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In the warm summer at home or at any time of the year, the tunic acts as an indispensable beach accessory in the resort. In it, any woman, even a full one, looks elegant. In most workshops, a tunic is crocheted on the beach, and the process does not take much time. You will find instructions on how to create several different models of such a light jacket below..

Step-by-step instructions with diagrams and job descriptions

The specifics of the cut of the beach tunic has several distinctive features ^

  1. The canvas must be knitted with a mesh or openwork pattern.
  2. The finished tunic turns out to be loose and is not very long.
  3. Almost all master classes for beginners and experienced craftswomen use white color, which ensures the versatility of the product and its combination with a swimsuit of any color.

Openwork white tunic for relaxing on the sea

The classic pattern for creating a beach tunic crochet is considered a filet net. It is tied with air loops (VP), double crochet (CCH) or without (RLS). There are 2 popular types of such a grid:

  • with semicircular cells (5 VP and RLS alternate);
  • with square cells (2 VP and CCH are knitted).

Crochet beach tunic is knitted in several stages. The back is made in accordance with the standards, while the neck is thought out in advance: it can be in the form of a sharp head, a semicircle or a rectangle. Sleeves for any model of tunic do not fit long, approximately to the elbow. An interesting solution when assembling the product are side seams that are not brought to the very end.

Yarn for tunics can be taken both natural and artificial, because large elements will not allow the product to retain heat. The best types of threads are cotton, polyamide, linen and microfiber. Depending on the yarn used, a sample is knitted according to which the sizes of the rapport of the selected pattern are calculated. This is necessary to calculate the parameters of the future tunic.

Openwork crocheted tunic for beginners

In the first master class for beginners, you can knit a tunic 44-46 of women’s size clothing. You can choose the color of the product yourself, but in this instruction sand yarn from mercerized cotton is used in the amount of 300 g. The density of knitting is 13 loops (p.) Per 10 cm. The whole tunic is made in 2 basic patterns. On the bottom, the finished product is tied with a floral motif. To knit a blouse, follow this simple instruction:

  1. Dial 66 VP, knit 8 rows in 1 pattern.
  2. Follow the next 11 lines according to pattern 2, adding 1 loop in the first of them.
  3. Tie another 11 rows again according to 1 pattern, decreasing 1 loop in the first.
  4. Then follow the same number of knitting lines in 2 patterns, again adding 1 chain in the first.
  5. Repeat cycle 5 to 11, row 2 of the circuit 2 twice, then go to the 1st, removing 1 loop.
  6. At a knitting height of 50 cm, close 8 p. On each side of the fabric for armholes, after 10 cm from them, do the same in the center, removing 34 p.
  7. Finish knitting at a total height of 72 cm.
  8. Sew shoulder and side seams.
  9. Tie the armholes and neckline with 4 rows of sc.
  10. According to scheme 3, make 16 flowers, connect them in a strip and sew to the bottom of the product.

Openwork pattern on a tunic

Beach tunic mesh

One of the winning models is mesh tunic. She not only emphasizes the figure, but also opens the swimsuit. In addition, it can be worn on top, turtleneck, sundress or dress. Such a beach tunic crochets very quickly. It is only necessary to make 2 rectangles with a width equal to the half-circumference of the hips plus a couple of centimeters for free fitting. The instructions for creating such a summer product 42-44 in size are as follows:

  1. For the front, dial a chain of 102 VPs, of which 3 – on the rise, and 2 – on the pattern.
  2. Knit the first strip in columns without threading.
  3. In the second row, make 3 VP lifts, then 1 CCH in 9 VP chains, 2 VP, then repeat the cycle from 1 CCH under 3 VP and 2 VP.
  4. In the subsequent knitting at the beginning, do 5 VP, and then repeat the cycle described in paragraph 3 again.
  5. Having tied to the neck, leave the required number of loops on the hole for the head, then do the shoulders separately.
  6. According to the same instructions, make a back, only close the neck loops higher than for the front, or knit it directly from the shoulders, connecting them with a VP chain.
  7. As shown in the photo, on the sides, connect in front of the back with a lace connected by their single crochet columns.

