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The insects of our countries do not carry such a threat as tropical mosquitoes, but they do not bring benefits either. Children are especially defenseless in front of them, so you need to remember how to protect a child from mosquitoes using natural folk remedies, special cream sprays. Each of the methods has its pros and cons, you should focus on the age of the baby when choosing. An important factor is the number of mosquitoes on the street, sometimes you just need to properly dress the child to protect him from bites.

Types of mosquito repellent

You can use different options for products that repel insects. Each mosquito repellent for children has a different degree of protection, duration of action and effect on the body. Some of them relate to chemical products, an overdose of which can cause side effects. The most popular at the moment are:

  • fumigators;
  • repellents;
  • insecticides;
  • special spirals;
  • grids;
  • electronic devices.


These are special products that are designed to protect against bloodsucking insects in the open air. Using them at home is not recommended. It represents the production of special tablets, spirals, which must be ignited using matches or a lighter. They smolder over time, spreading an odor unpleasant for bloodsuckers, which scares them away. Children under 5 years old are not close to such spirals. The following examples of such products can be found in stores:

  • Mosquitall spiral;
  • Gardex Raptor – odorless spiral.

Mosquitall mosquito coil in pack

Herbs and plants with a pronounced smell

Some folk recipes also have the necessary natural effect. The smell of herbs and plants can frighten off insects, some of these funds can be used even for newborn babies, which other options cannot boast of. Essential oils (olive, lavender, citronella) and vanilla are well suited for very young children. To protect yourself and your family in the apartment you can put:

  • basil;
  • wheat grass;
  • lavender;
  • anise;
  • thyme.


Natural barriers to mosquitoes can protect your baby from unpleasant bites. Before going out, choose the right clothes, try to put on light pants, socks and long-sleeved T-shirts. The fewer exposed skin areas, the less likely they are to bite. For infants, while walking on the street, a mosquito net should be installed that will protect the baby from insects. At the same time, air access, the review does not suffer at all, the baby will be perfectly visible everything that happens around.

Mosquito repellent

This group includes pencils, sprays, creams, which must be applied to the skin. They create a special protective layer and odor that repels mosquitoes. Repellents are considered the best way of protection when traveling to the country or to nature. They should not be used in an apartment, in such conditions a fumigator or an electronic repeller is enough. Repellents can have varying degrees of toxicity, so pay attention to the product label.

You need to buy those that are designed for children. Toddlers often pull their hands in their mouths, which can cause poisoning. On the shelves you can find the following tools:

  • Mosquitall Spray;
  • Picnic “Baby”;
  • cream “My sun”;
  • Gardex baby.
  • Naturon Zoogleia.


This option is perfect if you need to protect your baby at home. This group includes special fluids, plates that are sprayed in the apartment and kill, scare away mosquitoes. To use them, you need a fumigator device that plugs into the outlet, the device heats up, and the plate / liquid begins to spread. There are two types of insecticides:

  1. Plates. Does not pose a threat to human or animal health, does not have a pungent smell.
  2. Liquid. It is considered a more effective option, spreads faster throughout the apartment, does not pose a threat to the life of the child or animals. It starts acting 5 minutes after turning on, the deterrent lasts a long time.

Electronic gadgets

This is one of the safest options for protecting your baby from mosquitoes, but the effectiveness of many of them is in doubt. These are special ultrasonic devices that are placed in children’s rooms at night. A person is not able to catch these frequencies, but insects do not like him extremely, and therefore fly away from him. The main plus of devices – can be used for children of any age.

Unlike repellents, there is no direct contact with the skin of the newborn, there is no danger of toxic effects of the components. The disadvantages include a small radius of action and the inability to use in nature. The following options are popular:

  • Typhoon LS 200;
  • EcoSniper LS-216;
  • Pest reject.

Pest Reject Electronic Gadget

How to choose an effective mosquito repellent for children

Not all the best products are suitable for babies, some of them are intended only for adults. An anti-mosquito drug should be safe, so you should know the rules for selecting the appropriate option. The main criterion for parents should be the toxicity of the cream spray, on the packaging, as a rule, the recommended age is written. You can be guided by the following rules when choosing:

  1. Safe options for children under 12 months will be nets on windows, a bed, a stroller, they can even stop the invasion of insects. Electrofumigators, folk remedies and special means on a natural basis can become home protection at this age.
  2. A child over one year old can begin to apply repellents (creams, sprays) to the body. Before walking with a thin layer, lubricate or spray exposed skin.
  3. On the package it must be written that this is protection for children, do not use options for adults. Processing should only be with a large number of bloodsuckers on the street, smearing “just in case” is not recommended.
  4. It is better to buy in pharmacies or large children’s stores, proven online sites. Check the packaging for integrity, tightness, specify the expiration date.
  5. Before use, be sure to read the instructions.

