Children’s sewing machine – how to choose according to the age of the child, model, functions and cost

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A toy sewing machine is not just an expensive educational toy. With it, your child can really learn the basics of cutting and machine sewing, become interested in this process and love it. A variety of models will help you choose this toy household appliance for a child of any age, based on even the most modest budget.

The principle of operation of a children’s sewing machine

To develop interest in modeling design and making clothes from a young age, special children’s sewing machines for girls are produced. This lesson will help to develop fine motor skills in a child, stimulate imagination and interest in needlework. Most children’s models work on the same principle as professional adult cars. On them, you can perform different types of stitches and seams, learn how to sew soft toys, aprons, napkins, and other simple fabrics. This is a functional technique that requires accuracy and handling skills..

Types of children’s sewing machines

A sewing machine for children is not just a fun toy. Some models are miniature copies of adult machines, you can learn all the operations of machine sewing on them: simple and double stitching, cornering, forward and reverse steps, and making seams. They are equipped with an electromechanical manual or even foot drive, a movable foot, and in functionality they are not inferior to professional sewing machines.

Such devices are designed for girls of primary school age, but you can start learning to sew earlier, because there are safe cars designed for babies from 5 years old. Cheaper models of children’s sewing machines with simple functionality and a set of operations carry out the stitching of the fabric, and you can also learn how to thread the needle and reel on a bobbin, master the primary principles of patterns.

A sewing machine for children that sews

Sewing machine Sew Cool

The toy children’s sewing machine Suey Cool is suitable for girls aged 5-6 years. The original development, in which the processes are automated as much as possible, so the child will be able to control the device on his own, there will be no need for threading (the machine itself forms the thread from a special fabric that comes with the kit). Sewing training on this model is a fascinating safe activity, since the needles are hidden in a special plastic case. The kit includes all the necessary accessories (fabric blanks, patterns, buttons and applications):

  • Model Name: Spin Master Sew Cool.

  • Price: 3000-4000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions – 340x290x120 mm; weight – 1.2 kg; body colors – red, pink; runs on 4 A4 batteries. The kit includes a sewing machine, 8 pieces of fabric 19.5 * 14 cm, 3 paper patterns, 14 small fabric applications (flowers), fabric blanks for 3 toys, a batting for filling toys, a ribbon, 8 buttons.
  • Pros: safety, ease of use, the ability to purchase separately an additional sewing kit with fabrics and appliqués.
  • Cons: the lack of a set of spare needles that can not be purchased separately; the need to use special fabrics for sewing; high price.

Spin Master Sew Cool


A model of a children’s car with the appearance and functionality that is not inferior to adult models. Designed for girls 6-10 years old, after using it, you can safely switch to professional equipment. Here is a manual and foot drive, a real needle, a set of threads and bobbins, the ability to perform different types of stitches and seams. You can sew outfits for dolls and simple fabric products (napkins, aprons):

  • Model Name: PVС.

  • Price: 1500-2000 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions – 340x290x120 mm; weight – 0.85 kg; body colors – white; runs on batteries.
  • Pros: suitable for training sewing skills before switching to an adult machine.
  • Cons: not suitable for girls under 6 years old

Singer junior

This children’s model is a real Singer electric sewing machine with the ability to sew basting stitches and six kinds of different stitches. Equipped with a pedal, backlight. You can sew at two different speeds, sew the stitch forward and backward. Equipped with a thread regulator, the process of winding thread onto a spool is automated. Battery powered. The set includes instructions for sewing a handbag, backpack, belt, decorative pillow, apron, and a box for needlework with additional accessories. Suitable for girls over 10 years old:

  • Model Name: Singer Junior.

  • Price: 1500 at a discount, 2500 rubles – regular price.
  • Characteristics: dimensions – 340x290x120 mm; weight – 1.2 kg; colors of the plastic case of models on sale – white, red; runs on batteries.
  • Pros: a great option to start learning sewing skills, a safe machine, many functions.
  • Cons: not suitable for girls under 8 years old, difficult to handle, the child will need help.

Singer Junior Battery Operated


A simple children’s model equipped with a foot pedal-drive and an electric drive button. With the help of a special handle, it is possible to rotate, changing the direction of the stitch. Included with the device are 3 spools of thread, bobbins, pedal, centimeter tape. Suitable for children aged 6-8 years, with the help of this children’s machine, the child will easily master all the simplest sewing operations (thread replacement, straight stitch, turns):

  • Model Name: PlayGo.

