Faux leather – what kind of material with photos. Properties and characteristics of eco-leather, how to distinguish from genuine leather

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Genuine leather is made by processing animal skins. The procedure is carried out in several stages: soaking, gilding, tanning, dyeing, etc. Any artificial leather is a polymer film coating that is applied to a woven, non-woven or knitted fabric. Eco-leather film – polyurethane.

What is ecoskin

The most popular type of artificial leather is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The disadvantage of this product is air tightness. Ecoskin is a new type of artificial leather that does not cause allergies, allows air to pass through, and does not have an unpleasant odor of artificial leather. The material consists of a layer of polyurethane and a fabric base (100% cotton). It is difficult to distinguish products from ecoskin from natural – they are pleasant to the touch, have a presentable appearance.

What is the difference between eco-leather and artificial leather?

Polyurethane leather by the mechanism of production is more complicated than PVC leatherette. All the necessary properties of the material are laid even during chemical synthesis, as a result of which no plasticizers are needed. What is the difference between eco-leather and leatherette? The main difference between these two materials is the structure. Leatherette cannot boast of frost resistance, air and vapor permeability. They are united only by water resistance. How to distinguish eco-leather from genuine leather? You can check the materials using heat. Natural skin is easy to heat in the palms, and eco-leather will always remain cold.

Faux leather in different colors

Faux leather – pros and cons

The biggest plus of ecoskin is an ideal ratio of price and quality. The material is almost in no way inferior in characteristics to genuine leather, and its cost is several times lower. So, eco-leather – the pros and cons:

  • visually no different from genuine leather;
  • has micropores that allow you to breathe, unlike dermantine;
  • minor deformations can be quickly tightened due to the fabric basis;
  • long service life;
  • easy care.

The benefits of eco-leather are obvious, but a couple of minuses are also present. If you accidentally cut the material, then its fabric base will be visible. Another minus is the psychological aspect. Many people buying genuine leather products experience a sense of prestige and chic. Faux leather cannot give such an emotion. Although recently, some global brands have switched to the release of entire collections of material such as pu-leather.

Faux leather covers

After you figure it out, eco-leather – what it is, you can move on to the products that are made from it. Car owners often buy covers made from this material. Maintaining their status, drivers of expensive and prestigious foreign cars prefer to use artificial suede, genuine leather or Alcantara for these purposes. Eco-leather car covers are simpler and cheaper, so they are suitable for owners of more affordable cars. Judging by the reviews of motorists, after buying such covers:

  • interior changes for the better;
  • sitting on leather seats is much nicer;
  • no sticking effect in hot weather;
  • material is not rubbed, does not crack.

Faux leather car seat covers

Eco leather bags

Due to the fact that polyurethane has good wear resistance and frost resistance, eco-leather bags have the same qualities, therefore they are very successful. In addition, the products have a presentable appearance, since the cotton base is an ideal field for the realization of the most incredible design ideas. Pu-leather is very malleable, which is why it bends perfectly and can take on the desired shape. The most important psychological factor – do not kill the animal in order to have a prestigious handbag.

Faux leather for furniture

The furniture market offers a wide range of eco-leather upholstered furniture. Today, choosing a sofa for a children’s room or an office chair from this material of the desired texture and color will not be a problem. On the market you can find different styles of items from it – from modern to classic. Reasonable price for eco-leather for furniture makes products very popular. Disadvantages of such furniture are also available:

  • the material absorbs paint from fabrics, so it is better to choose sofas and chairs in darker colors;
  • eco-leather can not be washed or soaked with water so that there are no spots;
  • upholstered furniture always remains cold; it is better to cover it with a plaid in winter;
  • cats can also leave marks on the couch, so if there are pets, it is better to refuse such a purchase.

Eco-leather sofa

Eco leather shoes

In shops you can find a lot of eco-leather shoes. The main advantage of the products is the environmental friendliness of the material, because harmful polymers are not used during production. Faux leather breathes and does not let moisture in, and as a result, in such shoes it is comfortable in any weather. When compared with genuine leather, the eco-material is less warm and frost-resistant. Judging by the reviews of fashionistas, a significant difference in price balances this disadvantage..

Eco leather clothing

When it’s already clear, eco-leather – what is it and what are its operational characteristics, I want to know what clothes are sewn from it. The thickness of the eco-material is selected, from where it is planned to be used. Eco-leather clothes are women’s and men’s jackets, trousers, dresses, gloves, skirts. In addition, the material is used as decoration. The combination of eco-leather with other fabrics helps designers create unique things that are sold only in single copies..

Jackets and down jackets from this synthetic material are frost-resistant, therefore they do not tan at the highest temperatures. There are also a lot of options for colors and sizes of winter and summer clothes. Both winter jackets and summer skirts do not fade, as eco-leather is resistant to sunlight. The biggest plus of such clothes is the fact that they do not cause any allergic reactions at all..

Eco-leather skirt and dress

How to care for eco-leather

Judging by the reviews of the owners of products from eco-material, they are in difficulty when things need to be washed. Especially if young children wrote in a stroller made of this material. Eco-leather care is different from other materials. If there is a dirty stain, then remove it easily with a damp cloth. If washing is needed, then it is allowed at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees and only by hand. It is not recommended to use washing powder – it is better to use special gels. Heavily contaminated products should be dry cleaned..

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