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The most common form of state pension payments is associated with a person reaching a certain age when he can “go on a well-deserved rest.” Disability pension has a different specificity – this payment is received by those who, due to their physical indicators, are often unable to work, which is confirmed by the corresponding document – an act of medical and social examination. However, disability does not necessarily imply lack of work. Many people with disabilities can work very successfully and efficiently..

What is a disability pension

In accordance with the definition of current legislation, a disabled person is a person who has a health disorder and impaired body functions due to a disease, defect or injury that limit his life. Disability is established by the federal department of medical and social expertise (ITU), appointing the first, second or third group. A person recognized as a disabled person is entitled to state monthly payments that are assigned to citizens by the Pension Fund of Russia.

Disability Pension Definition

Types of disability pensions

Pension legislation distinguishes between three types of disability pensions:

  • Insurance – receipt of this type of security implies that by the time of the onset of disability, the person had a seniority. In this case, the cause of the disability and the moment of its onset, as well as the duration of the work biography, does not matter. If in order to establish state insurance payments in the usual form, it is necessary to achieve retirement age, then this is not necessary.
  • Social – assigned to children with disabilities, children with disabilities, and representatives of I, II and III groups who do not have work experience.
  • State – it is assigned to the military, astronauts and liquidators of technological disasters, who received injuries and serious illnesses as a result of the performance of official duties. This also includes participants in the Great Patriotic War and residents of besieged Leningrad.

Disability Pension Amount

Depending on the assigned group and other factors, the size of state pension payments changes, therefore, to answer the question of how much they pay for disability, additional information is needed. According to their tariffs, they will receive benefits: a child with cerebral palsy (13560.15 p.) Or a military pensioner with seniority who has been seriously injured in the fighting (28830.66 p).

For recipients of insurance pensions, in addition to a fixed payment, in some cases premiums are charged (for family members with disabilities, etc.), which significantly increase the final result. In its pure form, the dimensions of the base part from 1.02.2017 are:

  • For group I – 9 610.22 rubles / month.
  • For group II – 4 805.11 rubles / month.
  • For group III – 2 402.56 rubles / month.

The size of social pensions also differs depending on the category of recipients:

  • For group I – 10 068.53 rubles / month.
  • For group II – 5 034.25 p./month.
  • For group III – 4279.14 rubles / month.

Minimum disability pension

The structure of the paid insurance public security consists of two parts, and although payments are made in total, they can be decomposed into separate components. In this case, the basic part represents the minimum amount that a person can receive without additional surcharges (for example, if he has a very short work experience and is not entitled to anything else). In such cases, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of social pension – this is allowed by law.

Minimum disability pension


In addition to the insurance part in the presence of seniority, the total amount of pension for an individual may be supplemented by other allowances. These may be monthly cash payments (EDV), which are received by those who have refused a set of social services in kind. The main areas included in the TCU, which can pay in the form of financial equivalent, are as follows:

  • provision of necessary medicines and medical devices;
  • sanatorium-resort provision of vouchers to medical institutions;
  • free travel to and from the treatment site.

How to make out

In order to arrange state social security, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Get official disability confirmation. This process is carried out by ITU federal structures, with their help the category of pensioner is established.
  2. Collect a package of documents and prepare a statement.
  3. Provide the necessary papers to the Pension Fund (persons who have gone abroad or are not registered must contact the central office at 4 Shabolovka Moscow).
  4. The deadline is 10 days from the deadline for submitting a full package of documents, and the pension for persons with disabilities will be considered from the date of application.

Disability Insurance Pension Conditions

If, in order to receive social security, it is enough that the disability has been established, then for accrual of payments under the insurance scheme, it is mandatory to have a length of service (at the same time, this type of pension is established regardless of the duration of work). In addition, this pension option will depend on the size of the fixed payment, which is affected by the following factors:

  • I, II or III group of disabilities assigned to a citizen;
  • the presence of dependents (disabled family members);
  • length of employment in the Far North.


The list of documents that you submit to the Pension Fund must include:

  • statement in the established form;
  • passport;
  • ITU Act;
  • SNILS;
  • a work book or an agreement with the employer confirming the length of the insurance period (not necessary for the social option).

List of documents for disability pension

How is disability pension calculated?

For an example, see how to calculate disability benefits when you have insurance coverage. When calculating, a special pension coefficient is applied, which is formed due to seniority and transfers to the FIU. The basic formula looks like RP = MF + FS, where:

  • RP – the size of the pension;
  • MF – insurance part;
  • FS – fixed amount.

In this case, MF = PK x SB, in this formula:

  • PC – the amount of accumulated pension coefficients;
  • SB – the cost of one point (in 2019 – 78.28 rubles).

This can be seen in a specific example: the cause of disability of group I for a person with an insurance experience of 10 years is an industrial injury. It is necessary to calculate the size of state payment, if the total score is 27.6. Substitute the values ​​and find out how much you need to pay:

  • MF = 78.28 p. x 27.6 = 2160.53 p.
  • Since the fixed state payment for group I is known, then RP = 9610.22 p. + 2160.53 p. = 11770.75 p.

How is it charged?

Social security for people with disabilities in Russia, in addition to state payments calculated for different categories of pensioners, also provides for indexation coefficients in order to keep pace with inflation. For example, from 1.02.2017, an insurance pension and a fixed payment to it were indexed by 5.4%, increasing this disability allowance for socially vulnerable groups of the population.

Suspension and termination of payment

Legislation details cases where the provision of pensions to persons with disabilities may be limited. The payment of the assigned pension shall be suspended until the situation is clarified or the interfering circumstances are eliminated in the following cases:

  • if social security fails for six consecutive months;
  • when, within three months, the disabled person does not come for a routine re-examination;
  • when a pensioner leaves for a permanent residence in a foreign country.

A pension is ceased to be paid if:

  • the recipient dies;
  • a period of more than six months has passed from the date of suspension of extradition and the situation is not resolved;
  • in case of loss of the right to designated security;
  • upon reaching the age of a disabled person, for the appointment of an old-age insurance pension.

Pension for disabled children

This category includes children under 18 years of age who have diseases and abnormalities that interfere with normal life. Pension provision can be called high (over 13.5 thousand rubles), compared with other categories of people with disabilities. In addition, the families of such children are also entitled to significant benefits (for example, they do not have payment for preschool institutions).

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