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Coaching differs from classical counseling or training in that it does not have hard recommendations or advice. The coach is looking for a solution to the problem with the client. Coaching differs from psychological counseling by setting motivation, achieving the desired goal in work or life.

What is coaching?

There are many definitions of coaching. This is a training of personal self-realization, where the coach in the form of a conversation leads the client to the desired goals. Executive coaching (personal consultant) creates the conditions for comprehensive improvement of a person’s personality. Coaching is also a system for realizing the social and creative potential of all training participants. There are four basic coaching steps:

  • setting goals in life;
  • reality check direction;
  • building ways of their implementation;
  • achievement of the result (stage of will).

Who is a coach

Couch is a specialist who professionally helps its customers achieve their goals. A coach is a successful person in life who constantly improves his knowledge, works on himself, owns techniques for developing human resources. A business coach must be educated in one of the world’s certified schools that issue a permit for the provision of coaching services. Personal Coach:

  • works with a client to determine their own potential;
  • teaches the rules of self-regulation;
  • motivates a person to personal and professional growth.

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Types of Coaching

Today there are several varieties of coaching. The main classification is based on the quantitative composition of customers. By field of application, the following types of coaching are distinguished:

  1. Individual coaching. The consultant works with the client one on one. In the course of cooperation, individual tasks are solved that affect different spheres of a person’s life: career, business, health, relationships, family.
  2. Team coaching (group). A business coach works with a group of people. The peculiarity of the coach session is that several people have a common task. They can be a family, business partners, sports team or community organization.
  3. Organizational coaching. The consultant interacts with the first person of the organization. Training involves the use of systemic techniques aimed at identifying the potential of the head, employees or the entire enterprise. The difference between organizational coaching from others is in the interests of the entire company, and not its individuals.

Life coaching

One of the most important elements of life coaching is setting goals. The main thing in working with a client is to teach him to clearly understand what he really wants. During training, a person learns more deeply about himself, confidence in his actions appears, and awareness increases. Coaching has nothing to do with psychology or psychotherapy. Man works in the present to create the desired future. So, life coaching – what is it and when is it needed?

The pace of life of a modern person leaves no chance for the implementation of most plans. After all, when a free minute falls out, people wait for peace and silence, they want not to think about anything. A personal life coach can not only manage time, but also allows the client to evaluate each area of ​​his life on his own. Trainings promote balance between career, health, financial well-being, personal life.

Coaching in education

Coaching techniques have been successfully applied in education. The student reveals his potential, achieves high results in learning without coercion. What is coaching in education? The training forms the preparedness of students for self-development, designs the educational environment of the university or school, helps to build the learning process taking into account the personal qualities of the student. Teachers also benefit from coaching. They take a fresh look at the learning process, focusing on the free implementation of non-standard approaches. The teacher helps to form a responsible person.

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Business coaching

Coaching was originally formed for the business environment. For entrepreneurial activities, training technologies are best adapted. Coaching in business is used to bring a person to a new level, to help formulate goals. A business coach helps not only make career choices, but also accelerate career growth. Professional coaching is far from human specialization. Courses help the learner find smart solutions to complex problems. Managers organize coaching for their staff to make the company more efficient..

Sports coaching

The method of consulting and training is also used in sports. This is a special world where there are rules aimed at achieving victory. Coaching in sports helps participants learn how to manage their emotions, develop strengths, and achieve a professional goal. Fitness coach advises top athletes who perform at world championships, help to remove fears, become more persistent in achieving high results.

Personal coaching

This is an individual work with the client, when the coach consultant helps him achieve his goals as efficiently as possible. The trainer’s task is to remove from the person the influence of past disappointments and failures on today’s successes. The student ceases to belittle his abilities, gains confidence, begins to understand his uniqueness and value. Individual coaching helps the consultant increase their income, because, as a rule, self-disbelief and fears prevent them from increasing.

Management Coaching

More and more managers to improve the work of their organizations come to management with a coaching philosophy. This style consists of two techniques. The first includes management with planning, motivation, communication, decision making. Coaching in personnel management helps to eliminate restrictions, expand the potential of employees. The second method can be described as structuring relationships in a team. Coaching management teaches employees to act proactively and responsibly.

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High performance coaching

The classic textbook on the disclosure of personal qualities of a person is not a book on psychology, but the work “Coaching of high efficiency” by John Whitmore. It is interesting not only for individual training, but also for corporate. Effective coaching is an art that requires understanding and a lot of practice. The book teaches to overcome misconceptions about business, helps to take a fresh look at management and people. She talks not only about financial coaching, but also about relationships with others..

Coaching techniques

There are several coaching techniques with which you can look into the future and provide all the options for the development of events. Although everyone has different motives, one can achieve them if one adheres to the basic principles of training. Basic coaching techniques:

  1. Everything is good with everyone. The most important principle that teaches you not to label or diagnose.
  2. All people have the necessary resources to fulfill their wishes. It is necessary to remove the conviction of lack of competence or lack of education in a particular issue.
  3. People always make the best choice possible. The principle provides a good opportunity to reconcile with decisions made and their consequences..
  4. The basis of each action is only positive intentions. Everyone strives for love and happiness, but applies different actions for this..
  5. Change is inevitable. This process does not depend on our desires, because the body is updated every seven years. What changes will be tomorrow depends on what a person does today.

How to become a coach

The profession of a coach does not require detailed knowledge of psychology and questions of neurobiology. He does not have to be an expert in all the problems that will be addressed to him. The consultant simply asks questions, helping to intensify research or cognitive activity of a person. How to become a coach? First, a person must decide for himself the following: is he able to regularly develop communication skills and is the desire true.

Becoming a professional in this matter is an extraordinary step. You need to live in complete clarity regarding your future, bring your life in full order and set personal goals. Many coaches started with the following steps:

  • tested readiness to become a professional with the help of special tests;
  • master the knowledge under the guidance of a mentor coach on the preparatory program and receive a certificate;
  • found new customers based on the knowledge gained;
  • after the first 100 paid sessions, they decided to invest in further career growth.

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International Coaching Academy

In Russia there is a unique Mac coaching academy that online educates professionals in their field, issues a certificate of an internationally qualified specialist. The company provides training through electronic means and innovative technologies. The course is conducted remotely in a clear language, therefore it is suitable for both beginners and those who are already developing in this area. The Academy regularly holds various skills development workshops. Here you can study for children or teenagers, as well as take a coaching course for people with ADHD.

Coaching courses

On the Internet it is easy to find a huge number of courses that offer to study a profession and raise your level. Any coaching center provides students with video and audio materials, books, live communication with professionals. Among the most popular topics are basics, tools and coaching technologies. The courses are useful for both business leaders and ordinary people who are interested in how to live in harmony with others and with themselves.

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