  • Price: 1190-1300 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions – 250x200x125 mm; case material – plastic; body colors – pink; runs on 2 batteries C.
  • Pros: the needle is covered with a plastic compartment on 2 screws; there is a special compartment for storing threads and other accessories; low price.
  • Cons: for threading, you need to unscrew the plastic case protecting the needle each time; only simplest lines can be made, there is no way to sew a soft toy or other complex product, there are no patterns in the kit for modeling models of doll clothes.

My first sewing machine PlayGo

Machine couture

An expensive semi-professional children’s sewing machine for girls familiar with the basics of cutting and sewing, aged 8 to 12 years. It is equipped with a manual and pedal drive, performs 6 types of stitching at two speeds, with an automatic thread winding mechanism. There is an opportunity to execute a line back and forth. Equipped with a handle, a wheel to control the tension. Built-in drawer for sewing accessories. Important points:

  • Model Name: Machine Couture.

  • Price: 4000-6000 rubles.
  • Features: dimensions – 280x310x116 mm; case material – plastic; body colors – white; runs on 2 A4 batteries.
  • Pros: fulfills all declared lines, the needle is hidden by a protective mechanism.
  • Cons: inconvenient threading mechanism (with the need to unscrew the protective structure), a short wire from the pedal, a loud sound when sewing, high price.

Machine couture

Shantou gepai

Children’s machine for girls 6-8 years old. Equipped with a handle, pedal, a special compartment for storing threads and other accessories. You can sew by manually turning the handwheel with the handle, or by using the foot switch. During operation, music plays and the backlight turns on. You can learn how to perform a simple stitch, a set of threads and a few flaps of fabric.

  • Model Name: Shantou Gepai

  • Price: 630-990 rubles.
  • Specifications: dimensions – 290x110x230 mm; weight – 0.72 kg; case material – plastic, metal; body colors – pink; runs on 3 A4 batteries.
  • Pros: low price, simple functionality, the needle is enclosed in a protective case.
  • Cons: it will not work to master tailoring of complex products.

Shantou gepai


A simple children’s model, suitable for mastering the primary skills of sewing – a straight line, threading. It is difficult to sew a complex product on this children’s toy car, but it will suit girls 5-6 years old. The fly mechanism is reliable, all the materials of which the machine is made are very durable. Low cost is associated with the fact that the Russian manufacturer makes it:

  • Model Name: Winx.

  • Price: 740-950 rubles.
  • Specifications: dimensions – 280x105x120 mm; weight – 0.420 kg case material: plastic; body color: pink; works on 4 A4 batteries.
  • Pros: low price; suitable for acquiring the skills of simple stitching and developing interest in the sewing process; the needle is protected by a transparent body
  • Cons: a limited number of functions, you can’t sew an interesting complex product, there are no patterns in the kit.



The game children’s sewing kit Toy is made in China, is a set of a real machine, mannequin, cloth flaps and accessories for sewing (threads, buttons). Suitable for girls from 6 years and older. The children’s model of the machine allows you to double stitch, zigzag stitching. There are functions for switching sewing speed, tension and winding thread, manual control. Powered by 4 batteries:

  • Model Name: Toy.

  • Price: 1590-3100 rubles.
  • Specifications: dimensions – 205x100x222 mm; case material – plastic; body colors – white, red; works on 4 A4 batteries.
  • Pluses: a full complete set, an opportunity to carry out different options of stitches.
  • Cons: high price.


How to choose a baby sewing machine

A variety of choices (more than 150 models of children’s cars are presented on the market) complicates the purchase of this educational toy:

  • Age. Take into account when choosing how old the girl is, because there are models for schoolgirls. but there is for babies 5-6 years old.

  • Functionality. Do not chase a huge set of functions, because the child does not need it. For starters, 3-5 lines, threading and zigzag are enough.
  • Safety. All hazardous elements must be firmly fixed and hidden to prevent injury..
  • Design. There are models with a frankly childish design, and there are those that maximally repeat the usual technique for sewing (for example, Singer models).
  • Price. Monitor how much a children’s sewing machine costs on sale, because buying the most expensive toy is illogical: a child can quickly lose interest in it.
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