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Today, there are many ways to open the curtain of your future, to tell fortunes. One of the popular ways that you can find out the future is to tell fortunes by menstruation. Many modern girls enjoy using this ancient method. A large number of beliefs and folk signs about menstruation may not show long-term prospects, but they are capable, according to many, of providing true information for the coming month.

What is monthly fortune telling

This way of knowing your future is based on drawing a parallel between the date, the start time of the menstrual cycle and the predictions that have been compiled long ago. You can specify the forecast at any time of the day. For fortune-telling for monthly special training or certain knowledge is not required, but in everything you need an individual approach, an analysis of the information received. There are ways that are not so popular: folk signs associated with menstruation, lunar days.

The most common fortune-telling for the future for the month is as follows:

  • by date of the month;
  • by days of the week;
  • but time – the hour of the onset of menstruation;
  • in time of day.

Calendar with marked dates.

To make fortune telling on critical days as accurate as possible, there are several rules. They will help to predict the events for the next month very accurately. Necessary:

  1. Fortune-telling once, on the day when menstruation began.
  2. Take into account the start of the cycle: time of day, day of the week, day.
  3. For greater reliability, use several methods at once..
  4. With favorable forecasts, you can’t share them, because this may interfere with their fulfillment..

Monthly prediction for love

Predictions for menstruation predict the events that will occur in the life of a girl in a love plan. The time of day is taken into account:

  1. 00:00 – 08.00. Time promises secret love, the inability to confess your feelings.
  2. 08:00 – 12:00. The candy-bouquet period will be unforgettable. Relationships of couples will become brighter.
  3. 12:00 – 15:00. Relationships Will Be Perfect.
  4. 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.. You need to prepare for unexpected pleasant surprises, romantic acts of a lover.
  5. 18:00 – 00:00. Love relationships will experience lies, betrayal, understatement.

Such fortunetelling is desirable to combine with the days of the week for a deeper analysis. The total prophecy will be more complete, will reveal the whole essence of the prediction. There is no need to be upset when, due to the time of your period, you will not get a very pleasant result of divination. Nothing can be changed, but here any woman will be able to prepare for possible negative events and try to survive everything as calmly as possible.

Fortune telling

To find out your near future, you can use the divination by time of day:

Times of Day



Early morning

Until 11.00

Constant attention from the opposite sex, harmony with others, conflict resolution.


11:00 – 13:00

Joy, positive, luck.


14:00 – 17:00

Troubles, bad things. Important caution and self-confidence.


18:00 – 21:00

Possible longing, feeling of loneliness.


22:00 – 06:00

Separation from relatives or close ones in spirit, deceit, dishonesty.

Monthly value by days and days of the week

An important indicator is the day and day of the beginning of the monthly cycle. The values ​​are as follows:

  1. Monday. This day portends troubles, both pleasant and not very. The second value – receiving a gift from a loved one.
  2. Tuesday. You can meet an old acquaintance, a friend whom you have not seen for a long time. Another meaning – changes in personal life, meeting a person who will become expensive.
  3. Wednesday. Warning of the onset of a not very easy period. Friends may need help to survive the difficulties. No need to despair – this is a forecast, not a sentence.

The second half of the week promises to be more favorable, the mood – good:

  1. Thursday portends a holiday and entertainments in own house. There is a high probability of meeting a stranger, but what kind of meeting will be is unknown.
  2. Friday. Fast news that will radically change life. Troubles are possible, but the efforts made will help to cope..
  3. Saturday. Lucky day. Menstruation predicts a favorable development of all life events, solving problems. You can conceive a desire – it will come true. Wait for a declaration of love.
  4. Sunday. Happiness, victory in everything, joyful events can be expected.

Fortune telling table

In the fate of man, numbers play an important role. For fortune telling on the menstrual cycle, they are also important. For example, the 1st – 7th of the month, the first week, portends a favorable life period, good luck in many matters, the possible receipt of a gift, and an unexpected confession of secret love. As for relations with the opposite sex, there can be difficulties expressed in misunderstanding, conflicts, even neglect. No exception – gossip emanating from a person from whom this was not expected.

Monthly from the 8th to the 14th day, in the second week of the month, predict the manifestation of baseless jealousy. This period warns against unfulfilled promises, urges you to follow the words. As a result – loss of trust, retribution. You must not allow lies on your part and in relation to your own personality. In love affairs, the forecast promises the appearance of a secret admirer.

