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In the age of rapid computerization, you will not be surprised at the automation of business processes. Warehousing and accounting have become commonplace, but the interaction with customers in the old fashion is not taken into account, and this would help optimize the process of cooperation. To do this, there are CRM systems – what it is described below.

What is a CRM system

The concept came from the English language – Customer Relationship Management System – and literally means a customer relationship management system. Literal translation cannot convey the entire description, so you should understand in more detail. It’s impossible to determine the value of a CRM system in a word, since it’s not even a software product, but a business planning model, in the center of which the client.

To implement this process, information is collected about each client of the company, and then used to build effective relationships with him. A business would not be effective if it were not for profit making to be paramount, and the implementation of the CRM-system just brings dividends from working with clients. An individual program of cooperation with each customer helps to retain existing customers and expand the base by attracting new.

The CRM is part of a single database of the company and is a complex architecture. This helps to automate the processes of working with customers, as a result of which the company has the opportunity to offer the client certain products or services exactly at the time they need them. Such a concept, when the consumer, and not the product, is brought to the fore, makes the company competitive in the market.

One of the most well-proven CRM systems is Megaplan, you can learn more about it on

The architecture of the CRM system consists of the following modules:

  • front part (provides service at points of sale);
  • operational part;
  • data store;
  • analytical subsystem;
  • distributed sales support system.

Schematic principle of the CRM system

Free CRM system

The price of the systems varies greatly, but on the sites you can find free CRM-systems, some of which are provided free of charge for constant use, while others are only for testing. Among the common ones, the following can be distinguished:

Galloper CRM

A free CRM system developed for sales departments has a simple and convenient interface. Great for integrating several departments into a single base for more effective control over employees, scheduling their work and collecting all the necessary statistics. Thanks to the CPM system, it is possible to create a customer database, which will reflect all contacts with him. She records phone calls for later analysis..


CPM-system designed for centralized analysis of the enterprise and employee control, as well as for maintaining a common base of customers and sales, preserving the entire history of cooperation. It has several subsections where you can deal with personnel matters, control and distribution of financial flows, plan tasks.

Monitor CRM Free (Light)

The CPM system has advanced functionality. Carries out management of economic activity and its analysis. It does not require additional software, but is designed for one employee.

Quick sales free

It is a single-user application with which you can maintain a database of customers and sales.

What is CRM for?

It is important for the company to ensure the coordinated work of all departments with customers. At this stage, it becomes clear why a CRM system is needed. Its implementation contributes to the organization of a joint approach to each customer, when in practice for the most part these departments work separately. The company only benefits from such mutually beneficial cooperation, since working in one bundle and in one direction not only increases the company’s profit by reducing costs, but also helps to plan the company’s future strategy.


The interaction of departments allows you to attract new customers and not lose the old. This is because each employee, turning to a single database, has the opportunity to see a detailed and complete picture of the buyer, on the basis of which a decision is made, which will be reflected in this database. All this is possible when the basic principles of CRM systems are observed:

  • The existence of a common center where information is stored.
  • The ability to interact with customers through all available communication channels: from telephone to social networks.
  • Conducting a continuous analysis of the information collected to decide on the future work of the company.

Man and girl at a laptop


If we talk about the goal of implementing CRM systems as a stage in the development of management, then customer satisfaction will be in the first place, as the influx of new customers while maintaining existing ones helps the company to grow rapidly by increasing the number of sales. This can be achieved by analyzing the relationship between the company and customers, maintaining a competent and balanced tariff policy and using the right trading tools..

CRM implementation

First you need to carefully study the offers on the market, paying more attention to those products that are widely used. The implementation of CRM-systems will require training of employees, and for this process to go as quickly as possible, it is worth choosing programs with a simple and understandable interface. In addition, entering information into the database should not be difficult and time-consuming, since there is a risk of company employees refusing to work with it.

Before you finally purchase the selected CRM-system, it is recommended to use a trial version, which in practice will help to understand how convenient it is to use the program. The more employees will be involved in the process, the more effective testing will be. In the process, you can identify the missing features that can be purchased from developers.

