Crochet backpack – how to knit for a boy or girl, beginner’s schemes with descriptions and videos

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Nowadays, hand-made things are popular, and this is not only clothes. Crocheted bags and backpacks look interesting: even a novice needlewoman will be able to knit a children’s backpack, especially if there is a knitting pattern, it does not matter for a girl or boy a product is knitted. The principle of knitting is the same for any thing, and the selection of color is a matter of taste for the craftswoman.

How to crochet a backpack

Crocheting is simple: a backpack can be made in a short time. There are patterns requiring skill and mastery. Simple crochets even the one who holds the hook in his hands for the first time in his life will master. Almost all models of knapsacks are knitted with this technique – a dense fabric resembling a knitted one is obtained. Making a bottom is a little difficult, because it is difficult to remember how many loops to add at once to get an even circle or oval, but if the scheme is clear, this part will not cause problems.


You can crochet a variety of backpack models: sports, smart, a boho-style backpack, a working backpack, which will fit a tablet and documents. The choice of model depends on experience, perseverance in mastering the technique of knitting. It can be a simple model connected with a whole canvas, with a drawn cord instead of the top valve, or it can be with a full hard bottom, with a lining, pockets, buttons, with a lot of interesting details.

Knitted backpacks

Knitting technique

Almost all backpacks are knitted according to one pattern – first the bottom, then the walls and sidewalls are knitted with crochets. If you like needlework, some columns will not be interesting to you – after all, crocheting you can create beautiful lace patterns. In the crochet technique, there are two key elements: a loop and a column, the most spectacular openwork is built on their combinations. Basic knitting techniques:

  1. Single crochet. The hook is inserted into the air loop, a thread is thrown over it, extended, forming a loop. The working thread is thrown on a hook, knitted through two loops. These elements can be performed in various ways:
  • In the loop (behind the front or behind the back wall).
  • Into the arch – the gap between the loops.
  • Over the leg.
  1. Half crochet. Knit the hook, pull the loop out of the air, knit all three loops on the hook at a time.
  2. The crochet column is knitted like this: before putting the hook into the air loop, a crochet is made, three loops are formed, which are knitted in two. Two or three crochets are knitted in the same way..
  3. Elongated columns fit like usual. First we pull the working loop from the air, then, unlike a simple column, we knit only an air loop, then a column: they can also be sewn with or without crochet.
  4. Connecting column Insert the hook into the air loop, grab the thread and knit through both loops. These columns connect the details of knitting..

Crochet Techniques

Accepted in knitting abbreviations:

  • loop air – VP;
  • columns: single crochet – st b / n; with a crochet – st s / n; half-column – p / st; connecting – conn. st.


The choice of yarn for the backpack is determined by the model: a sports backpack is knitted in a simple pattern with dense yarn of a calm color, for example, cotton thread. You can knit a backpack of knitted yarn. It resembles a knitted fabric cut into ribbons, it turns out to be soft, dense, tight, which holds its shape, and simple columns look like an interesting pattern.

A small elegant backpack can be made of fancy yarn crocheted:

  • yarn “Pompom”;
  • short-pile Chenille yarn;
  • Grass yarn – the product will be fluffy;
  • Bowling yarn – bulk yarn drawn by beads;
  • fancy yarn with woven beads, sequins.

Crochet backpack – diagram and description for beginners

A nice and uncomplicated summer backpack with a hook will be able to knit even a novice craftswoman. It is knitted with a continuous fabric, without knitting pockets, without a bottom. This is a good model to learn how to knit. Yarn – 100 g of orange, berry, bright red, lilac (colors can be any), hook number 6. The product is knitted with a basic and woven pattern: 20 cm half-columns, then 52 cm – woven pattern (less possible), the end of knitting – 20 cm half-columns.

The main pattern:

  • with an orange thread, perform a chain of 47 VP and 3 VP for lifting, then knit p / st, according to the sequence of colors;
  • each row to start with 2 VP lift, finish p / st in the last VP lift of the previous row;
  • insert the hook only behind the front wall in the previous row.

A pattern of half columns, color sequence:

  • orange thread – 4 rows;
  • knit 2 rows of colored threads, in accordance with the scheme (red, purple, berry, red and purple).

