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The government has developed a system of social guarantees for young parents. They will be able to receive maternity benefits, newborn care, a little material assistance when sending a child to a nursery or to an institution for preschool children. Compensation for kindergarten in 2018 at the request of government representatives will be raised to 70% of the amount paid. Certain categories of citizens will be able to receive such subsidies..

What is compensation for kindergarten?

The right to state support and the return of part of the money paid for the institution for preschool children arises from the parents or official guardians of the child on the basis of federal law (Federal Law) No. 273 “On Education in the Russian Federation”. The return for the kindergarten is received by the citizen who makes the monthly payment. Money will be credited every month to the citizen’s bank account. Adjustment of the size of payments is carried out relative to the amount of payment for DOW.

Who is eligible for a place in kindergarten

The Constitution of the Russian Federation states that every child can attend preschool. In fact, about 40% of three-year-olds get a place in a kindergarten during distribution. Toddlers who are not on this list are at home with their mothers, grandmothers, or nannies. Orphans are subject to priority enrollment in the organization of preschool education (DOE). Admission to a particular kindergarten depends on the number of free places and the total workload of teachers.

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Who has a seat in the garden at a reduced price?

After the adoption of Federal Law No. 273, some local authorities should enroll some children out of turn. Parents of such babies engage in potentially dangerous activities or belong to socially unprotected categories of citizens. According to the current regulatory acts, local authorities are obliged to provide a place in the preschool educational institution for the following categories of children:

  • a preschooler who is a member of a large family;
  • minors whose parents work in the Ministry of Emergencies, firefighters or serve in the armed forces of the Russian Federation;
  • a preschooler whose parents are orphans and left without parental care until they reach the age of 23;
  • minors whose parents suffered from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Chernobyl nuclear power plant);
  • a preschooler whose parents are employees of the police, prosecution bodies, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation or belong to active military personnel;
  • children of employees of preschool institutions (nannies, teachers, etc.);
  • a preschooler whose parents are disabled;
  • a baby whose brother or sister is already attending the selected kindergarten;
  • minors raised by single mothers.

An orphan, who is under the care of relatives or left without parental care, is obliged to get a place in the kindergarten out of turn. In the absence of places in the selected preschool organization, the trustees of the baby are allowed by law to submit documents to another company. If an unjustified refusal came, the guardians should file a complaint against the person who made such a decision by visiting the city department of education or online through its website. Place in a specialized preschool institution can get a disabled child.

Preschool educational institutions use 3 categories of beneficiaries for admission:

  • extraordinary people (children of Chernobyl victims killed in the execution of persons, judges);
  • high-priority (preschool children from families of the disabled, military personnel, police / drug control officers);
  • persons with a pre-emptive right of admission (orphans, minors under guardianship, preschool children from single-parent families, children of employees of preschool institutions).

According to article 1 of the Federal Law No. 124 “On Basic Guarantees of the Rights of the Child in the Russian Federation”, children in difficult situations can enter the kindergarten without waiting in line. These include:

  • caught in extreme conditions;
  • victims of violence;
  • left without parental care;
  • members of poor families;
  • with objectively disturbed life activity due to prevailing circumstances that they cannot overcome with the help of the family;
  • coming from refugee families;
  • having a disability;
  • being victims of man-made, environmental disasters, interethnic, armed conflicts, natural disasters.

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Types of Compensation

All payments relate to state and regional. Information on the first type of compensation is provided by the legislative framework of the Russian Federation, and the second type of subsidy is provided by the leaders of a specific area. The amount of cash compensation depends on the amount of payment for the services provided by the kindergarten. DOU managers do not have the right to greatly overcharge the cost of training. According to Article 65 of the Federal Law No. 273, the maximum amount of daily payment for kindergarten must not exceed:

  • 70-80 rubles with an abbreviated shift for children from 2 months to 7 years;
  • 90-100 rubles with a full shift, the same age.

The established requirements apply to both private and public institutions. If the leadership of the kindergarten establishes an inflated cost of services or asks to make additional contributions for repairs, the purchase of equipment for the institution, then parents have the right to sue the organization’s management. Officially, the prosecutor’s office is solving these problems.

Government payments

Compensation for kindergarten in 2018 at the state level is paid to needy families. For the services of a private nanny, a monetary reimbursement of expenses will not work. Before applying for a payment, the total family income should be calculated. If it is above 150% of the cost of living for 1 person, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefit. Parents of a preschooler can receive the following types of government benefits:

  • for monthly payment of kindergarten;
  • for not providing a place.

