Deposits for pensioners in Sberbank in 2018 on favorable terms

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Today, deposits for pensioners in Sberbank in 2018 received a number of new conditions and official offers under which people can replenish their capital through the percentage received. A full deposit made by a person of retirement age will help increase funds (5-7% per annum). The official percentage gets higher under certain conditions. A pensioner’s deposit is the only opportunity for such a depositor to increase the funds that are located on interest accounts. The term of placement is offered any, as well as the minimum amount (from one thousand rubles).

What is the pension contribution of Sberbank

Sberbank offers on deposits for pensioners differ in interest rates. These programs were specially created for this social category of Russian citizens. The proposal is formed on the basis of the principle “can not be removed or replenished.” For this they offer the best interest on deposit rates. For registration you will need a passport and a free amount of money. Sberbank deposits for retirees differ in the duration of the term, but only in this way you can get 3-5% per annum.

With replenishment

Pension account with Sberbank with the possibility of further replenishment – a separate category of deposits. This program is called “Replenish”. The deposit amount can be replenished, but it cannot be withdrawn before the expiration of the signed agreement. The interest on deposits in Sberbank for pensioners according to “Replenish” can reach 5% if certain conditions are met. When choosing, one should take into account the financial capabilities and needs of a person. Often, investments are drawn up for a period of one calendar year.

With partial withdrawal option

Sberbank offers an investment program with a partial withdrawal option called “Savings Account”. Other programs prohibit the free management of money invested for different periods. The specified type of investment allows you to withdraw money and regularly save it in the same bank account for the entire period of use. Sberbank, like other major banks, offers a reduced percentage: a savings account – 2-2.5%. The client will be able to freely use the funds through an issued adjacent bank card.

With interest capitalization

One of the investment programs with an optimal placement period is Save. According to the terms of such a deposit of a state bank, the depositor receives interest accrual, in addition to the total amount accrued (body of the deposit). This term is also called “compound interest” and is marked by capitalization. The deposit is made in rubles (no investment in euros or dollars).

The official website of the bank confirms this information. The solution has the maximum benefit, because after the expiration of the contract the person receives a payment not only in interest, but in interest on interest. At a rate of 5% / year, an additional bonus of up to 1%. The minimum contribution of this form of investment is from several thousand rubles, so the option is optimal for pensioners with small savings. This will make it possible not only to securely save funds, but partially increase them, eliminating inflation.

Elderly man and woman

Sberbank rates

Today, the State Bank of Russia offers six topical investment programs. The most profitable of them is a simple contribution. Through your personal account online, you can calculate the potential earnings, apply. This can be done through the offices. The maximum income will be up to 7%. The minimum opening period is from 5 months. If the consumer needs capitalization, then it is optimal to choose “Save”, the maximum rate is 5.5% (plus additional capitalization). The maximum opening period is 3 years..

People with a pension certificate have access to a separate investment program. Its conditions are different from the conditions of a standard investment. It involves making contributions every month, therefore, the elderly service relevant standard deposit to an individual for effective programs. So that a person can constantly manage funds, withdraw, replenish them, you can open an account “Manage” – 4.5%, including additional capitalization (prolongation is in effect).

In rubles

The official website of the state bank contains all the necessary information on current offers, programs. The offer on ruble deposits – all the programs listed above, except for the “Multicurrency” program. With savings in national currency, you can open accounts “Manage”, “Save”, “Replenish”, “Just 7%”, others.

In foreign currency

“Multicurrency Sberbank of Russia” is the only type of program that allows you to invest money in other countries (dollars, euros), but the rate on them is relatively low – from 0.01% per annum. Charge occurs every three months. There is no preliminary withdrawal – the term stipulated by the contract should expire. Depositors can replenish the account without waiting for a certain number.

How to choose a profitable deposit

To select the optimal contribution, it is necessary to determine investment factors. The best option is “Just 7%”, which offers the best rate (high percentage) with an investment option of 5 months or more. If you need to constantly use money, and the goal is not to increase funds, but to save them, to prevent inflation, it is better to choose “Savings Account”. It is suitable for pensioners who actively use the services of the bank, often make purchases..


