Fasting days for pregnant women – a menu for the day. What kind of unloading can be arranged for pregnant women

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With the body of a woman during pregnancy, many changes occur. This is mainly an increase in body weight, which all young mothers are panicky afraid of. To keep the figure normal and not to gain extra pounds, it is good to arrange fasting days. So you can reduce the risk of edema, facilitate the digestive system.

Can pregnant women do fasting days

In the old fashioned way, some women believe that pregnant women should eat for two. However, medicine does not stand still, and modern doctors, unlike grandmothers, believe that nutrition should be moderate, proper with a full set of vitamins and minerals. Overeating can harm not only the body of a young mother, but also provoke some pathologies in the baby. Extremes are not needed: a rigid diet is dangerous for the body, but unloading for pregnant women will be very useful.

Doctors recommend arranging one day of unloading per week. This will not harm the baby, he will receive all the necessary nutrition from the mother’s body. With the help of fasting days, a woman will be able to control the weight gain and then it will not be necessary to choose emergency diets after childbirth. You should not expect a quick effect from unloading. Tune in to long-term weight loss in 3-4 months, then per month, weight loss is on average up to 500 grams.

If the fasting day is carried out correctly, all rules and recommendations are followed, then all the necessary substances (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, microelements) will be received by the woman, and normal metabolism will be maintained. Thanks to unloading, metabolism improves, the intestines are cleaned of toxins, enzyme activity is regulated, swelling goes away due to improved kidney function.

Uncontrolled diets along with overeating can lead to impaired fetal development, since restrictions and drastic changes in nutrition are stress for the body. For unloading, there must be certain indications and the consent of the doctor. It is recommended to conduct them starting from the seventh month (28 weeks) of pregnancy, when in fact the body of the unborn child is formed.

Pregnant girl eats salad

In 1 trimester

Subject to the rules of healthy eating, moderate exercise, the weight gain of a woman in the first trimester should not exceed 350 grams per week. It is important to control your weight, especially if the woman is already plump or prone to gain weight. The early pregnancy diet provides for the rational inclusion in the menu of foods rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats, folic acid, iron, calcium and magnesium.

If a woman begins to gain weight more than 600 grams, then she should think about unloading. This is important for normalizing body weight. Curd and kefir days are useful, to reduce swelling it is better to eat baked potatoes with sour cream, white meat. At different stages of pregnancy, a woman may have new eating habits. Doctors advise to follow their desires, but in moderation. In the early stages, the diet may not change in any way.

From the fourth week on, the unborn child forms the cardiovascular system, and the mother wants foods high in iron (apples, liver, buckwheat). At the sixth week, the nervous system begins to form, the brain, which requires cholesterol, and mom will want to eat butter. In the eighth week, do not be surprised if you want sour, yeast bread or muffin. So the embryo requires vitamin E and organic acids.

In the second trimester

From the fourth to the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby is actively growing, the mother’s body is under tremendous strain, so you need to strictly control your diet so that you do not additionally burden your organs due to excess weight. Unloading in the 2nd trimester is necessary. Cholesterol-containing foods should be reduced to facilitate liver function. It is better to refrain from food that causes allergies – strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, exotic fruits. It is better to give preference to apples, dairy products.

In the third trimester

In recent months, the baby has already been fully formed, is gaining weight, and mom’s body begins to prepare for a joyful event. At this time, nutrition should be complete, rational, as in the second trimester. Unloading in the 3rd trimester is carried out mainly on fish of low-fat varieties. If desired, they can be made on stewed or fresh vegetables. Days are acceptable on fruit salads with yogurt or kefir.

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When fasting days are prescribed – whether

For expectant mothers, the following conditions are indications for practicing fasting days during pregnancy:

  1. Obesity. If a woman is diagnosed before pregnancy, she should carefully monitor her diet for the entire period of bearing the baby. It is necessary to arrange unloading regularly, so as not to get overweight further, since being overweight is a great risk of birth injuries, further development of diabetes mellitus, gestosis.
  2. Gestosis – disorders in the early or late stages, leading to placental abruption, premature birth, fetal hypoxia, which will subsequently adversely affect the health of the mother and baby.
  3. Fast weight gain – a direct recommendation for the introduction of fasting days.
  4. Swelling. It complicates the work of many body systems, exacerbates the general condition, causes discomfort.