CRM for small business

Since a small business does not have a large amount of money, it is extremely important at the initial stage to identify the functionality necessary for work. The right decision would be to purchase a CRM system designed for sales. It’s good if this program has a free period of use, because you can personally verify the need for using this product.

A CRM system for small businesses should be simple and inexpensive. Priority should be given to those who are able to work through the Internet, have interaction with services for sending letters, IP-telephony. You should not buy CRM-systems in which a large number of functions unnecessary for doing business. Among the most popular are the following:

  1. WireCRM.
  2. AmoCRM.
  3. Megaplan.
  4. Customer base.

CRM inscription

CRM system for business

The development of cloud technologies has contributed to the effective implementation of CRM for large businesses. Development can be carried out under the features of a single company. The system is used at all stages of economic activity, it helps to carefully analyze the whole process and properly organize the work of the company and its employees. With the help of CRM-systems, accounting and planning of not only sales, but also material resources of the enterprise is possible. They provide an opportunity to conduct the right marketing policy based on data analysis..

Types of CRM Systems

If you determine what kind of CRM-systems are, then depending on the functionality you can distinguish the following types:

  • sales management;
  • marketing management;
  • customer service and call center management.

Rating of CRM systems

What can affect the choice of CRM-system? Firstly, the presence of certain functions that are present in the program. Secondly, it is ease of use and percentage of return. The ability to use the product anywhere, the successful organization of the work of company employees and the ability to plan business activities make the CRM-system an indispensable tool in doing business. The market has a large number of solutions for small businesses, large enterprises and corporations:

  • AmoCRM. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses. You can use it for free in test mode for the first two weeks. Used to work with clients. It is possible to use the mobile application to work anywhere via the Internet.
  • Bitrix24. There is no possibility of test use. More suitable for large companies. Using the CRM system, you can not only segment customers, but also plan working hours and keep in touch with employees. Two possibilities of using the system are developed: through installation or online.
  • Pipedrive. There is a free trial for the first month. The program interface is very convenient and suitable for any business. Focusing on small and medium-sized businesses, the developers did everything possible to exclude unnecessary functions from the CRM system, focusing on sales. It functions through a “cloud” based on services based on the SaaS model.
  • Megaplan. A demo version is available in the first two weeks of operation. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps to monitor the implementation of tasks for company employees, maintain a customer base and effectively plan business processes. It is installed on a company server or works via the Internet.

AmoCRM Logo


The full price of the CPM-system is calculated individually. In general terms, the price can be represented as a combination of several parameters – this is the cost of a license, implementation, training and additional functions. The implementation price of a product can be up to three values ​​of the license cost, but in most cases, firms offer it at a level of 20-50%. Some put the price of implementation in the cost of a license. The price of advisory services starts at $ 25 per hour. Training of specialists and administrators depends on individual approaches.

The price of CRM systems manufactured in Russia and foreign analogues excluding promotions (optional):

CPM name

Minimum license price / month

Maximum price per month


0 (free version)








Customer base






How does a CRM system work?

The work of the CRM is simple, the only thing that needs to be done is the constant filling and updating of the database. To do this, enter the tasks here, display information about received calls and letters from customers. It is necessary to perform as many tasks as you can, and try not to transfer tasks to a later time. Analysis should be carried out continuously to improve the performance of the company.

CRM manager

The position of a specialist includes a number of events, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • database management, keeping it up to date;
  • interaction with customers and company employees;
  • CRM decision making;
  • conducting marketing projects, performance evaluation.

A man shakes hands with a woman

Customer base

Application software automates the workflow. With it, you can control the execution of tasks by employees in the context of the entire company as a whole. The complex organizes customer relationship management: stores information about each contact, accepts applications, makes mailings. In this version of the CRM-system there is the possibility of working with documentation and reporting.


In the first stages, CRMs were created for sales. Since the sale of goods is tied to consumers, marketing has actively joined in this. With its help, all knowledge about customer behavior is built, thereby exploring the needs of current and future customers. Ultimately, having analyzed all previous purchases, their quantity and the manifestation of interest in them, a concrete proposal is developed for a potential client.

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