When calculating the subsidy, those days that the preschooler actually spent in the institution are taken into account. For example, if a father paid a month for visiting a kindergarten, but the baby became ill and could not come, no financial assistance will be charged for the missed days. To calculate the exact amount of payments, a citizen must know how many days a preschooler was in preschool. The calculations are carried out as follows:

  1. The cost of one day in the organization is calculated. For this, the price of caregivers’ services is divided by the monthly number of working days.
  2. The number of days when a preschooler was in kindergarten is multiplied by the cost of one day.
  3. The resulting figure is divided by 100, and then multiplied by the compensation percentage (20.50 or 70%).

Regional Payments

This type of financial assistance includes all additional payments to families with a preschool child. This is a refund for food, and the accrual of additional interest from the payment of the kindergarten. Regional payments are provided if the family is considered to be in need or is large. The provision of material assistance should be handled by the parents themselves, by writing a statement and submitting a package of documents to the authorized body. You can see the list of regional payments on the official website of the Department of Education and other social protection bodies..


Compensation for not providing a place in kindergarten

Women often have to sit with the baby longer than 1.5 years, because to arrange a child in a preschool does not work. In some regions, the problem with the lack of state kindergartens is acute, so local authorities decided to allocate part of the regional budget to pay subsidies for not providing a place in kindergarten. At the federal level, the privilege in question is not provided. From a legal point of view, this reimbursement is subsidiary, therefore, an official refusal to receive it cannot be appealed..

Who can claim to receive

The Constitution of the Russian Federation states that the parents of the baby or his official guardians can exercise this right. The issue of subsidies is decided individually. Employees of the Department of Education assess the costs of raising a baby. If they conclude that the family really needs extra money, then the request is approved. Representatives of a preschooler can clarify information on benefits by contacting one of the employees of the department of social protection at the place of registration.

In which regions is paid

If compensation for kindergarten in 2018 is provided in all regions of the country, then payment from the budget if there is no place in the institution for preschool children can not be received everywhere. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will not be able to use this privilege, because in the territory of these cities there are a large number of private and state kindergartens. Regions with a deficit of preschool institutions, where you can get financial assistance:

Name of city / region

The amount of compensation for children in rubles

How old is the compensation paid, years

From 1.5 to 3 years

From 3 years


















Berezniki (Perm region)




Smolensk region








Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug











Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area




Not in all regions the amount of payments is fixed. For example, the authorities of Samara for each child add 500 rubles to the amount of the subsidy. Parents should find out detailed information on the provision of payments by talking with an employee of the education department located at the place of residence. To receive payments for non-provision of a place, residents of the above regions are required to contact the local government or social security institution together with the following documents:

  • passport
  • birth certificate of a preschooler;
  • statement of family composition;
  • certificate of marriage / divorce;
  • a statement of being in line at a kindergarten;
  • written refusal of admission;
  • maternity leave orders;
  • bank account details where the money will be credited monthly.

Money will be received until the child reaches a certain age. In this case, parents should periodically check the availability of places in kindergartens that have a state license. If, during a visit to a preschool educational institution, the citizen refused to accept documents on the basis of any external reasons not related to the standard number of places in the organization, he can appeal this decision as follows:

  1. Write a complaint to the name of the kindergarten manager. It is acceptable both to leave a statement with the secretary and send it by e-mail. Upon written request, one form remains with the applicant, and the second is kept with the representative of the manager.
  2. Write a complaint to the head of the local department of education. The claim must be substantiated. Together with the completed form, evidence is applied, the essence of the requirements is described in detail. The letter must be accompanied by confirmation of a written appeal to the manager. Anonymous complaints and statements containing swear words are automatically rejected.

Payout Amount

2018 kindergarten parental compensation

The right to receive material assistance from the government can be used by poor and large families. By law, it is publicly available. Money is transferred at the end of each month after payment for the preschool institution, i.e. the February subsidy will be credited to the account in March. Some categories of citizens can return money for children’s meals.

Residents of some regions of Russia may receive additional compensation for kindergarten in 2018. With the average per capita income of an incomplete family below the double living wage, the heads of local authorities of the municipal districts of St. Petersburg provide 40% surcharge for each child. If one of the parents is disabled, then the amount of financial assistance increases to 50%.

To whom is reimbursed

Compensation for kindergarten in 2018 is provided in all regions of Russia. The general availability of payments does not mean that any citizen of the country who has children can receive them. Money is transferred to the account of the family member who has entered into an agreement with the DOW. When considering applications for compensation for kindergarten, an individual approach is practiced. Estimated status and number of family members in need of employment.

Formally apply for compensation can families where the income per person is not more than 150% of the subsistence level. An exception to this rule are citizens belonging to preferential categories. They are paid compensation regardless of the average family income. When the cost of DOU services changes, the amount of payments also changes.

