Craft beer – what is it. Features of the beverage production and the best varieties of craft beer in Russia

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This frothy, bitter malt and hop drink has a large group of fans that is projected to become even more numerous every year. Find out why craft beer lovers prefer to pay a significantly higher price than a similar bulk drink on the shelves, but buy this author’s product.

What does craft beer mean?

To understand the fundamental difference between this drink and the mass product that is familiar to everyone, you need to know some facts. Such a concept as craft brewing appeared in the 1980s, when small breweries that produced beer according to traditional or original recipes were organized and began to develop. What does craft mean? Translated from English, the name “craft beer” means “craft beer.” This is a drink, in the preparation of which the brewer uses his skill to comply with the recipe and to please the customer with a unique product.

The idea, which is based on customer satisfaction, rather than the production of large volumes of the product and marketing it in bulk, could turn into a successful business area. For this we must pay tribute to American businessmen. When in the mid-20th century, large brewing corporations presented only a standard line of drinks on the market, true beer lovers began to build small enterprises and produce different types of drinks throughout the country. Craft breweries took into account the needs of their customers so that they could enjoy their favorite drink in the pub.

Beer of different varieties in glasses

What is the difference between craft beer and ordinary

A significant difference in the production process determines the differences between these two types of drink.

  1. When brewing a product, the craft brewery does not reproduce mass industrial, but old traditional recipes using ingredients generally accepted for the industry..
  2. Often, unusual additives are used in the production process – chocolate, citrus fruits, milk, cinnamon and others, so new consumer varieties of the drink are offered to the consumer.
  3. The price of craft beer is significantly higher than usual due to the addition of more expensive natural ingredients, and storage terms are noticeably lower, because no preservatives are added in the production. Thanks to this, the consumer has the opportunity to drink a more aromatic, lively drink..
  4. Foam craft drink involves a special culture of consumption. Such a drink is served not in traditional beer mugs, but in special glasses similar to wine ones. It should be drunk in small sips to taste and enjoy the taste.
  5. The plans of the craft brewer should not include the production of large batches of the product and the organization of wide marketing. Its main clients are residents of the territory adjacent to the brewery. The manufacturer takes into account the tastes and wishes of customers, and then – quickly makes changes to the recipe to satisfy such requests.
  6. A very interesting difference between craft production and the usual one is that artisans do not set as their goal the obtaining of stable, solid profit. Such entrepreneurs should be interested in the creative component of the process, the desire not only to satisfy consumer needs, but also constantly surprise their customers.

Glass of beer

Varieties of craft beer

It is unlikely that it will be possible to list all the varieties of this foamy aromatic drink, because brewers often improvise with additives and create something new. If we pay attention to Russian craft beer, then we can distinguish such well-known and popular varieties among connoisseurs.

  1. Pale ale – a popular light beer, has a malt flavor with a noticeable bitterness.
  2. Indian Pale Ale – the aroma of the drink is distinguished by exotic shades of flowers, resins, citrus, other fruits, and the taste – interesting notes.
  3. Double IPA, or Imperial – light craft sweetish beer with a unique aftertaste.
  4. The Russian imperial stout – a drink of almost black color, has a rich aroma and velvety mild taste with notes of coffee and chocolate.
  5. Barlywine – dark beer with a pronounced burnt bitter taste.

Indian pale ale in a glass and a bottle

Manufacturers of craft beer in Russia

The market of domestic craft brewing in recent years has expanded greatly, because there are more and more lovers of traditional beer recipes, this market is growing. Craft beer in Russia is produced by many private enterprises. Some of the most famous enterprises in this sector are the Bakunin, AF Brew, Brickstone, Victory Art Brew, Vasileostrovsky Brewery, 1 Ton and others. Today, these manufacturers have become major suppliers to specialized stores and pubs; they produce wholesale of common handicraft and designer varieties..

Craft beer price

This product cannot be bought from a regular store counter. You will get such a drink in the markets where they sell natural products or buy it in a pub if there is a small brewery nearby, which makes such deliveries. Craft beer in bulk will be most conveniently bought in the manufacturer’s online store – just order the required varieties according to the catalog in the right amount.

Immediately expect that due to the use of a unique recipe, you will have to pay a much higher price for a bottle than for ordinary mass-produced beer. The cost of craft beer, depending on the brand, varies from 165-170 to 250-300 and even up to 400 rubles for 0.33-0.5 liters. Please note that if you order this product via the Internet, then the store may set a certain minimum order quantity.

How to choose craft beer

To determine which type of drink your beer appetite will best satisfy, tasting is indispensable. One option is to visit the craft beer bar and try new varieties there. Feel free to ask the bartender at the pub. The specialist will tell you what craft beer of a certain sort is and how best to taste it. You can also visit specialized beer shops to choose craft beer. If the price of certain varieties is too high, it’s a good idea to buy these drinks with friends and try them together.

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