What smell repels insects

Repellents are not the only way to protect. Some odors are a natural insect repeller. For a person they do not carry any threat, therefore they are safe even for the smallest. Here are some popular, effective odors that you can use to protect your baby from bites:

  1. Valerian, camphor. Pour no more than 100 g into the dishes and place over a candle or burner. Vapors will create odor racks throughout the apartment. It is recommended that you first use a little tool (about 10 g) to check if the baby has an allergic reaction.
  2. Clove essential oil, basil. Moisten a lot of cotton wool and put near the window, drip on a hot frying pan, fireplace
  3. Potted tomato, freshly cut elderberry helps scare away insects.
  4. Cedar oil can be poured into a special aromatic lamp. It will scare away not only mosquitoes, but also cockroaches, flies.
  5. Persian (Caucasian) chamomile or feverfew. The dried parts of this plant adversely affect the nerve endings of insects. Lay out a little dried chamomile in rooms. The product will remain active for a week..
  6. Tea tree oil. Helps protect against insects, is suitable to relieve the inflammatory process, neutralize the poison with a bite. The product is applied directly to the skin in the absence of allergies.
  7. Peppermint. Cheap and easy to care indoor plant. He begins active growth in May, when mosquitoes actively bite. Mint has the ability to repel mosquitoes.
  8. Eucalyptus. The oil of this plant is great for adding to the fumigator. In efficiency, this option is not inferior to industrial fillers.
  9. Smoke is a proven and easiest way to protect your child from mosquitoes on the street.

Mosquito protection Naturonic zoogley

This is a cream spray of the Altai manufacturer Sasher-Med, which consists of natural, natural ingredients. The main active ingredient is an extract of zoogley (dragonfly larvae), which has a mosquito-repelling effect. Dragonflies can destroy millions of bloodsuckers per day, and zoogley – scare away. The cream spray formula is effective at the cellular level, safe for the child, because it is created with the unchanged molecular structure of biologically active substances.

The components that make up the cream spray

Using Naturonic Zooglea is a good option, how to protect a child from mosquitoes. The protective properties of the drug are based on the ingredients that make up the product. Cream spray contains the following components:

  • extract of dragonfly, wheatgrass, lavender, walnut leaves, horsetail, mint, basil, fir, lavender, geranium, arborvitae, lemon extracts;
  • amaranth seed oil, castor oil;
  • beaver musk;
  • concentrate of Asian centella, grape seeds, clover, tomatoes, marigolds, yarrow, chamomile, lofant, calendula, frankincense, dandelion, emblica;
  • cedar resin;
  • royal jelly;
  • propolis.

Zoogley Naturonik

How does native bio-cream work?

The natural complex of the drug is not only aimed at repelling insects. This medication has additional properties that can be useful for prolonged exposure to the open air. Cream spray is recommended for the following purposes:

  1. Repelling blood-sucking insects. As a way to protect a child from mosquitoes, horseflies, midges, domestic bugs, ticks.
  2. To eliminate edema, inflammation that formed as a result of a mosquito bite. Biocream helps to cope with an allergic reaction, itching, redness, symptoms of eczema, dermatosis after an insect bite.
  3. Elimination of itching and swelling after a bite. Biogenic cream spray is able to neutralize poison, viruses, bacteria, fungi that cause skin infections.

Indications for use

This drug is used as a means of protecting the child from mosquitoes, however, the medication also has additional properties. This allows you to apply it to solve a wider range of problems. In addition to protecting the skin, the product is used for:

  • healing of wounds, burns, elimination of bleeding;
  • neutralization of the toxic effect in contact with poisonous plants, poisons with the bite of snakes;
  • elimination of edema of various etiologies;
  • protect the skin from UV, prevent photoaging, skin pigmentation, sunburn;
  • prevention of dryness, nutrition and hydration of the skin;
  • prevention of vascular bruises, reticles, normalization of vascular tone, epidermal capillaries;
  • improvement of metabolic processes in skin cells, prevention of cracks, dryness, burning;
  • therapy of acne (acne), skin rashes, which are provoked by a change in climatic conditions;
  • elimination of unpleasant odor caused by bacterial imbalance, prevention of the development of pathogenic flora;
  • in winter, it is recommended to prevent frostbite, dry skin, cracks.

How to apply cream spray

Cream is suitable as a way to protect a child from mosquitoes at home or outdoors. It can also be used by adults, if desired, is not prohibited during pregnancy. It is recommended to apply a cream spray with a thin layer on exposed skin 10 minutes before release. After returning from a walk, apply the product again to prevent pathological conditions due to being in the fresh air..

Spray in a woman's hand

Application Method

This is one of the easiest options for protecting your baby from mosquitoes. The tool has a convenient form of release, you need to use the convenient spray to apply the drug to all exposed areas of the skin, capturing a little and closed. This is necessary to protect against ticks, bugs and other insects that can creep under clothing. You can apply the cream spray to all parts of the body, including the lips of the eyelids, to avoid cracks, herpesvirus infection, overdry, seizures.

If you are afraid that the tick will fall on your head, you can also apply a protective agent to the scalp. With light, massage movements, smear the drug in all areas. Where insects can bite. The scare effect manifests itself immediately after application, lasts for 2 hours. If the walk will last longer, then a second application of the product is necessary. In winter, apply the cream 10 minutes before release and after returning from the cold.

Contraindications zoogley naturonik for children

This is one of the best ways to protect a child from mosquitoes, because the composition of the product includes only natural ingredients. With an extensive complex of positive properties, the medication has very few contraindications. One of them is individual intolerance to the components. Carefully study the composition, there are many components of Naturonike, make sure that the child does not have allergies to them. It is not recommended to use the product during breastfeeding..

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