To reduce weight

Over the entire period, a healthy woman should not gain more than 12 kg. If a woman has always been excessively thin, then a few kilograms will be added to the normal weight gain. So our body itself regulates body weight, catching it up to the norm, creating all the conditions for bearing a child. The weight of a pregnant woman in the sum consists of the body weight of the woman, the weight of the child, the placenta, amniotic fluid, additional blood volume, breast enlargement. To maintain hormonal balance, fat also becomes larger..

Stable weight gain begins in the second trimester. It is considered normal if the weight gain is not more than 500 grams per week. If rapid weight growth of more than 1 kg per week is noted, then fasting days are prescribed to reduce weight. Strict diets, unbalanced mono-diets and fasting are strictly prohibited. To reduce weight, it is better to review your diet:

  • Stop eating fatty, fried foods, drink sweet sparkling water.
  • Smoked, salted foods are not allowed due to the high salt content that traps water in the body and leads to edema..
  • Limit sweets, baking. Instead, eat homemade preserves and dried fruits.
  • Eat porridge with fruits and vegetables. They are rich in fiber, help cleanse the intestines and saturate the body with complex carbohydrates that give the body high-quality energy..
  • Buy lean meat, fish and poultry.
  • Limit strong tea and coffee, preferring compotes, clean water.
  • Do weekly fasting day. Effectively reduce the weight of root vegetables (beets, carrots, celery), legumes (beans and peas), vegetables (zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers), kefir, cottage cheese, watermelon.

Bell peppers

With edema

In the last period of pregnancy, extremities begin to swell strongly. This is considered normal. As practice shows, if a woman has small edema, then the baby is born larger, the risk of premature birth is reduced. The fact is that in the mother’s body during pregnancy, the hormone estrogen is produced intensely, it attracts and retains water, which is necessary in large quantities in order to keep ligaments, tissues and muscles elastic for trouble-free delivery.

Most of the water will go into the birth process, and then within the week the rest of the fluid will be excreted with the onset of hormonal changes. However, in case of puffiness, it is necessary to consult a doctor, take tests and make sure that there is no protein in the blood. The last symptom is a bad signal. To relieve edema, you need to love a healthy lifestyle and change your diet:

  • limit salt in food;
  • drink no more than two liters of water per day;
  • the menu should not be fatty, spicy dishes;
  • steam or bake;
  • eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, greens;
  • practice small meals every 3 hours: this will additionally contribute to weight loss;
  • Between meals to make a few snacks dried apricots, raisins, yogurt, kefir, fruits;
  • be sure to do unloading on baked potatoes and kefir;
  • recommended cottage cheese and kefir.

What fasting days can I arrange for pregnant women?

You can unload in a variety of ways, alternating the known options for fasting days for pregnant women. It is better to give preference to vegetable, fruit, juice options. They are effective, fill the body with vitamins and minerals. Protein, milk, fatty days should be used with caution, since such heavy mono-nutrition is contraindicated in chronic problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system. If in doubt, which option suits you for health reasons, it is better to first get the advice of a doctor or nutritionist.

On apples

The usual fasting day once a week is not an apple diet during pregnancy, and it is unlikely to lose weight. However, fruits contain a lot of fiber, which effectively cleanses the intestines and eliminates stool problems. In addition, unloading on apples is easy and not hungry. It is safe for those who do not have stomach ulcers or gastritis with high acidity. It is better to choose varieties of green color with sourness for a diet. This option is good in the cold season, when you don’t feel like drinking: you can’t supplement apples with water.

Girl holds an apple in her hand

On cottage cheese

The most gentle, gentle and useful is a curd fasting day for pregnant women. There is a lot of protein in dairy products, and it is able to quickly remove excess water from the body. In order not to chew dry cottage cheese, you can add fruit to it, drink it with kefir or milk. This natural product will make up for the deficiency of calcium that goes to the structure of the baby’s skeletal system. In addition to calcium, cottage cheese contains potassium, fluorine, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, C, amino acids lysine, methionine, choline, which are involved in protein and fat metabolism and normalize liver functions.

On kefir

Kefir during pregnancy in the later stages will help to clean the intestines, facilitate the digestive system, colonize bacteria friendly to our body. A woman at this time is very important to timely and successfully go to the toilet. In addition, kefir is a good diuretic for edema. Regular weekly unloading on kefir will easily dissolve the extra 1-2 kg per month.