The beginning of the cycle from the 15th to the 21st day, in the third week, promises to improve the financial situation, fulfillment of dreams. The only unfavorable day is the 18th. On this day, menstruation is warned against betrayal by a loved one. There are various unpleasant situations that can radically change lives. Do not worry very much, as the situation will be on hand. Everything that happens will bring not only negative, but also positive moments.

The cycle from the 22nd to the 28th, in the fourth week, predicts a collision with non-existent problems, a possible betrayal. Everything may not go as planned. Possible betrayal by both partners. One must be careful with finances. On the other hand, menstruation is quite favorable – all events will ultimately bring a positive result, others will admire wisdom, right actions. Any business will accompany success. Expected to arrive dear guests.

The beginning of menstruation in the fifth week, 29–31 of the month, is connected with mystical events in life. Inexplicable phenomena, the presence of otherworldly forces will help to forget about the experience. A look at the future is only joyful and optimistic, luck should accompany all undertakings. It may turn out to be a very fun, unforgettable holiday.

Day prediction

If you believe the numbers, then divination by the days of the beginning of menstruation gives the most accurate forecast. Online you can find out predictions for 30 days. The interpretation of numbers is as follows:

  • 1 – joyful events, a sense of euphoria;
  • 2 – disappointment in a loved one;
  • 3 – conflict, which, if not resolved, will grow into enmity;
  • 4 – a dream will come true;
  • 5 – surprise, surprise from a loved one;
  • 6 – gossip that will bring disappointment;
  • 7 – mutual passionate feelings;
  • 8 – Jealousy for a loved one throughout the month;
  • 9 – enemies will break plans;
  • 10 – love.

Monthly calendar with days

In the next decade, menstruation warns against rash statements. The interpretation of the values ​​of numbers from 11 to 20 is as follows:

  • eleven – to curb jealousy, you need to show female wisdom;
  • 12 – a secret admirer, a lover of black magic;
  • thirteen – discomfort in all matters, relations;
  • 14 – good news;
  • fifteen – unpleasant news about others;
  • sixteen – rash statements and serious skirmishes;
  • 17 – temporary separation from a loved one;
  • eighteen – proposal to get married or move to a new stage in the relationship;
  • nineteen – a new pleasant acquaintance with a man;
  • twenty – cheating by friends.

The third decade asks to be sincere, to throw all the forces into relationships. Values ​​are as follows:

  • 21 – only sincerity will save the relationship;
  • 22 – there will be no difficulties with money;
  • 23 – pleasant events, a state of happiness;
  • 24 – wait for the arrival of good guests;
  • 25 – Coming with a man and a serious relationship;
  • 26 – the appearance of a devoted friend;
  • 27 – someone will help in the fulfillment of desires;
  • 28 – career success, financial profit;
  • 29th – tears, problems;
  • thirty – a new acquaintance, a happy relationship;
  • 31 – adventures and pleasant surprises.

Fortune telling

Feng Shui gives its interpretation. Divination by menstruation for girls is carried out by the day of the week and taking into account the zodiac elements:

zodiac signs / day of the week

Water: Fish, Cancer, Scorpio

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


New business

New acquaintances


Plans come true



Happiness, luck, luck

Woman’s happiness


Plans do not come true, obstacles

Plans will not come true, business will be difficult


Emotional distress, quarrels

Scandals, disappointments


Great luck

Good health, surge of energy, ambition, making plans



Enjoyment of success

For representatives of the elements of earth and air, forecasts are very similar. The interpretations are as follows:

zodiac signs / day of the week

Earth: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Air: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra


The time for loneliness will end


Financial troubles will disappear


Even those who previously ignored will be appreciated.


Disappointment, plans will collapse


It’s time to leave the past behind


Changes in personal life


Everything will go according to plan

Wheel feng shui fortune telling

The lunar phases have a great influence on the condition of women. The satellite of our planet will help to plan the future, tell it by its location:

  1. Monthly periods, which began on the growing moon, promise the implementation of all plans, monetary wealth.
  2. The beginning of critical days on the full moon marks the fulfillment of the most secret desires, female happiness, vivid emotions, impressions.
  3. The waning moon during menstruation will bring disappointment, the destruction of plans, unpleasant moments. As soon as the phase changes, a streak of luck will come. Expect her and save strength.
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