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Among the options for what can be done with matches, there are both simple models and complex ones that amaze the imagination. To make incredible things requires perseverance, time and imagination. The basic techniques for making match crafts are described in master classes that you can follow yourself or create new solutions..

What you can do from matches with your own hands

Among novice lovers of needlework, the question may arise what to make from matches. This improvised wooden material is inexpensive, affordable for everyone and allows you to make amazing crafts out of it. Match constructions can be voluminous or flat, miniature or impressive in size – it is better to start with simple models, gradually increasing complexity. Here are a few ideas on the topic:

  • voluminous buildings – houses, ships, planes, mills;
  • boxes, caskets;
  • paintings, panels;
  • jewelry;
  • doll furniture;
  • chess.

Crafts from matches

Match construction

The most popular are crafts from matches in the form of buildings – these can be houses, castles, towers and even churches. A child can start with the basics – to make a small house by which you can understand what the principle of building construction is. Then it will turn out to make large-sized models, which are exact copies of the reduced famous buildings. You can come up with your own building options by creating fabulous houses for princesses and knights.

How to make a house out of matches without glue

If the master is interested in what can be made of matches without glue, then he has the right to try to make a house, for which you need to take:

  • base stand;
  • 7 matchboxes;
  • collection scheme, instructions;
  • 2-3 coins with a face value of 5 rubles.

Steps for making a matchhouse:

  1. On the stand, put 2 matches parallel to each other, on which 8 pieces are placed perpendicularly. This will be the foundation in which there will be equal gaps..
  2. Another 8 pieces are placed perpendicular to the previous layer.
  3. The base is being made – matches with heads in a circle are laid out around the perimeter – 7 rows of 4 pieces.
  4. In the last row are placed 8 pieces, which with their heads look in the direction opposite to the foundation.
  5. Put 6 pieces in the top middle, put a coin on top.
  6. Insert 1 match between the last 2 rows in the holes, gently holding the structure.
  7. One more piece is inserted into each gap along the walls, the perimeter is covered. For clarity, when creating, you can use the picture.
  8. Compress the structure tightly so that the elements settle down.
  9. To build a taller house, you can stick matches head up on the perimeter of the walls.
  10. Make a horizontal coating – insert sticks with alternating heads-ends, push pieces starting from the head.
  11. To make the roof, sticks are inserted along walls opposite to each other, with alternating directions. Insert better perpendicular to the ceiling.
  12. The first layer includes 2 pieces, the second – 4, then – 6, and in the center in two layers – 8 each.
  13. A roof, a window, a door, a pipe are made according to the picture-scheme (half is taken for it).

House of matches without glue

How to make a castle out of matches

A variant of crafts from matches will be a beautiful medieval castle or church. At the heart of manufacturing is the same house of the simplest type, only without a roof. The assembled base cubes can be connected in two ways:

  • Add-in – using ready-made cubes or advanced ones. In the first case, the design is stronger, and in the second, fewer elements are used. To add advanced cubes, you need to pull out 4 non-corner matches, turn them from sulfur and insert them into the top element.
  • Bonding – use stationery glue or double-sided tape.

To show a little imagination does not hurt anyone, so crafts in the form of grandiose buildings attract attention. Many masters make interesting copies of the Kremlin and temples using the creation of triangular prisms. Decoration is made by wheels, wells, masts, flagpoles. To create domes with crosses, it is required to gradually reduce the layers, forming an elongated shape. You can fix all the elements with any varnish for wood.

Match Castle

Match Figures

Simple and elegant are matches made in the form of figures. It can be cubes, wheels, trihedrons. The basic elements that are easy to make can be used in the further construction of fortresses, castles, ships, aircraft. For example, making a wheel may not require glue, and the work itself will be as follows:

  • draw a circle diagram with 15 elements of equal size;
  • make a panel for weaving – in a circle fill holes with nails, where to put matches;
  • weaving will require 90 elements – they need to be laid with an overlap between the supports, lifting the first stick – it will fix the entire structure;
  • the pre- and last elements need to be inserted under the previous ones, fixing them especially reliably;
  • each layer is crimped, pressed, and at the end the support pieces are carefully removed.

How to make a cube from matches

The basis of crafts from matches is a cube, to facilitate the manufacture of which you can take a stand with holes around the entire perimeter. In these holes you need to insert the missing elements, between which lay the bottom. Then the perimeter is assembled – the elements are laid perpendicular to the base, rammed in each layer. The finished model is removed from the stand, strengthened by gluing 4 missing matches. It turns out a rigid structure that will last a long time.

Match Cube

Match Modeling

An alternative to crafts from matches can be modeling, which adult men are fond of. They make planes, ships, tanks. Women are also keen on modeling, creating paintings, portraits or massive designs. To build large-scale projects, it requires a large number of matchboxes, perseverance and certain skills that you need to spend on assembling basic materials and joining all parts together.

Match ship

Among the crafts from matches, we can distinguish a step-by-step scheme for creating a ship:

  • cut the base of the deck out of paper;
  • carefully adjust the size of the base of the sticks, cleaned of sulfur and polished, you need to glue them with the base, make sure that the layers fit snugly;
  • build up the ship layer by layer, while using overlapping elements so that the early layer overlaps the junctions of the later;
  • the sides are grinded, a deck in the form of a parallelepiped, a pipe in the form of a cylinder is similarly created;
  • all parts must be glued together after thorough grinding and drying.

How to make a ship out of matches

How to make an airplane out of matches

To make a plane or a glider, you can use the circuit from the ship, collecting each part separately and gluing them together as a result. You can also assemble the mini-model in half an hour using the picture scheme:

  • take 2 sticks, break them with a knife, fasten with the fuselage – the transverse crossbar;
  • break the stick in three places to make a tail;
  • glue parts;
  • to make 2 wings of 4 pieces, of 1 piece – a cabin and chassis, of three pieces – blades;
  • glue all the parts together.

Due to the complexity of understanding the collection of even the simplest crafts only in text, there are videos where all stages of production are described and shown in detail. Experienced craftsmen share their own experience in making a house with glue, a well, figures and wheels. It remains only to carefully monitor the movements of the hands and repeat in their models.

How to make a match house on glue

Match Well

Matchstick figures for children

Matchstick wheel without glue

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