On buckwheat

Buckwheat groats are the queen among groats. During heat treatment, buckwheat retains most of the useful substances, because it can not be boiled, but steamed with boiling water in a ratio of one to two. This should be done in the evening in a thermos or wrapping a pan with a blanket. Buckwheat porridge is rich in minerals, it contains the amino acid lysine, which accelerates the absorption of calcium. Buckwheat contains a lot of polyunsaturated fats, which help lower cholesterol, normalize lipid metabolism.

Buckwheat is rich in proteins, the content of which is not inferior to meat in it. Easily digestible carbohydrates and fiber accelerate metabolism, reduce weight, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Buckwheat diet during pregnancy will not harm the stomach. A woman will feel full and light. In combination with kefir, buckwheat will effectively cleanse the intestines. This option is recommended for edema and constipation. According to slimming reviews, this is the best way to lose weight for those who do not like meat.

Protein diet

For the human body, protein is very important as a building material for cells, and for pregnant women it is doubly needed. Amino acids contained in the protein regulate muscle growth, improve the development of the body. If there are not enough such products in the body, then this can lead to:

  • deterioration in the functioning of the kidneys and liver;
  • hormonal changes;
  • slow down the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Protein day for pregnant women is completely safe, it does not affect muscles, but it perfectly destroys fat cells. Excess weight is literally melting before our eyes, so this diet is very effective in losing weight. A big plus of protein days is the lack of a feeling of hunger, because protein is very slowly digested, and a person does not have time to get very hungry for the next meal.

Protein unloading is especially useful for diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, circulatory disorders, this is the prevention of thrombosis. The selection of useful products for fasting days is extensive:

  • lean meat (white poultry, veal, beef);
  • any fish;
  • eggs
  • offal;
  • mushrooms and legumes;
  • fresh vegetables, herbs, dairy products and drinks.

Fresh vegetables

How to make a fasting day during pregnancy

To future happy mothers to maintain their health and the health of the baby, it is necessary to follow some rules when planning fasting days:

  1. Must be followed as directed by a doctor.
  2. You can not do unloading more than once a week: this is stress for the body, and frequent restrictions on food will lead to a shortage of essential vital substances, possible complications.
  3. Start correctly at six in the evening of the current day and end at six in the evening of the next day.
  4. The entire daily menu should be divided into 5-6 times and eat the next portion every 3-4 hours.
  5. In the morning, you need to drink plenty of water (up to 2-2.5 litas of pure water). With gestosis, the amount of fluid is limited.
  6. On the day of unloading, exercise is not recommended, you can go for a walk.
  7. In case of intolerable hunger, a glass of low fat fermented milk drink is allowed.
  8. Calculate calories for this day in the range of 1000-1500 kcal.
  9. After unloading, the next day you should eat light food, do not overload the body.

Unloading Days Recipes

For an apple day, you need 1.5 kilograms of sweet apples. The peel must be cleaned (but can be left in the peel), cut the fruit in half, remove the seed box. Halves of apples are laid out on a baking sheet, greased with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon as desired. Bake fruit in the oven until soft. This delicious delicacy should be divided into 5-6 receptions and eat after 2-3 hours. From drinking choose green tea, a decoction of chamomile, clean water.

For a curd day, you need 800 grams of low fat cottage cheese. If you supplement the menu with sour-milk drinks and fruits, then you need to take 600 grams of cottage cheese and a glass of berries or half a liter of kefir (fermented baked milk) of low fat content. You can both mix all the products, and alternate them, using at different times. In the evening before bedtime, drink kefir.

There are many recipes for buckwheat fasting day, for example:

  • pure buckwheat steamed in a thermos from the evening;
  • steamed buckwheat with soy sauce, plus grapefruit, dried fruits;
  • buckwheat porridge and green apples (250 grams of cereal steamed, plus 3 apples per day).

The most satisfying and delicious fasting day is protein. Meat can be stewed, baked, boiled, cooked steam cutlets, meatballs, any low-fat fish is allowed (zander, bream, cod, perch, pollock, hake). Additionally, you can drink tea with milk, some coffee, a rosehip broth. For the day you need 400 grams of meat, cooked sparingly. It is better to use everything cooked in six stages.

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