The Bank of Russia website provides comprehensive information regarding the Save program. Under the terms, up to 5.5% per annum on the body of the deposit is proposed. Options for other currencies are possible (euro, dollar). Deposits for pensioners in Sberbank in 2018 suggest stabilization of rates. They will not be raised, so if you want to invest savings, you can do this today, without delaying at the end of the month.

Save Online

Deposits can be created through your own account on the bank’s website. Funds are transferred to a deposit from an open card of this bank. With a few keystrokes, you can transfer all money from a card to an active deposit account. The final term of investment is also indicated there. The highest percentage of investments for people of retirement age is 5.6%, and the standard indicator is 4.8%. More detailed data on the body of the deposit, the method of registration via the Internet can be checked with the manager.

With the possibility of depositing funds “Replenish” and “Replenish Online”

This type suggests the possibility of periodic replenishment of the account, which is monthly charged interest. “Replenish Online” allows you to do this instantly via the Internet by visiting the bank’s website and your personal account. Such a fixed-term deposit at Sberbank of Russia for pensioners will allow saving some of the pension payments. Conditions include capitalization. This is the best solution for retirees who want to increase funds with replenishment.

Coins in a jar

“Pension-plus” with the possibility of early closure

Pension-plus of Sberbank is a targeted program for people of retirement age. The rate is 3.5%, but the consumer at the same time receives a number of additional advantages. Among them, the possibility of preferential termination of preferential terms without losing all accrued interest. Citizens of retirement age can receive payments every quarter. The maximum opening period is 3 years. At the end of the term, all remaining funds (including capitalization) will be returned.

Sberbank’s New Year’s deposits for pensioners in 2018

Holidays are an opportunity to become active customers of one of the most reliable banks in the world under favorable conditions. Sberbank’s New Year’s programs for pensioners in 2018 are distinguished by a number of attractive offers. Among them are proposals with a high rate of 5% for six months or more with preferential withdrawal conditions, capitalization on the balance. Upon reaching retirement age, everyone can arrange this type. Check with managers for more information..

Internet contribution “Just 7%”

The popular online deposit “Just 7%” is a type of ruble or currency deposits that differ in standard, favorable conditions. With remote opening, you can not visit the branch of the state bank. To apply, you need to be able to use the site, have an open, active bank card with which you can transfer funds to the account. The offer is suitable for active pensioners who know how to use the Internet. You can clarify the nuances of the procedure with the bank employees by phone.

Deposit “Just 6.5%”

The deposit “Just 6.5%” is opened by the department manager. You must come yourself or draw up a power of attorney for a relative, a loved one. Standard package of documents: passport, pension document, TIN. After this, the relevant contract is signed, the required amount is paid in cash or transferred from a credit card. All additional conditions are fixed by the contract, some of them you can choose yourself (for example, the term of investments).

How to open a deposit

To open a deposit with the possibility of replenishment of the account or without such a function, it is necessary to perform a number of actions. They are simple and affordable:

  • visit the nearest bank branch;
  • choose the best offer, get acquainted with the details of all programs (if necessary, consult with a specialist);
  • fill in the form, indicating key data (duration, amount);
  • provide a passport, pension document or other documents upon request.

If you want to open a deposit via the Internet, it does not matter where you are – in Moscow or another city in Russia. This can be done through the appropriate section on the Sberbank website. There, money is not paid in cash, but transferred from the active card of the same bank (its presence is one of the conditions for investment).

Package of required documents

You will need to draw up a questionnaire for the selected type of product. It indicates the type of deposit, term, additional conditions and opportunities. Often, the bank does not set restrictions on age or amount. To carry out the procedure, you must collect the following documents:

  • passport with the specified registration (passport of a citizen of Russia);
  • pension certificate (for citizens of retirement age in order to draw up an appropriate deposit program).

Passport of a citizen of Russia

Benefits of deposits for pensioners from Sberbank in 2018

For some programs, the conditions for interest capitalization apply, when additional income is charged not only on the deposit body, but on the interest received. Due to this, it is advantageous to accumulate funds. The following advantages are distinguished:

  • the ability to conduct operations through a savings book, guaranteeing the safety of funds;
  • the reliability of the state institution, the guarantee of the safety of money under the program for the return of funds through the deposit guarantee fund;
  • lack of taxation of profits – there are no taxes on personal income, interest received is not subject to state taxation
  • Legislation, banking conditions allow to constantly extend a deposit investment, while maintaining high interest charges.
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