Woven pattern:

  • dial VP, the number of loops is a multiple of 11 (4 + 5);
  • associate with 1–11 rows 1 time;
  • repeat from 4 to 11, following the sequence of colors.
  • since the colors alternate in rows 4 and 5, knit 2 reverse rows in rows 4 and 5 in a row, and 2 facial rows in 8 and 9.

Backpack assembly:

  1. The first and last 3 cm to turn inside out and hem – this will be the drawstring.
  2. Fold the product in half in width (drawstring to drawstring) and sew side seams, leave drawstring open.
  3. For the straps, tie the chain into 4 folds of thread (4 colors) of 95 cm in size, tie it 1 with a row of connecting posts. Insert the hook only in the upper link of the first row of loops.
  4. Pass one strap from the right edge of the canvas into two wings, and pass the second strap from the left side to both. Sew the ends on both sides of the lower corners of the bag from the wrong side.

Crochet knitted backpacks with patterns for children

A wide field for imagination unfolds when knitting products for children – here any riot of flowers is allowed. Children’s knitted backpacks can be made in the form of little animals, funny appliques can be knitted and sewn to the finished work. An interesting effect is obtained if you do not knit the product with a whole fabric, but make it out of openwork motifs that are connected with contrasting or fashioned yarn.

Knitting pattern

For girl

Bright and elegant summer backpack for the girl, knitted from square motifs. To work, you will need:

  • 150 multi-colored yarn (iris; 70 m / 50 g);
  • embroidery needle;
  • clasp;
  • cardboard rectangle in size of the bottom;
  • hook number 5.

The bottom, the walls of the backpack and the lid consist of square motifs. Sew the connected squares with the front sides behind the back walls, which were left free. Turn the b / n columns of the fifth circular row outward from the front side. The straps are made separately with a yellow thread: knit an initial chain of 7 VP + 1 VP 58 cm b / n.

Square knitting pattern:

  • Run 4 VP and close the ring with a connecting column.
  • Knit 5 circles according to the scheme, the number of lifting loops is indicated on the scheme. This is 1 VP in the first and last and 3 in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rows.
  • End in the last run of the lift with the connecting st..
  • Start line 3 with a thread of a different color, in rows 3 and 4, make the final columns in the following color.
  • 5 row of single crochet, knit for the front wall of the lower columns, the squares will sew together for the back wall, it remains free.
  • After each row, make a turn with the additional VP.

How to distribute colors:

  • knit a chain of stitches 1 and 2 circles in one color;
  • other circles in different colors, choose colors to your liking;
  • make sure that the same squares do not connect during assembly.


  • Bottom:
  1. Tie 2 squares, connect with each other on one side.
  • Canvas bags:
  1. Link 18 squares, connect them into a rectangle (width 6 squares, height 3).
  2. Connect the rectangle into the cylinder, sew.
  • Knitting Valve:
  1. Tie 1 square to 3 circles.
  2. In rows 4 and 5, knit 1 and 4 corners, as in the diagram, for 2 and 3 corners, knit 1 st. With a crochet for a corner VP and 1 st with a crochet to round 2 and 3 corners.


  1. Connect the main part with the bottom along the bottom edge to combine the squares, 2 squares each – this is the width of the backpack, 1 – sidewalls.
  2. Sew the cover up with the ends of the straps. Sew the ends of the straps between the bottom and sides. On the round side of the valve, in the middle, knit a loop of 10 vp with colored thread.
  3. Tie a lace 100 cm long, pass through the double crochet along the top edge and pull the top of the product.
  4. Put a cardboard rectangle on the bottom to give rigidity, you can sew a lining.

Crochet Square Backpack

For boy

A knitted backpack for a boy in the form of a soccer ball will not leave indifferent the future champion. To work, you will need:

  • 150 g of white yarn, black yarn 80, yarn “Iris”;
  • cord for white or black straps 3 m long.

Motives fit art. single crochet according to the scheme. 15 hexagons in the pattern of white yarn, 11 pentagons in black.

Assembly and decoration of the backpack:

  1. We place the pentagon in the center, sew hexagons to it, 5 pieces are the bottom of the bag. We sew the rest, imitating the pattern on the soccer ball. Next, we tie the upper edge with 20 rows of black yarn. In 16, connect the holes for the cord – 2 air loops every 20 loops, in the next row tie them st / n.
  2. Cut the cord in half and stretch half along the top of the panel – one part in front, the second behind. Tie the ends of the cord and sew to the bottom. Decorate the product with applications or a brooch.
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