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Lack of exercise, irregular and, often, unhelpful food with an abundance of fast food are constant “companions” of the majority of residents of megacities. Following fashion trends, modern young ladies diligently attend gyms, sit on diets for months, and are surprised to find that kilograms do not disappear, and their health does not increase. Courses of nutritionists will help not only to obtain the necessary knowledge about the fight against excess weight, but also will be a great idea for opening your own business project. What is the science of dietetics and why its popularity is growing every year?

What is dietetics

The field of knowledge about organizing the right diet for medical purposes or for the purpose of losing weight is called nutrition. For a number of chronic or autoimmune diseases, maintaining a dietary table is a vital necessity. You can learn the rational combination of products, maintaining tone, the influence of proteins, carbohydrates and fats on biochemical processes in the body and much more, having completed the courses of nutritionists. What are the advantages of this model of education??

University graduates

I want to become a nutritionist

If you want to comprehend the mysteries of science about the organization of a balanced diet, the peculiarities of the body’s reaction when choosing one or another type of food, pay attention to the professional education of a nutritionist. Depending on the purpose and future prospects of using the acquired knowledge, you can choose one of the training options:

  1. Classical medical background. The opportunity to get a higher education with a diploma of a dietitian is provided only by the GUU Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS.
  2. Dietitian courses for people with a medical degree. How to become a nutritionist with several years of study at a medical university? Professional studies at specialized institutes or academies for a period of 1 to 2 years will help to expand knowledge in the field of proper nutrition, becoming the key to a successful career as a dietitian.
  3. Dietitian courses for people without professional medical education. The profession of a nutritionist is in great demand in the market of services, and obtaining a certificate of a nutritionist-consultant after graduation opens up opportunities to do what you love as a fitness trainer (nutritionist) or a specialist in organizing proper nutrition for those who want to lose weight.
  4. Dietetics training remotely. Online education is an ideal option to gain new knowledge without leaving your home, which you can try in practice. Depending on the volume of taught material, the purpose of education, distance learning courses are divided into:
  • Beginners. Obtaining basic knowledge about the rules of nutrition and a general idea of ​​the features of the functioning of the human body. This amount of knowledge is not enough for those who want to professionally engage in nutrition as a specialist consultant.
  • In-depth classes. Online courses of a personal nutritionist and trainer, education of a fitness nutritionist involves a long training program, an expanded range of disciplines in anatomy, passing exams online to obtain a certificate of a nutrition consultant.

Nutritionist girl

What does a nutritionist do

In the view of many ordinary people, a dietitian is a specialist who acts according to a certain pattern, using “ready-made recipes” for losing weight for his clients. It is not worth denying that some representatives of the profession confirm the prevailing stereotype. The main task of a highly qualified specialist in dietetics is to identify the causes of the disease or the presence of excess weight in the patient, to develop an individual nutrition program for each, taking into account physiological, age-related features.

Having a diploma of higher medical education, a certificate of continuing education courses in the specialty “Dietetics”, you get the right to work in specialized medical institutions. How to become a nutritionist? Stock up on patience and endurance: to obtain this profession, you will need from 8 to 10 years to study at a university, study and graduate, further specialization in the chosen field.

Nutritionist Doctor

How to become a nutritionist without a medical education

This type of education is ideal for people who have extensive experience as fitness trainers, athletes, people who seek a healthy lifestyle or plan to create a business project “nutritionist consultant.” For success, you will need:

  • the ability to draw up plans and programs of dietary nutrition both for those who want to lose weight, and those who want to gain muscle mass, improve the body or tighten the figure;
  • theoretical knowledge of nutrition, nutrition, through which you can convince customers to prefer certain foods;
  • practical knowledge about the features of existing diets, their effect on the body and the correct choice;
  • keep abreast of new products “from nutritionists”, conduct seminars, providing information on achievements in the field of modern nutrition.

Persons who have completed courses in nutritionists and have certificates of completion are allowed to:

  • open your own practice;
  • work as private nutritionists;
  • advise those wishing to lose weight without the right to occupy positions in medical institutions, examine patients or prescribe tests.

Nutritionist Consultant

Most programs offer training in the basics of a healthy diet, the rules for adjusting the existing diet, the physiology of the body and weight loss. When choosing a particular type of course, pay attention to:

  1. Teaching Staff. Give preference to specialists with extensive knowledge not only in the theoretical field of dietetics, but also practical experience.
  2. Availability of online advice on dietitics of interest.
  3. Program courses nutritionists. An extended training option, lasting from 1 to 2 years, includes the obligatory provision of a curriculum, lecture material, practical tasks with explanations of the teacher, examination (test) tasks for obtaining a nutritionist certificate.

Where to learn to be a nutritionist without a medical education:

  • distance learning at specialized universities and research institutes of nutrition;
  • professional nutritionist courses available to most residents of large cities;
  • online nutrition education.

Girl at the consultation

You can get distance education of a nutritionist throughout Russia and the CIS at the Dietetics Consultation Center of Russia. The training program was developed by the founder of the Center, Ksenia Pustova. The courses are aimed at professional masseurs, fitness trainers, athletes, doctors, for whom knowledge of the basics of dietetics play a crucial role on the path to success. The materials of the 30-day training will be interesting for those who want to competently, the main thing is to get rid of excess weight correctly, get the necessary knowledge and become a personal nutritionist for your family.

The desire to get the maximum knowledge, diligence and the desire for success will be the starting point for the start of your career as a nutrition consultant. In-person dietology courses, correspondence seminars or online webinars will help you learn the rules of good nutrition, learn about modern methods of weight adjustment. After graduation, you can work as a consultant in fitness clubs, conduct your own seminars for those who want to find a slim figure, engage in private practice in beauty salons.

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