other languages. Of the Arab and Persian Chechens, like other Muslims, they use masculine names such as Ali, Magomed, Shamil, female Aliya, Leila and others. Chechen names have much in common with Ingush, the distinguishing features of which are only the predominant use of the sound “ah”.

Widespread Russian-language options. Female diminutive variants of names can appear as full forms (Dasha, Zina). Original names are full of diversity. Their meanings are based on nouns (Borz – “wolf”, Ruslan – “lion”), adjectives (Daud – “beloved, dear”, Zelimzan – “healthy, living long”), verbs (Toita – “stop”).

Surnames of the indigenous population of Chechnya are of ancient origin. Their spelling as well as pronunciation can be excellent depending on the dialect. During the Soviet Union, for the unification of writing, many of them were added to the endings of “s”, “-ev”, and the declension occurred according to the rules of Russian grammar. Now a large group of people is inclined to return to their original forms, which shows their respect for their roots, especially among the male population.

Chechen man

Beautiful Chechen surnames

Speakers of different languages ​​have their own perception of the sounds of someone else’s alphabet, so the same word is perceived by them differently. A distinctive feature of the phonetics of the peoples of the Caucasus is a large number of deaf and solid sounds, a sequence of several consonants. We can call beautiful Chechen surnames for our ear those in which there are a sufficient number of vowels, and consonants are mostly voiced. For us, the names of Chechens such as the Azizovs, Umaevs, the list of which can still be continued, will be more harmonious.

Man and woman

Famous Chechen surnames

In Caucasians, blood relationship is of great importance. Even if your relative committed a significant act for his people many centuries ago, his family will be honored and respected. In addition to blood ties, Chechens are proud of their compatriots. Therefore, the famous Chechen surnames can be considered those who had prominent people of the country – Magomedov, Kadyrov, Visaitov, Yamadaev, Khasbulatov, etc. Among them there are people of different professions: politicians, military, artists, athletes, doctors.

Fate scattered the Chechens around the world. Some of them fled during the war, a large number were deported during the Soviet Union (lists totaled hundreds of thousands), some left the country on their own, leaving for Arab states or Europe. Many of them achieved fame outside Chechnya, but they are still honored and respected because they do not forget about their roots..

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