Beach tunic

DIY knitted beach tunic for girls

In the wardrobe of little fashionistas, there should also be summer clothes. It will turn out in an original way, if with a pattern and color it will resonate with my mother’s tunic. A child will need about 300 g of cotton yarn with a density of about 400 m per 100 g. The instructions for making the upper part are as follows:

  1. Make a chain of 92 VPs and add 3 more to rise, 1 strip do CCH.
  2. Then, according to scheme 1, make 15 cm of canvas, then close on both sides 9 loops.
  3. At a height of 27 cm, repeat the same thing, only for the 40 center loops of the back, then knit it with the front separately to 32 cm. From the side of the latter, for the neck, reduce the loops after 23 cm of canvas.

To make a hem with sleeves, use the following instructions:

  1. Sew the side seams of the product, then from the bottom edge follow the pattern 2.
  2. Having knitted 45 cm, finish work 1 near the RLS.
  3. For sleeves, dial 70 VP, knit in a circle according to scheme 1.
  4. For a 16 cm height, leave 9 loops on each side, and in subsequent rows 10 times and 3 times 2.
  5. After 14 cm from the sleeves, finish the work..
  6. Assemble the parts by stitching the shoulder seams and attaching the sleeves. Tie the neck 1 near the RLS.

Beach tunic for girls

Summer tunic crocheted patterns and description in a circle

If you do not like products with seams, then try crocheting a beach tunic in a circle. For size 40-42, about 300 g of mercerized cotton yarn will be required. The description of the work on knitting a summer tunic includes the following steps:

  1. Close a chain of 300 VPs with a ring, tie a circle from CCH.
  2. Knit 6 rows according to the pattern of the yoke, then hook on a crochet under the crocheted half ruler, then repeat another 2 cycles of the same technique. For expansion in each row and rapport add 1 VP.
  3. Fold the yoke in half, at the places of the armhole, dial 50 VP, for the back and front, pick up the ruff again and knit the fabric according to the pattern of the main pattern to the length you need.

Summer tunic for the beach

Knitted tunic for the beach Pineapple pattern

Along with the cobweb pattern and Greek motif, the Pineapple pattern is very popular and specific. It is considered ideal for expanding the fabric of a beach tunic. Knitting can start from the neck or center. For the second version of the tunic, you will need about 450 g of white yarn with a density of about 350 m per 100 g, although pineapples will turn out to be more realistic in yellow. The first step is to draw a pattern as shown in the diagram for 48 clothing sizes. To link in front with the back, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a ring of 17 VPs, then knit a circle on the CCH, on the next one with them, but doing 2 under one loop.
  2. In the 3rd row, follow the instructions for knitting 4 pineapples. Make only 2 of these square motifs.
  3. Wet the resulting elements, leave to dry, then sew on the sides, leaving 18 cm on top for the sleeves. Sew the shoulder seams 4 cm.
  4. Draw loops on the bottom of the product, then follow the pattern as described in diagram 2.
  5. For each sleeve, type loops in the armhole area to get 8 tracks from improvised fans.
  6. Using the 2 pattern again, create 30 cm of canvas. Next, start to narrow the sleeve, reducing the number of loops between the columns to 5. So do another 20 cm, then finish the job.

Crochet Pineapples Pattern

Video tutorials: how to crochet a tunic for the beach

It is easier to crochet adult or children’s tunics with patterns that can be downloaded in large quantities for free on the Internet. Although it is sometimes difficult for beginner needlewomen to understand the notation and sequence of the series. In this case, videos become indispensable in the work, where the whole process is clearly shown. You can look at some below, and then knit a tunic for them.

Original crochet tunic for the beach: a master class for beginners

Crochet beach tunic

Beaded crochet tunic dress

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