How many percent return

Under the law, no more than 70% of the money paid for kindergarten can be returned. In the presence of one child, the compensation for kindergarten in 2018 will be 20%, and in the presence of two children – 50%. Families with many children can claim 70% of the payment for preschool education. There are certain categories of people who receive 50% compensation for kindergarten, regardless of the number of minors in the family. These include:

  • disabled people;
  • Chernobyl liquidators;
  • military personnel who have been drafted into the army;
  • kindergarten workers;
  • needy families.

Refund for meals

Compensation for kindergarten in 2018 may include food expenses. This benefit can be used by parents who make separate monthly contributions for food in kindergarten. The amount of the subsidy depends on the number of minors attending the institution. This payment is assigned to needy, large families and a preschooler, in whom one of the parents is a Chernobyl victim or Chernobyl liquidator.

After submitting the documents, the representative of the baby must monthly bring to kindergarten a copy or the original receipt of payment for food and a statement on the calculation of the subsidy for the month. The amount of money back for meals is determined by analogy with the amount of compensation. If there is one preschool child in the family, then they return 20%, and if three or more, then 70%. To feed children in the Kindergarten even when providing a refund will be the usual menu.

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Exemption from personal income tax on the amount of compensation payments

Under article 217 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, taxes are not removed from state benefits. Compensation for kindergarten in 2018 is paid on the same conditions. The bank can take interest from the money charged by the government, but financial institutions do not make deductions to the tax service. This rule applies to all benefits..

How to get compensation

Many parents see payments from the state budget as an opportunity to minimize the cost of educating the baby. Helping to save families in need and regional benefits. To receive compensation for the kindergarten, parents must belong to one of the preferential categories. When applying, you will need documentary evidence of this fact. The process of receiving a refund for the kindergarten is as follows:

  1. The representative of the preschooler draws up all the necessary documents, and then transfers them to the head of the preschool institution or to the person responsible for the implementation of the program.
  2. A month later, the applicant awaits a positive or negative response from local authorities.
  3. If the answer is yes, after receiving an official order once a month, a refund will be transferred to the parent’s account.

A negative response to a request for financial assistance may come due to several reasons. Often parents indicate incomplete or inaccurate information about themselves, which leads to a rejection of the request at the stage of consideration. The Department of Education returns requests for material assistance if the application form is filled out incorrectly, so citizens are advised to carefully read the sample presented on the website of the state agency. After correcting the mistakes, the representative of the preschooler can resend documents to receive benefits.

Order of registration

The first action of the parent will be the submission of documents to the preschool educational organization to receive compensation. The application form must be taken from the employee of the kindergarten responsible for the implementation of the state program, and then fill it at home. The established list of documents can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. After all the papers are completed, the citizen must do the following:

  1. Visit the department of the kindergarten that accepts applications for calculating compensation. There, an authorized employee will certify all copies of documents with the seal of the institution.
  2. Based on the available documents, the DOE employee compiles a list of potential recipients of compensation for kindergarten in 2018, and then sends them to the local education department, social welfare agencies and other state organizations.
  3. Upon receipt of a positive decision regarding the payment of compensation, the DOU employee informs the parent that from the next month a part of the paid money will be returned to the account presented in the application.
  4. Every quarter a citizen must write a new application to receive payments. It will be sent to the above authorities along with documents indicating the amount of accrued compensation..

Upon receipt of a negative response to the request, the applicant has the right to find out the reason for this decision. If it does not comply with current legislation, then a citizen can file a complaint in the name of the head of the local education department in order to review the documents submitted earlier. If the answer is no, the applicant can turn to the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Average complaint review time is 1 month.

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List of required documents

Compensation is paid after the mother, father or official guardian of the child submits the corresponding request to the kindergarten. A person representing a preschooler must collect a package of documents confirming the right to a refund. Without them, getting a subsidy and becoming a member of the state family support program will not work. Documents for compensation for kindergarten in 2018:

  • application for receipt of payment, filled in according to the sample;
  • the original and a copy of documents confirming the identity of the applicant (passport, identity card, etc.);
  • copy of the certificate of marriage / divorce, if the name of the preschooler does not coincide with the name of the parent;
  • bank details where the money will be credited.

The filing date of the completed form and all required documents is noted in the register of recipients of the money back of the preschool institution to which the child belongs. The application is sent to the local department of education and other government bodies for approval of payments. At the end of the calendar year, an official request for financial assistance must be resubmitted. If parents decide to refuse a refund, then they must write a statement addressed to the director of the kindergarten.


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