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Problems with natural bowel movement are considered traditional companions of the gestation period. Women suffer from constipation, regardless of age, health or lifestyle. This condition can not only be eliminated, but also effectively prevented by special preventive measures..

Causes of constipation in pregnant women

A pregnant girl has constipation

The main cause of difficulty in bowel movements during pregnancy is natural hormonal changes. In the normal state, the body produces special substances that intensively stimulate the contraction of internal muscles. The innervation of the intestine and uterus is one, so when one organ relaxes, a similar effect occurs in another. Such a process can provoke a miscarriage. To eliminate risk, the body is rebuilt, creating a kind of protection. The negative consequence is constipation.

Other factors that contribute to attacks of constipation during pregnancy in the early stages are:

  • progesterone and an increase in its level in the body (the substance affects the internal muscles already in the early stages of gestation);
  • squeezing the intestines with the uterus (a natural process due to the growth of the fetus);
  • foods with high iron content can cause severe and painful constipation during pregnancy in the early stages;
  • stressful situations (expectant mothers become more susceptible to external factors);
  • autoimmune processes (the body of a pregnant woman requires constant replenishment of vitamins and useful elements);
  • low physical activity (a sedentary lifestyle for most pregnant women is a natural change);
  • lack of fluid (a woman should drink at least two liters of water per day);
  • internal diseases (especially hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other diseases of the anal area).

What is constipation dangerous in early pregnancy

Difficulties with bowel movements negatively affect not only the condition of the woman’s body, but also the development of the fetus. Constipation during pregnancy should be treated with the appearance of primary symptoms. There are various ways to eliminate discomfort. The most effective of these are considered a special diet, taking mild laxatives on a plant basis and applying some recommendations of alternative medicine.

The negative effects of constipation during early pregnancy include the following factors:

  • improper microflora in the intestine in the early stages of gestation becomes the cause of congenital deviations of the digestive system in a child;
  • during an attack of constipation, dozens of harmful substances accumulate in the colon, which harm the development of the fetus;
  • with constipation, a pregnant woman has to push hard, which becomes not only the cause of severe pain attacks, but also leads to stressful conditions;
  • poisonous food breakdown products with irregular bowel movements remain in the body of a woman.

What helps with constipation

Pregnant girl has stomach ache

The range of tools for eliminating problems with bowel movements is characterized by a variety of names and release forms. The key factor in choosing pharmacy products to eliminate constipation is the level of safety for the body of the future mother and the developing fetus. Experts strongly recommend that preventive measures be taken as early as possible..

How to deal with constipation during pregnancy:

  • change in diet (starting from the early stages of gestation);
  • compliance with the recommendations of specialists;
  • use of folk remedies;
  • special suppository candles for pregnant women;
  • drug use.

Useful foods for constipation

Proper nutrition can dramatically change the state of human health. During pregnancy, the diet plays a special role. Any deviations in the body of a woman automatically have a negative effect on the fetus. Some foods help eliminate constipation during pregnancy. With their help, you can not only deal with the difficulties of bowel movements, but also to normalize stool or eliminate digestive upset.

Products that help prevent constipation in the early stages of gestation include:

  • prunes
  • dried apricots;
  • bran;
  • raw beets;
  • buckwheat;
  • oat groats;
  • bread.

Is it possible to do an enema during pregnancy?

The use of a mechanical method of getting rid of problems with bowel movements is widely used in medical practice. Enema helps to instantly get rid of the problem, but during pregnancy this method has a number of contraindications. This is due to some features of the body of a woman. The procedure can provoke childbirth, so before using this method, you need to contact a specialist for clarification of the nuances.

Enema during pregnancy is prohibited in the following cases:

  • dangerous signs of the threat of termination of pregnancy were identified;
  • previously, the woman had miscarriages;
  • low placentation established;
  • increased tone of the uterus;
  • diagnosis of cervical insufficiency.

Enema Cleansing

In other cases, the use of an enema is acceptable, but deciding on its use on its own is not recommended. If the doctor suspects that there are deviations in the state of the pregnant woman, then he may prohibit such procedures. Experts recommend the use of constipation such as safe glycerin suppositories or the introduction of certain foods into the diet, and an enema is considered an emergency measure.

What is the safest laxative for pregnant women?

Taking any medications during the gestation period, the expectant mother should not forget about their possible negative effect on the fetus. Medicines during any period of pregnancy are selected very carefully. The treatment for constipation is only safe and natural. Some of them receive the maximum number of positive reviews and are especially popular with both doctors and patients..

The following drugs help to effectively eliminate constipation during pregnancy:

  • Dufalac (the drug is a clear liquid, it is recommended to take 2-3 weeks to get rid of an attack of constipation);
  • Senade (tablets are considered a laxative of plant origin);
  • Microlax (a special solution for rectal use, helps to cope with an attack of constipation for about 15-20 minutes, can be used as an emergency aid in case of difficulty in bowel movement);
  • Glycerin suppositories (the drug eliminates the symptoms of constipation, but using Glycerin suppositories during pregnancy is better only in case of emergency).

Effective folk remedies for constipation during pregnancy

Alternative medicine offers many recipes designed to eliminate problems with bowel movements during gestation. When choosing a particular method, you should pay attention to the composition of the recommendation. If among the ingredients there are products that can cause allergic rashes, then they must be discarded..

Examples of folk remedies:

  1. Potato juice. Fresh tubers must be peeled, minced, grated or chopped with a blender. Using gauze, squeeze out fresh juice and mix it with water at room temperature in an exact ratio of 1: 1. The tool should be taken a quarter of an hour before meals, a quarter cup. Potato juice will not only relieve attacks of constipation, but will also have a beneficial effect on the digestive system as a whole.
  2. Buckthorn broth. A few teaspoons of the herbal mixture should be poured with a liter of boiling water and boil over medium heat for several minutes. After cooling, the broth is ready for use. You need to drink it twice a day, approximately 100 g. Buckthorn not only has the effect of a good laxative, but also strengthens vitality.
  3. Red rowan juice. To get a drink, you need to take only fresh fruits. Juice should be mixed with sugar and consumed after waking up and before going to bed in a quarter cup. For 1 kg of red mountain ash, 600 g of sugar is taken. Fruits strengthen the immune system, have a stimulating effect on the digestive system.
  4. Castor oil. To eliminate problems with bowel movement, it is recommended to use the drug in a three-day course of 30 g per day. Castor oil during pregnancy has the effect of a mild laxative, but it must be taken in strict accordance with the recommendations..

Decoction and dried fruits

Prevention methods

To carry out preventive measures to prevent constipation during pregnancy in the early stages, it is necessary already in the early stages of the gestation process. Difficulty in bowel movements during this period is a common and even characteristic phenomenon. When the first symptoms appear, you can eliminate the discomfort with a special diet or folk remedies, but if you have severe pain when going to the toilet, you will have to use medicines.

You can prevent the problem in the following ways:

  • if after a morning wake up drink a glass of water, then after a short period of time there will be an urge to naturally empty the intestines, which will eliminate the occurrence of constipation;
  • dried apricots and prunes during pregnancy are considered the best assistants in preventing difficulties in the process of natural bowel movement;
  • if there is discomfort in the intestine, you can eat a small piece of rye wholemeal bread;
  • at night it is recommended to drink a glass of milk with the addition of honey;
  • a woman should lead a relatively mobile lifestyle;
  • food should be taken in small portions, but on average 6 times a day;
  • foods that can provoke a digestive disturbance (pickles, smoked foods, spicy foods, fatty foods, roughage) should be excluded from the daily diet.

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