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The summer period is a favorite time for craftsmen who own a hook. With this simple tool, you can tie any thing, even shorts for a girl. The resulting new thing will look no worse than the purchased one and even better, because manual work has always been valued above the factory. With the right material and knitting technique, such shorts will please the child for more than one year. It will not be hot in them, since the structure of knitting with small holes allows free circulation of air.

How to crochet shorts

For needlewomen who had to deal with a hook, doing the job will not raise many questions. If you have knitting skills with this tool, you know what a double and double crochet is, then you should not doubt. Before you start crocheting shorts for girls, listen to the following tips:

  1. Material selection. Such a summer thing, like crochet shorts for a girl, should be knitted from dense summer yarn. The best option is cotton, linen, natural silk, rayon, bamboo or a blend of these types. Do not take acrylic. This thread is good for children, but not in the summer heat. Today in stores for needlewomen you can buy a good and inexpensive bobbin yarn of Italian production. Domestic manufacturer also produces excellent raw materials for knitting.
  2. Colour. The advantage of children’s summer clothes, including shorts for girls, is that you can take any coloring to create it. If you have nowhere to take the remains of yarn, then feel free to use them by combining them into strips of arbitrary width. In other cases – the choice is yours, most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and “play” with color.
  3. Pattern. The instructions for a particular model of shorts for a girl often indicate which material was used, but this does not guarantee a 100% fit in the specified size. Experts recommend when creating a work to focus on the pattern and its parameters. Do not be lazy to take measurements, and also try on the product several times during the knitting process. Do not be afraid to dissolve – not everything always works the first time.
  4. Knitting density. If you decide to follow strictly the description, then pay attention to the indicated density of knitting. This concept means how many loops and rows are contained in 10 cm of knitted fabric. To determine, tie the sample with that yarn and the tool that you will use in your work. If your knitting density does not coincide with the density indicated in the description, you will need to recalculate by proportioning.
  5. Wet heat treatment. Before taking measurements from a sample, you need to wash it in the way that you will wash the thing. After washing, wait until the sample has completely dried. If necessary, it can be further steamed with an iron. The WTO is necessary to understand whether the material will shrink and, if so, how much.
  6. Finished product care. It all depends on the chosen yarn. Cotton and linen tolerate washing well in a washing machine, but it is better to wash knitted items with special detergents. If crochet shorts for girls are knitted from viscose, then remember that this material is easily stretched under its own weight, and cotton or linen, on the contrary, after washing can get a little “hooked”.

Crochet Shorts

Tools and materials

To knit shorts for girls, you will need different tools and materials:

  • cotton yarn (about 150-180 m / 50 g) – 300-350 grams;
  • hook No. 2.5-3;
  • an elastic band about 50 cm or a lace about 1.2 meters for a belt;
  • markers – 2 pieces;
  • scissors.

With the help of the hook you can pick up the necessary density of knitting. If you knit tight, then take a hook a number more than indicated in the description, and vice versa. When buying a tool, pay attention to how it lies in your hand. It should be lightweight, with a comfortable handle and free from burrs and other unpleasant defects. If possible, get a good expensive tool – it will come in handy for you in the future.

For those unfamiliar with abbreviations, the following information is useful:

  • st – single crochet;
  • stn – column with a crochet;
  • pst – half-column;
  • VP – air loop;
  • pv – lifting the loop;
  • p – picot.


Crochet shorts for girls

Conventionally, a master class in knitting shorts for girls can be divided into three parts (in details): the main part, gusset and femoral part. When they are untied, it will be necessary to modify the product: to embroider a lace or elastic band, to make a binding with a border. Decoration in the form of a frill with a fan pattern on the bottom of the legs is optional. If your baby prefers a kid style, then such a decoration will look out of place.

Think of a short belt for a girl. Do not be lazy and do everything as needed. Some craftswomen knit the chain with air loops and thread it in the upper part of the shorts. Such clothes will not sit well, often slip and, most unpleasantly, hit the child in the skin at the waist. Experienced needlewomen advise to knit the main part 2-3 cm longer, tuck it on top, sew on the inside. In the resulting hole, an elastic band or a regular purchase cord is drawn. Do not take satin ribbon. It is beautiful only in the photo, in fact, it slides and often unties.

Step-by-step description of knitting

Knitting shorts is done in a simple pattern. You can knit with ordinary columns with or without crochets – as you prefer. In both cases, the knitting is dense; such a fabric keeps its shape perfectly. Knitting starts from the top, i.e. from the belt. When the main part is tied, the gusset comes. If the girl on whom the new thing is knitting is completely crumb, then on this the manufacture of the product, with the exception of the additional frill, can be finished by receiving shorts and panties. Older girls need a hip for shorts.

Knitting the main part

Children’s knitted shorts knit in a circle. The creation of the main part has the following stages:

  1. Crochet an air string equal in length to the circumference of the hips of the child.
  2. Connect the lace in a circle. Make a loop lift.
  3. Knit in a circle st or stn. You should have approximately 224, 274 or 326 loops for a volume of 50, 60, 68 cm in the hips. Remember that your number of loops may differ from the specified, it all depends on the density of knitting.
  4. For those who will make a belt with a lace. After 4 cm, make holes for the lace in the center of the front. To do this, divide the knitting into two parts and put markers in these places. Before reaching the first marker, knit two VPs, then skip two loops and enter the hook into the third loop. You will get a hole for the cord. In the next row in place of two VP knit st or stn.
  5. After 6 centimeters, begin to make uniform additions of 4 loops in a row every 4 cm. The shorts will expand down.
  6. After 27 (30, 33) cm, the knitting of the main part ends.

Children's models


This piece of shorts is needed to provide the child with a comfortable movement. In the knitwear industry, gusset is a diamond-shaped dense piece of fabric that is sewn into the crotch. In crochet shorts for girls, gusset often has the shape of a rectangle extended to the back, and is performed by the following steps:

  1. Divide the main part of the canvas conditionally into two parts according to the number of loops. Attach markers in these places. Those who made holes for the cord already have markers.
  2. Tie up to the first marker, then make another 7 columns.
  3. Turn the knitting, go to the marker on the front and make 7 more columns. The gusset is 14 columns wide..
  4. Turn the knitting and repeat step 2 and 3.
  5. When the gusset reaches 5 cm, add 2 tbsp (1 tbsp from each edge).
  6. After 2 cm, increase the number of loops by 2 more in the same way. Total get 18 tbsp.
  7. When the total length of the crotch reaches 10 cm, it will need to be sewn with a hook to the back of the shorts where the marker is installed, like this: 9 st – before the marker, 9 st – after the marker.

Ready product

The thigh

When the gusset is ready, you will see that the knitted shorts for the girl are divided into two parts, closed in a circle. These are two future trousers of shorts for the girl, the length of which you can adjust yourself. If you continue to lengthen them, you can get breeches or trousers. The femoral base is knitted in turn as follows:

  1. Sew the stitches of the warp and gusset sectors in a circle.
  2. Continue the work by adding as described in the basic framework.
  3. When the length of the first leg is 7 cm, go to the second leg.
  4. Whether or not to process the bottom with a frill according to the drawing is up to you. You can sew lace or make a fringe.
  5. Wash shorts, dry and steam. To do this, the product is first fixed on a horizontal plane.
  6. Complete the belt as described above.
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